What’s going on guys Stevie here with lucky crit and today we’re gonna be talking all about IVs in Fire Emblem Heroes so IV stand for individual values and I know there’s probably a lot of you out there that already know about IVs and know how to calculate them and are probably pretty good at this point at tracking them and knowing what your characters IVs are but for those of you out there that are a little bit more casual when it comes to Fire Emblem Heroes you might not exactly understand how everything works and even for those of you that already have a good idea about it it has become a lot harder within the past six months to be able to determine certain characters IVs when it comes to things like merging or summoner supports or anything like that so it is getting harder and harder to be able to tell so in today’s episode we’re gonna be taking a look into that, breaking it down and also giving you some good ways of being able to keep track of your characters IVs in Fire Emblem Heroes.

So what are individual values well if there were no individual values or IVs and Fire Emblem Heroes essentially everybody’s characters would be exactly the same my Ike would be the same as your Ike someone else’s Marth to be the same as my Marth and there would be a lot less interesting things going on as far as builds and just an overwhelming lack of variance within the game. IVs are also really important to know if you have multiple copies of the same character and you want to know which one is the proper one to train or merge other units into and it’s also gonna help you when it comes to your barracks if you have multiple copies of the same characters kind of cluttering up some space in there you definitely want to be able to take a look at the characters and determine which of the better ones that you want to keep and which ones are a little bit worse off in terms of IVs and they can be sacrificed or sent home.

I think another really good example of a game series that utilizes IVs would happen to be the Pokemon games. So in the Pokemon games when you actually go into the wild and encounter Pokemon in the tall grass without IVs or other systems basically your Pikachu would be exactly the same as everyone else’s Pikachu and once again that’s pretty boring and it creates a very stale environment when it comes to battling so in order to spice things up and make things a little bit different and allow for different builds or different skills or different movesets basically what a lot of games will do is add some sort of variance when it comes to the stats and those are IVs and Fire Emblem Heroes and they work a little bit differently in Pokemon.

IVs in Pokemon are basically some hidden stats that you don’t actually get to see within the game but can be found out in a couple of ways and basically these IVs range from 1 to 31 in each of your Pokemon’s stats and they determine well basically how that Pokemon can be. So the ultimate Pikachu would essentially have 31 IVs in every one of its stats (1 to 31) and when you encounter a Pokemon in the tall grass it’s going to have randomized IVs essentially so you could have a Pikachu that’s a little bit tankier or a little bit more defensive than another Pikachu or a Pikachu that’s a lot faster than someone else’s Pikachu based off of these IVs. But in Pokemon there’s also another factor in determining your pokemons individual stats on top of IVs and these are called natures.

