What’s up guys I am Pheonixmaster1 and in this episode of my unit review series i will be reviewing Karel, in the last episode i reviewed Ninian so if you’re interested in that you can check that review out and in this video I will be talking about how good Karel is and how easy or difficult it is to grind and level him up to level 40 I will also tell you guys some of the BEST skill inheritance options that will greatly benefit him and then we will be taking a look at some of his best teammates who can support him so that he can work at his maximum potential I will be also telling you some of the counters which you should watch out for if you’re using Karel. So I think that Karel is one of the best sword units in the game he’s on par with units like Ryoma,Lucina and Marth and I think that he heavily outclasses Lyn who has got a similar kit to him but Karel just does it so much more better compared to her so if you look at his rating he has got a solid rating of 170 that is very respectable for arena usage and he does have three points lower rating compared to Lyn’s however their raw rating is same and the reason I say raw is because we’re not counting the attack he gets from his weapon.

RAW rating is the rating which is going to be used in the new arena update that comes out in April and that will be used for the matchmaking so he will be pretty solid in that format as well. If we look at his level 40 stats his HP is actually pretty good allowing him to take couple of hits and it’s not really that bad for an offensive unit it makes them more bulky compared to Lyn,his attack he is quite high and he can definitely hit hard not only that he has got Defiant attack 3 as one of his passives which makes his a lot more stronger when he is below 50% HP. His speed is also one of his main redeeming qualities as he avoids getting doubled by pretty much the whole metagame aside from units like +Speed Linde,+Speed Minerva,+Speed Jaffar and +Speed Lyn,so it’s highly recommended to have a +Speed IV on him like the one I have got here since it makes much easier for him to double alot of the units in the metagame and to abuse this desperation skill even more and he also avoids getting doubled but pretty much every unit in the metagame expect for some obscure units like Hana and Lon’qu which you never really see arena.

So he get a lot of mileage if he has a +Speed IV. His defense is really nice for an offensive unit and this defense is quite enough in my opinion since a lot of the units in the metagame cannot double him as it is so he can definitely take some hits on the physical side and at times he can even take physical hits when he’s at the weapons triangle disadvantage as you can see by the calc on your screen right now so moving on to his Resistance his resistance is quite poor and any kind of magical attack will do massive damage to him.The only case where he can take magical hits easily is when he’s got the weapon’s triangle advantage otherwise he’s got a tough time taking magical hits so I’ll just suggest you to keep him out of the attack range of magical units.

His weapon is Wo Dao+ which gives them additional 10 damage when he triggers his special and that is actually really nice and many times it can given the kill switch he otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.This weapon doesn’t have any disadvantage or draw back at all and it’s a really solid weapon in general Also when you see the fact that you’ve got a special in Reprisal which is a 2 turn cool down move,this weapon makes it quite easy for him to do lots of damage to opponents and like I said his special is Reprisal and this is a really good special since Karel is naturally fast unit so he’s going to be activating this special a lot in an average game so it’s a nice special on a unit like Karel so let’s look at his passives,For Slot A he has got Defiant Attack 3 which gives them plus 7 attack when he’s below 50% HP and this makes Karel a monster allowing him to reach 50 attack and that makes him a scary unit to face because it so fast as well.He has got desperation 3 for his slot B and this skill is amazing for him and turns Karel into a sweeper as his follow-up attacks will happen instantly so with the help of his good HP and good defense stat he doesn’t really have a hard time going into the desperation range and become a sword demon so overall Karel is an amazing red unit in this meta game and is actually one of the best sword users in the game he’s a very very solid option for a team’s red unit slot and he becomes a demon when he falls into the desperation and defiant attack range so you will have to play with him in such a way that he falls into the range of those two skills and can wreak havoc.His playstyle is risky but it is just as much rewarding and effective and he’s actually a very fun unit to use.

