What’s up guys? I’m Pheonixmaster1, and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem: Heroes. So, in this video, I’m gonna be giving you guys my opinion and I guess a short review of this upcoming Legendary Ryoma Banner, and this is something new which I’m trying; I don’t usually review Legendary Banners, so let me know if you guys like it or not, and unlike my other reviews, this is not really scripted. So, let’s begin. I was really ready for Legendary Seliph because this month and the last month has been quite focused on FE:4 and FE:5, but we got a Legendary Ryoma. So, he is a water Legendary Hero, which is quite strange because he doesn’t really have any kind of connection with water, so it’s definitely weird. So his Legendary effect is gonna be giving you +4 defense and +3 HP, and I’m really surprised that they didn’t really change his clothing. That’s something I really find disappointing; they could have given him King Sumeragi’s clothing, but to be fair when you’d re-class Takumi into a Swordmaster in Fates, he has clothing of King Sumeragi, not Ryoma, but still, they could have definitely changed some things here and there, aesthetically.

He’s there and he has got Raijinto. So, he’s the first red flier was got a Distant Counter weapon. That’s really strong, and the only other flying unit who’s got Distant Counter is Female Grima, and she isn’t really all that offensive outside of her speed; she doesn’t really hit very hard, and she doesn’t have very high bulk. So, he has got Raijinto, Glimmer, his Slot-A skill is Kestrel Stance, which gives you +4 attack and speed in the enemy phase, and it is pretty good for speedy duelists, but outside of that, in the enemy phase for tanks they’re not really gonna be bothering with the speed, so something like Sturdy Stance or Mirror Stance is much better, and Kestrel Stance I guess is gonna be pretty good on him because it does seem that he has got pretty low defense.

He has got Bushido which is his personal skill from Fates, and it gives +10 damage whenever he triggers his special—-pretty much a bootleg Wrath because flying units cannot learn Wrath, so he’s still able to have this, but without the special cooldown reduction and the HP threshold condition, but looking at Ryoma, I really think he would appreciate Vantage much more over Bushido. Of course, Bushido is pretty good if you want to get the job done by killing units, but Vantage, I think, is gonna be much better defensively, and it does work pretty well with Kestrel Stance, and Bushido still gives you damage output, so if you want him to do a lot of damage, you could definitely run this. And then he has got Guidance. I really wish they gave him Hone Fliers instead because Guidance is a Sacred Seal, but in any case it’s still pretty useful. He does take zero damage from this thief, but to be fair, this thief looks like a pretty low-level unit. He’s also a 3-star thief. And Ryoma’s attack animation is kinda like the Swordmaster animation from Fates, like how they pierce their enemy.

And now he’s facing against Xander. He takes 26 damage from Xander. Xander is not by any means the hardest-hitting unit in the game, and he takes 26 damage, so it really makes me think that Ryoma is gonna be having really bad defense and resistance. Like in general, his bulk is gonna be bad, but he’s gonna be more oriented towards attack and speed, and attack is definitely pretty good for a Distant Counter unit can take out ranged threats, and this is why I think Vantage is gonna be much better on him because he appears to be really frail.

Like he’s only gonna be able to proc Bushido once, and he’s so frail that he might just die. So now, I’ll go over the units on this Legendary Banner. So, first of all, we have got Young Tiki here. It appears to me that she has got a new breath. She has Flametongue, and it does not have this animation, so Young Tiki might be getting a new breath or some kind of refine, perhaps—-maybe Divine Stone from FE:3, something like that. Young Tiki is a pretty rare unit; I think this is her fourth banner. She has been on the Voting Gauntlet Banner, and Camus’s banner, like Battling Camus Banner, but those were really long time ago, so she is a pretty rare unit, and it’s good for the people who want to collect her, but looking at her stat line, she is a much better mixed tank than Adult Tiki, but she lacks in attack department which Adult Tiki has plenty of, and Young Tiki also has better speed. You can only really build Adult Tiki defensively, but for Young Tiki, you could go with the speed route if you do get a +speed IV Young Tiki, and then of course go with the speed refine.

So, Young Tiki is a pretty good unit because of her good mixed bulk and the fact that she’s got access to Steady Breath and adaptive damage. Being a dragon automatically makes her a pretty good unit, and she doesn’t really have anything for fodder, so that’s why she’s not gonna be all that good for the people who already have her, and you can not really invest into her that heavily like you could with Adult Tiki because of the fact that she’s gonna be so rare. And as you can see, I’ve got unit rating and fodder rating on the sidebar. Now, the reason why unit rating is out of 10 and fodder rating is out of 5 is because it’s really close to judge the units, as for their strengths, and if I go with the scale of 5, then it’s just gonna be 4 out of 5 and 5 out of 5 a lot of the times, so out of 10 gives me more room to judge these units.