These natures tend to increase one of your pokemons stats while decreasing another though there are also several neutral variations these natures are essentially the same as what we’ve been calling IVs in Fire Emblem Heroes so basically what we’re dealing with and heroes should technically be called character natures and aren’t really individual values but even though it’s kind of a misnomer to call what are essentially natures and Fire Emblem Heroes IVs, it’s also kind of weird to call them natures when you actually sit down and think about it because you’re kind of talking about characters and people and so it’s sort of like well, “My ike has a bold nature” “My Sonya has a modest nature” or “My brother is a – defense nature.” it’s it’s weird it works in Pokemon because you’re talking about creatures or animals in which case you’re like that’s the nature that’s a hasty nature bold nature that’s sort of the personality of it it’s a little bit weirder I think when you’re talking about real people or characters in this game so I’m going to continue calling them IVs even though they’re technically more like natures so with these IVs being brought in to Fire Emblem Heroes essentially what that means is that every single character in the game is either going to have a plus in one stat and a minus in another stat or they’re going to be completely neutral according to their base stats so essentially in fire limb heroes you’ll only have a couple of points added to one stat and a couple of points subtracted from another stat or you might have a neutral IV in which case nothing will be modified at all and these stats are usually only modified by a factor of plus 3 and minus 3 but in some weird cases you might have a minus 4 or a plus 4 but these situations tend to be kind of rare I also think it’s a good idea to point out that every single free character that we’ve ever gotten from intelligent systems in Fire Emblem Heroes up to this point that I’m making this video has always been a neutral IV and what that means is when you go to battle a grand hero battle or get any of the free characters within the game even down to the free brave hero that everybody has given out ever since the six-month anniversary basically those characters are always going to be neutral IVs so the cool thing about that is that everybody is sort of on a baseline even keel when it comes to their like standard default freebie units so it’s only the units that you actually summoned from banners that are gonna have any sort of stat variance or IVs on them and this kind of ensures that everybody has at least something to work with on their account so they don’t get completely stat screwed when it comes to bad IVs or anything like that but I also think it’s a really good thing to point out that IVs at the end of the day don’t really make or break the game they can definitely affect characters in a very positive or a very negative way depending on the IV and the character and also the build that you’re trying to go for but at the end of the day this is a gacha game I don’t think most of you guys want to be spending thousands or hundreds of dollars getting the proper character with the proper IVs most of us are just lucky to get the characters that we want in the first place without spending a lot of money or spending any money in general so at the end of the day you really shouldn’t be upset if you do get the character that you want but they don’t have the most optimal or most ideal IVs it really doesn’t matter all that much and to be honest in arena the highest that you can go is tier 20 where most of the whales are going to be anyway and there’s really nothing beyond that and you can honestly make it into tier twenty by just having kind of normal characters as long as you do the right builds and the right things to your characters so there’s really no need for it you can honestly just play with the characters that you like and not really worry about IVs at the end of the day but for those of us that like to get involved in the min maxing and go even deeper into our characters and our builds it can be pretty cool to find out that you have a character with a little bit of an unusual IV and then build them in a slightly different way that maybe makes things I don’t know more interesting for you or allows you to have a different team composition than somebody else so today we’re gonna be taking a look at some examples of IVs ranging from very easy ones to decipher all the way up to the very challenging ones that have a whole bunch of different stuff going on so let’s get started.