Now I will be telling you guys how easy or hard it is to level up Karel,this Karel you see on the screen right now is my Karel and I’d say that from my experience leveling him up isn’t really that hard,just pair him up with a dancer or a singer and a green unit and he can easily get experience without any trouble because he can double a lot of units in the training tower due to his speed and he has bulk to take hits It makes them quite easy to level up and grind for,so it shouldn’t take you too many hours to grind him to level 40 so let’s talk about some of these skill inheritance options for Karel. I would say that his Slot A and Slot B passive skills are perfect but still if you want to have some change here are some options for his Slot A passive skill Fury from a four-star Hinata can be given to him it does make it easier for him to enter his desperation range however this skill makes his already risky play style even more riskier.

I personally wouldn’t run this also fury overlaps with his default defiant attack skill which is already really good with his playstyle you can also get deathblow 3 from a four star Klein to get immediate damage instead of waiting for him to reach below 50%HP to activate his defiant attack. This is also a pretty decent option for him however he does lose one point of attack compared to defiant attack 3 but nonetheless it’s an option and it’s up to player’s convenience. His Slot B is desperation and PLEASE do not touch that slot it is already so perfect and there is literally no other skill in Slot B which can help him as much as desperation it’s absolutely perfect so let’s move on to Slot Cwhat is it empty skill slot Threaten speed 3 from a four star Selena is hands down the best skill for him and Slot C,this allows them to get even more mileage out of already high speed and allows him to double units like +Speed Marth and units who speed tie with him such as Ryoma and Eirika.

Threaten speed with the combination of his already high speed and desperation skill is such a good option and if you plan on utilizing Karel to his maximum potential this skill is highly necessary in case you do not have a four star Selena to sacrifice you could also give Karel savage blow 3 from a four star Camilla This skill helps him weaken opponents units even more and since he is a sweeper type of unit this skills does fit playstyle Threaten defense is also a good option but I feel like threaten speed and savage blow are just so much better options so that’s why I have listed threaten defense here.

His weapon Wo Dao+ and his special Reprisal are perfect so they do not require any kind of tweaking however Karel does now come with an assist skill so Ardent sacrifice from three-star Florina can be given to him and this is also just another skill which works really well with his play style since it helps him come near his desperation range without actually indulging in any kind of combat it’s a really really useful skill in my opinion for Karel not only he can support a tanky teammate with this skill but also support himself directly so this assist skill is recommended on Karel if you want to utilize them to his maximum potential so let’s move on to some of the best teammates for Karel,with his kind of play style singers and dancers like Ninian,Olivia and Azura are the best teammates for him and help him a lot with sweeping opponent’s team.

Azura and Ninian work particularly well with Karel Karel can cover their bad matchups and weakness was his red color.Some strong green units like Minerva,Cherche and Julia also help Karel by covering his weakness to blue units Karel has no way of breaking through tanky lance users like Ephraim so these strongly green units can deal with those units and clear Karel’s way so that he can efficiently sweep opponent’s team and finally due to Karel’s poor resistance magic checks like Kagero and Felicia works well with them and can make it easier for him to sweep teams by Debuffing opponents as well with their daggers so these are some of the best teammates which work can really well with Karel and help him out but Karel himself as such a great unit that he does not require too much support all you have to do is take care of the blue units and he can do his thing.At last let’s take a look at some of his counters if you are using Karel you will have to watch out for these counters and if you’re facing him having one of these counters on your team will definitely help you face him.

Karel’s counters basically include Lance users and strong mages. Karelhas no way of breaking through the said Lance users and Lance users will take care of him without fail and there is not a whole lot of damage Karel can do back to them also because Karel has got to bad resistance strong mages like Lilina,Linde can do massive damage to him even though they can not one shot him due to his speed and then Reinhardt with his Dire Thunder tome can one round KO Karrel in a blink of an eye so you have to watch out for these counters and Karel’s playstyle is basically to bring him down to 50% HP and abuse his desperation and defiant skill to sweep teams and like I’ve said before it is risky but it can be very rewarding so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe learnt something from this if you did please make sure to leave you LIKE as it helps a lot and share this video with friends who God Karel or once you know how good he is this video will definitely help them and be sure to leave your thoughts on Karel in the comment section down below so with that being said I’ll see you guys next time thank you so much for watching and have a great day.


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