And for fodder, I think scale of 5 is enough. And now, we move on to Innes. So, this is the second time he’s on a Legendary Banner. So, Innes does have offensive stat line of 33 base attack and 34 base speed, which is pretty good for an archer, and it could also work in the enemy phase because of his high resistance, but the thing is that we also have Bride Cordelia this month on the Bridal Banner, and Bride Cordelia is much better offensively compared to Innes, but of course she can not be a magic tank like him. Overall, a pretty decent unit, but he’s not really anything spectacular, and he does have Fortress Res and Cancel Affinity—- not really the most awesome fodder skills because Fortress Res is a Sacred Seal, and Cancel Affinity is only really used on colorless units for the Firesweep set, mostly. So in terms of fodder, he’s rather weak, and he does have competition this month in the form of Bride Cordelia, and only recently we got Kinshi Knight Hinoka, and we, of course, have Brave Lyn to give him competition as a free summon from Choose Your Legends. And then, we have got Sigurd here for the red color.

He’s once again on this Legendary Banner, and he is a very strong unit; his survivability is extremely nice, and for a lot of the Arena and in-game content, he’s a pretty good unit—- it’s just that he doesn’t really have much of a player phase. And, he does come with Close Defense and Speed Smoke, which is really awesome. Close Defense is much more coveted as of yet, because you can stack that up with Close Defense Sacred Seal, and only recently we have got Speed Smoke Sacred Seal, so Speed Smoke definitely has lost a bit of its value, I think.

So, Close Defense is the main skill that he’s gonna be used for fodder, and we do not really have a lot of good enemy phase skills in the 4-star pool, so that’s why he’s pretty useful as a fodder, and as a unit, he’s definitely very strong and tanky. And then, we move on to Fjorm. As for fodder, she does have Atk/Def Bond, which is really good for enemy phase units; it’s definitely a coveted skill—- enemy phase units are pretty easy to position around to get the bond buff with, and Atk/Def Bond is definitely very strong, and that’s the main skill people fodder her off for. Shield Pulse, I guess, is a pretty good niche skill, and Drive Attack is for the people who want to stack that up with a Sacred Seal. So, overall, she’s a pretty decent unit for fodder and also for combat wise. And then, we move on to Winter Chrom, and Winter Chrom is one of the most powerful armor units in the entire game, and he has got a really high attack and great mixed bulk, and that’s his main strength, so he’s a 10 out of 10 unit in my opinion, if you give him anything premium.

Even if you do not do that, he’s still strong, and if you give him anything premium Like Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, Distant Counter, stuff like that, he’s gonna be extremely powerful. And as for fodder, we already have Ares with Brazen Atk/Def at 4-star rarity, so it definitely reduces the value of his Slot-A skill, but he does have Sack o’ Gifts, which is a pretty good weapon for enemy phase units, and that’s why he has got a 3 out of 5 rating for fodder. And then, we’ve got Robin, also known as Blue Amelia because the stat line is quite similar to Amelia, but unlike Amelia, he can actually have access to Berkut’s Lance+, and he can be quite bulky on both spectrums with tha,t and if you get +res IV on him, which is a super-bane, then you will be able to reach the highest bin in Arena, and that is pretty good for Arena scoring.

In terms of fodder, he’s really amazing with his weapon, his Slot-A skill Brazen Atk/Spd, and of course, Armor March. So overall, he’s an amazing unit for the blue color on this banner. And then, we have got Gunnthr√°. Now, Gunnthr√° is a pretty good unit with her Chill debuffs, definitely has a lot of utility, but in terms of fodder, she’s rather weak; she only has Fortress Res and Res Ploy. I might have rated Res Ploy a bit low, but honestly, I only really find it useful on mages who are built for one-shotting and they don’t really have good speed. If a mage has got good speed, then they might as well run Speed Ploy instead of Rest Ploy, and nobody really goes into a Legendary Banner for pulling Res Ploy fodder, and we already have that as a Sacred Seal, so it’s not really all that coveted.

