What’s up, guys, I’m Pheonixmaster1, and welcome back to my unit review series for Fire Emblem Heroes. Today, I’m gonna be reviewing New Year’s Corrin, and in this series I review a unit, and tell you guys how good that unit is, and what are some of his best skill inheritance options. I also go over their teammates that you should run with that unit, and some counters that you should watch out for. So, New Year’s Corrin is a free-to-play unit that you can get from the second mini Tempest Trial as a reward. Him and Clive are the only Tempest rewards who are not sword units. So, let’s take a look at his stats his HP stat is not very high to abuse something like Panic Ploy, and it’s on the lower side for a defensive archer. Even some offensive archers like Klein and Takumi have got more HP than Corrin. His base attack is 32, which is the same as Jeorge and Takumi, and 32 base attack is pretty decent for an archer. With his default weapon, which has got 12 might, he can reach 44 attack. His speed is quite mediocre at base 30, and it doesn’t really help him double much.

He can only double some tanks and some slow armored units, and avoid getting doubled by those slow armored units, and that is pretty much it. His defense is highest for an archer at 34. It’s even one point higher than Halloween Jakob, so he can certainly take physical hits quite well, and he also serves as a pretty good Brave Lyn check with Bowbreaker. Because of his amazing defense and pretty decent attack, he can be a good candidate for running the Close Counter skill.

His res is very poor, and any mage or dragon will be able to do a number on him. Coupled with his mediocre speed, you really want to keep him out of the range of dragons and mages. Having this low res is not a good thing in a metagame where dragons are this strong. His weapon is Hama Ya+, which has got Drive Defense 1 and Drive Res 1 built into it, so it’s a support weapon, and it’s pretty good for a defensive unit like Corrin, and his Slot A skill is Attack/Defense +2, which is not really the best skill, but still, it’s useful for budget sets.His Slot C skill is Spur Defense/Res 2, which is a pretty good Spur skill, and it does synergize well with his weapon, and with this his it enables him to support adjacent allies for +5 defense and +5 res, and it’s also a Spur support, so it cannot be Panic Ployed, and if that wasn’t enough, he does come with Rally Defense/Res, which stacks up with his weapon and his Slot C skill, and with this, he can give an ally +8 defense and +8 res, which is really, really good.

So, his default kit is quite synergetic, and if you’re just gonna be using him as an Arena Assault unit, then this default kit has pretty good and low investment, and his rating is 151 which is, of course, boosted like all other units we have recently got. Having 151 rating allows him to be in the bin of 150 to 155 BST, similar to Faye, and if you guys do not know, Arena scoring is actually calculated in bins of five, So a unit with 151 BST will score the same as a unit with 154 BST. Corrin might look underwhelming at first, as he’s pretty much a variant of Leon with no IVs, no merge potential, less attack, and more defense.

Leon’s higher attack lets him run a better Brave Bow set, and compared to Gordin, Gordin just has a better physical bulk than Corrin because of his higher HP, but as a free unit, Corrin is pretty alright, and if you have got other archers, then sure, you’re not gonna be investing into him that much, and you don’t really have a reason to, but as a free five-star unit, he can be useful in Arena Assault and Squad Assault with very low investment, and his defensive buffs can be quite useful in those modes. I’m actually quite happy that we got him as a free archer, so now I can use him in my free-to-play guides, and like I said, the defensive buffs he can give is certainly useful against inflated enemies.

Let’s take a look at his best skill inheritance options. I’ll start with a budget set. It’s for the people who want to use him and not really invest into him too much. By running Bowbreaker, Corrin can check a +10 merged Brave Bow Brave Lyn that has got Horse Emblem buffs, and then one-round KO her. For a Special, Bonfire makes great use of his defense, and gives him 18 points of additional damage whenever he triggers that, and Distant Defense is not needed to survive a Brave Lyn, but it’s a good option on him, and the newly released Quick Riposte Seal can also be run on him.

If you plan on refining his weapon, then I would suggest you to go with the defense refinement, which helps him take on more physical threats, and also increases his Bonfire damage. The second set for him is the standard Brave Bow set. For his Slot B, you want to run Swordbreaker, so that he can one-round KO pretty much every sword unit in the game, other than a few really bulky ones, like Arden, Draug, Eldigan, and Sigurd.

With a Brave Bow set, his lack of IVs really hurt him, because you would usually run a +atk IV on a set like this. When he’s gonna be quad attacking a sword unit, he will always proc Bonfire on the last hit, which is pretty fatal most of the time. I would not recommend you to run Life and Death on him, because even with that, he’s not able to quad attack a lot of units, and it just ruins his defense. The third set is his Desperation and Brash Assault set, which lets him quad attack ranged units, and units who run Distant Counter. With this set, he can attack four times consecutively, and on the last hit, he will proc Bonfire. Reciprocal Aid is a good option for him to get into the Brash Assault range, and I would suggest you to run this set with an enemy phase unit, so that Corrin can easily use his Reciprocal Aid on that ally and get into the Brash Assault range.

