Hey guys! welcome to my video today i’ll talk about sword fliers, i’ll compare their stats and talk about some build for them so right now there’s 4 red melee fliers in the game one of them is seasonal: new year camilla one of them is 5stars locked: Elincia and two of them are available in 3 and 4 stars: Palla and Caeda so i’ll start with Elincia Elincia has great attack and speed, and mediocre defense and resistance she has the legendary weapon Amiti, which is just a stronger brave sword of the four red melee fliers Elincia has the best offensive stat spread she’s great with her legendary weapon, and can also make great use of firesweep sword her speed lets her easily run a quad build with some flier buffs and with both Amiti or firesweep sword, she can use Galeforce as a special to great effect new year Camilla’s offensive spread is only slightly lower than Elincia’s, but her defense is much higher she doesn’t have a legendary sword, but her default weapon: Kadomatsu gives her the drive def/res effect, which is pretty nice Camilla can also run a brave or firesweep build, and her higher defense means she can run a quad build safer than Elincia can however, in my opinion she is a lot better with a hybrid enemy-phase/player-phase build, or with a stright up enemy-phase build she can run Kadomatsu to better support her team, slaying edge to charge her special faster, or Wo Dao to get some extra damage her defense lets her Duel with a lot of enemies without taking much damage, and a special like aether gives her some really high damage and sustain she can run close defense for more tankiness, or fury for better dueling power, or just her deffault speed/defense bond which is great.

She’s just a really versatile unit, with her only weaknessess being her low resistance and availability. Caeda has been in the game from the start, and recently got demoted to the 3 stars pool she has great resistance and speed, mediocre defense, and really low attack she recently recived the legendary wing sword, which is effective against armored and cavalry heroes and her special refinement gives her the flashing blade effect, which is really strong this lets Caeda run a build focusing on her speed and resistance, so she can trigger iceberg or glacies consistently to compensate for her low attack Caeda is also a great user of distant counter, as her high resistance lets her tank mages easily and kill them with a special proc.

And her weapon’s effectiveness let her deal with a lot of common meta units. Caeda is just in a great state right now, and being 3-4 stars means she is a great budget option for flier emblem. Palla has also been in the game from the start, and has been 3 to 4 stars the whole time her stat spread is really balanced, having ok everything, with a bit too much HP she is very similar to Camilla, in that she excels at nothing and just like Camilla, this means Palla’s best build is as a hybrid anti-green tank. a resistance boon leaves Palla at 28 defense and 30 resistance, so with her default ruby sword this means she takes no damage from green enemies with 48 or lower attack. and with some fortify or ward buffs Palla can tank green units for days. Palla can use close defense or stance skills to increade her tankiness, or Fury for a little more damage.

she can also run distant counter to act as a check against green mages quick Riposte compensates for Palla’s ok speed. or guard can give her some extra protection against enemy specials Palla is the worst of the red melee fliers right now, but with some investment she can fill her role quite well a ruby sword refinement would help her a lot, but i don’t know if will see that any time soon these are not the only builds for these units, they can easily run other builds with some investment, and still work fine my Palla is my strongest hero right now, and she runs an aggresive Wo Dao build. summoner support helps her a lot so even if a character you really like is not very good, you can still invest in then and they’ll work fine. .

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