And Gunnthr√° is definitely a fun unit to use if you guys have seen my Arena Showcases, but she’s not some overpowered unit. It’s the case with most of these Legendary Heroes, really. and Flying Azura is a fantastic support unit in the game, she has got access to Hone Fliers, she has got amazing mobility, she can use stuff like Guidance, and, with flyer buffs, she can be a pretty decent offensive unit as well. And she does have some competition this month and the form of Bride Ninian who’s also a flying dancer, but she’s a ranged unit, but I do find Azura to be a better flying dancer because she’s got the green color, and she can easily take care of some of the blue threats like Nowi, and she also comes by default with Hone Fliers, which is a rare skill, and her weapon is pretty good for utility as well and can be stocked up with stuff like Drive Defense.

So, she’s a very powerful support unit, and a lot of the in-game content can become pretty easy for you, especially the Flying Grand Hero Battle Elite Quest because of her, and Hone Fliers is a pretty rare skill, as well. And then, we have got New Year’s Takumi. New Year’s Takumi does have pretty good offensive stat line for a dagger unit, but the thing is that his roles can be done by other dagger units who come at lower rarity. For example, you can build up Sothe for an offensive dagger unit, and his Peshkatz has got amazing utility, and Felicia’s there for mage-tanking, which New Year’s Takumi can also do with his Atk/Res Bond. The main problem with offensive dagger units is that they cannot utilize their full potential because of the lack of Firesweep and Brave Dagger, but still, I guess Kagami Mochi is a decent dagger unit, but he’s definitely gonna be struggling against the Arena units who have got Distant Counter, and because of that, I’ve given him 6 out of 10. For his fodder, he’s definitely pretty amazing with his Kagami Mochi Kaze does have his Barbed Shuriken, but he’s a limited unit, and Atk/Res Bond, of course, is a pretty coveted skill, even though 3 units have got that, but all of them are seasonal units.

Female Grima is the final unit for this trailer, and overall, she’s a pretty balanced unit, but her bulk is a bit on the lower side compared to other dragons, and her attack isn’t really all that high. And she does have a Distant Counter weapon, she can do adaptive damage, and her speed is the strongest stat. As for fodder, she does have Res Smoke, which is good for enemy phase magical units, for the units who don’t really have high enough res to run Ploys like Res Ploy Sacred Seal, so in that regard, it’s good, but it’s not really something too overpowered. And similar to that, Female Grima’s also not some kind of OP dragon; she does have her merits, definitely, with the Distant Counter weapon and with the Flier Class, but she misses out on the Breath skills which make dragons really strong units, and that is gonna be the Legendary Banner.

So, now I’ll give you guys my final verdict on this banner: it’s definitely a pretty good banner for the people who want to have armor units, and it also does have Hardin who has got Bold Fighter, which is really strong, and it does have New Year’s Azura, a fantastic support unit. And Young Tiki is a pretty rare unit, so it’s good for the people who want to collect her, but like I said, it’s really hard to build her up for long-term use because it’s gonna be hard to get the merges, and Adult Tiki is a better red dragon for that regard, and it’s a bit underwhelming compared to the previous Legendary Banner which had really strong in as like Halloween Jakob, Micaiah, Fallen Celica, and also had Genny and 2 dancers, so it’s definitely underwhelming when you compare the units, and if you’re not really interested in 2 armored units, you already have Young Tiki, you already have New Year’s Azura, then this banner is a pretty easy pass for you. Blue is definitely the best color for this banner—- it has got Hardin, Winter Robin, and Fjorm—- good units combat-wise and also pretty good units for fodder, and next month we’re gonna be having Winter Tharja as a Christmas unit on a Legendary Banner, and we’re also gonna be having Male Grima, most likely, because he’s the only Fallen unit we have not got.

Previously, we had Fallen Celica, this time we got Hardin, and the next banner is gonna be having Male Grima. He does have Vengeful Fighter. We will also have Winter Tharja with Vengeful Fighter and winter lissa is also gonna be there with Bold Fighter, so it’s also gonna be a pretty good banner the next month for armored units and for their premium skills, and you might want to save your orbs for that banner instead, and if you’re looking forward to the units on the next month’s Legendary Banner.

And Ryoma is definitely a pretty interesting unit, but I do not think he’s gonna be some kind of overpowered unit. Like I said, he’s gonna be a pretty frail unit because he takes 26 damage from Xander, and he’s definitely gonna be oriented for attack and speed, and that is pretty much it. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Definitely let me know about your opinion about this video in the comment section down below because, like I said, this is my first time covering a Legendary Banner, and if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already then make sure to subscribe for more Fire Emblem content.

And with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day. .

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