The fourth set is the true set, which makes use of his great defense stat. Like I said before, because of his defense, he’s a pretty good candidate to inherit Close Counter to, if you are passionate about building him. Slaying Bow+ with a defense refinement and Ignis helps him a ton with his damage output, and with the newly released Sacred Seal, Quick Riposte, he can also use Guard as a Slot B skill to prevent enemies from charging up their Special. You want to use Ignis, as it’s better than Bonfire for this set, and it becomes a 3 turn cooldown special with Slaying Bow, meaning that if the enemy can double attack him in the enemy phase, then he can always proc Ignis in that same round.

The fifth is a Guard Bow set, which a defensive Archer like him can certainly run. So, he can have triple Distant Defense with this set, and this set tries to fix his horrible resistance in a way. So, with triple Distant Defense, he can reach 52 defense and 39 res in the enemy phase Against ranged units, and it makes him a fantastic tank, but this set doesn’t much offensive power, and I would say that Slaying Bow set with Close Counter is a much better defensive set for him.

The sixth and the last set is for Corrin enthusiasts who want to fix his mediocre speed with Summoner Support, Fury, speed-refined Slaying Bow, and Speed +3 Sacred Seal. He can hit 40 speed, which is good, and if you give him Hone Speed support from an ally, he can double quite a lot of units, and not getting doubled himself too much as well. Renewal has got good synergy with Fury, but Quick Riposte can also be run, but it does have synergy issues with Fury. If ever a Stance skill gets released that gives you +6 speed in the enemy phase, then you might want to run that over Fury, and that way he can reach 43 speed. Corrin can only get +1 merge as of right now, and if you do merge him, then he gets +1 to his HP and +1 to his attack, which is actually good, and getting +1 to his attack is actually quite nice.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the good teammates that you can run with him. Distant Counter units or mixed tanks work best with him if you’re gonna be running his budget Hama Ya set, and Fjorm plus Corrin is something which every player can try, so I would definitely suggest you to use that combo in the mini Tempest Trial going on right now. It’s actually pretty amazing, because of the defense and res buffs Corrin can give to Fjorm, and Halloween Jakob is also a great mixed tank that can use those buffs pretty well, especially if he’s running a Guard Bow set, and he can be really, really annoying for your enemies to face, and then Distant Counter units like Zelgius and Hector appreciate that defense and res buff as they are known to be front line units.

Corrin’s res is pathetic, and like I said before, it’s not a good thing in a metagame where dragons are running rampant, so Deirdre and Julia in particular are fantastic teammates with him, because not only they can take care of a lot of dragons, but they can also check Reinhardt for Corrin. Newly-released Micaiah also works great with Corrin, because Corrin does struggle versus armored units, and it’s hard for him to get past them, so the Thani tome helps with that, and Micaiah can also check Reinhardt.

Corrin works well with these low defense units, because he can cover their weakness and take on physical heads, and not to mention also take on Brave Lyn, which can just destroy them. Even with his high defense, he will struggle against common high-defense armored units like Zelgius and Hector, as he’s not able to do too much damage to them, and they just hit quite hard, especially Zelgius with his Black Luna, and against a unit like Winter Tharja, it’s gonna be extremely hard for him. High-attack mages like Delthea, Nino, and Reinhardt can easily one-shot him without giving him any kind of chance to do anything. Dragons will hardly take any kind of damage, as most of the time, they’re running Distant Defense Secret Seal, and Steady Breath as well, so they’re not gonna be taking too much, and they will destroy Corrin very easily. Raven-tome users is an obvious one for a bow user, and if you run Cancel Affinity, then still, these Raven-tome units do often pack Bowbreaker, so that could be troublesome, and Corrin is definitely the worst New Year unit that we have got, compared to as Azura, Takumi, and, of course, Camilla, but still, because he’s a free unit, you can definitely make use of him in Squad Assault and Arena Assault, and it’s never bad to get a free five-star unit.

Unfortunately, these units are pretty common in Tier 20 Arena, so you do need a good team that can support Corrin for him to function properly, and Corrin will support his teammates as well in return, by providing them with defensive Spur buffs and checking Brave Lyn. So, that is going to be it for this video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. If you did then please be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already, then make sure to subscribe, so that you do not miss out on more Fire Emblem Heroes content, which I’m gonna be uploading in future. So, with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day!

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