Now at the moment that I’m making this video there is currently no in-game way of actually checking your characters IVs I do have a hunch that in the future we might see that in a future app update in which case this video might be a little bit ruined or retconned at that point because you might just be able to look at it and see it we have seen some examples of characters that came out and kind of I guess a glitchy or a buggy way an example of one of these would happen to be a new year Camilla who for some reason if she does happen to have a plus speed IV on your character will have a green speed stat which is a little bit strange and there’s also been some other characters like winter tharja or winter “tharya” that other people have had this on before so it’s kind of a good indicator that maybe someday we will see this in the actual game itself but there are going to be some tricky situations where even if you happen to know the IV’s you might still want to break down other things about the character like where certain stat boosts are coming from what skills are giving them what and how they’re modifying their stats and maybe it’s still a little bit confusing to look at so I hope that no matter what this video will still help you in some way so right off the bat I’m just gonna go into my allies here and go into edit teams and we’re gonna pick out a unit that should be fairly easy to figure out when it comes to their IVs so I’m gonna go to my most recently obtained units and we’re gonna pick this Soleil here who is a recent 5 star that I happened to pull from one of the banners that we had around the time that I’m making this video so with the character and their stats open in front of you the first thing that you want to be concerned about is the character’s level because this is going to determine how you’re going to calculate their IVs and if you have to do anything weird to it so essentially a blank level one character you’re not gonna have to do anything extra to calculate it but if you do have a character that’s at a random level like level 10 or level 11 basically what you want to do is get them to at least level 20 and then you can actually be able to check the IVs properly because when characters tend to level up they get random stat points all over the place and it kind of really confuses things and it’s not going to give you the correct answer if you’re checking somebody who’s like level 10 or 11 or even level 15 so what you want to do is you want to make sure that they can at least be unlocked potential which means that they have to be level 20 or higher or their level 1 in which case what you can do for unlock potential in this case and we’ll go into this a little bit more later but all we can do is back out here go to advanced growth click unlock potential find somebody who’s that kind of weird random level here’s a Matthew that’s level 27 and if we click Next you don’t actually have to spend any feathers or anything we’re just gonna take a look at what the stats are going to be when you actually go to upgrade them in this menu so now this menu is showing you that at level one of four star is going to have 16 HP 10 attack 10 speed 5 defense and 4 resistance so this is a very quick way of taking a peek at what your character stats would be like if they were at a baseline level however you’re not gonna be able to do this check unless they are at least level 20 because that’s what you’re gonna need in order to unlock their potential and up them to another star rarity basically it’s also worth noting that you’re not gonna be able to do this sort of method with the 5 star units that you have if they’re at weird levels because 5 star units cannot be upgraded five stars is the maximum that you can have in the game right now so in those cases if your character isn’t level one or level 40 it’s gonna be very difficult to calculate their IVs so if you’ve already started levelling them up you’re gonna want to get them all the way to level 40 before you check their IVs but like I said if you haven’t leveled them up yet and they are level one that’s perfect so my Soleil here is actually level one so that’s not going to create any issues when it comes to her level or anything we can just take a look at what her standard base stats are online and if you have a particular website that you can go to I will link some in the description of this video below and generally if you just google search for example “Soleil Fire Emblem Heroes” you’re gonna come up with a couple results that are the correct pages where you can see basically their base stats and even at the different rarities – but there are also other options including apps which I’ll show you right now so the app that I like to use is called IV Finder this is for Fire Emblem Heroes of course and basically the way that this works is I can kind of click Abel’s portrait here and look through the list of all the characters within the game obviously make sure that your rarity is correct here in the top right because that’s going to affect their base stats they’re gonna be a lot weaker at the lower star rarities and so for this example we’re gonna make sure that we’re on five stars even though Soleil is also a four star so she’ll appear in that pool as well then I’m just gonna go to five and we’re gonna scroll down this list until we see Soleil I do want to warn you that sometimes the stats that are pulled for this particular app are not always 100% correct I have noticed that recently in some characters but for the most part I haven’t had too many issues with it and I do like the ease of use with it how I can just switch back and forth from this app to Fire Emblem Heroes and there’s even also a sort of collecting aspect to this app where you can kind of save your IVs in here so you don’t always have to remember them off the top of your head though I will say that for me personally I also do keep some written notes in my phone at least about my five-star units and some special 4 stars that I plan on keeping or using so we’re gonna bring up Soleil here and this is gonna show us that at level 1 we’re looking at 19 HP 25 attack 9 speed 6 defense and 5 resistance now if we jump back over to fire aFire Emblem Heroes here we can take a look at our Soleil stats which happened to be 18 HP 24 attack 9 speed 6 defense and 6 resistance and you might have to have both of these side by side to be able to remember all the stats and look at everything but basically I can already tell you that she is in fact a plus res which is not the best and she’s also a – attack because she has 24 attack instead of 25 so this filet we’ve already figured out the IV for and generally speaking when it comes to IVs you’re gonna want to enhance what’s already really good about a character and decrease what they are already pretty bad ads so obviously not every build is gonna follow this but there are a lot of characters that have a very glaring weakness and even though it might seem right in your mind to want to patch up that weakness and make it better in a lot of cases it really still can’t make it better enough to the point where it’s valuable to do that so you’ll probably just want to capitalize on what a character is really good at and still subtract on those weak areas already we could honestly go a lot deeper in this video and talk a lot about certain stats and when I think are good baselines for certain characters to help you figure out your IVs but to be honest I think the most important one to bring up would happen to be speed in which case I would say if your character has around baseline I’d say 30 or early 30 speed that might be the place where it might be okay to modify your speed by getting a plus speed nature but generally speaking if you have less than 30 speed if you have like 28 speed 25 speed that’s getting to the point where it’s almost unsalvageable even with some skills like darting blow you’re only gonna get up to you know a potential +6 on top of that without other buffs so that kind of becomes a bit of a no-man’s land where it’s probably a bit better to buff another stat so if you want to start off trying to figure out your characters builds make sure you take a look at their speed first I’d say speed is honestly one of the most important stats in the game but once again that’s not really a catch-all because there are a lot of incredibly slow units in the game that with the proper builds can be incredibly challenging and incredibly hard to beat in arena.

This Soleil is not very good when it comes to resistance we can take a look in the app here and see that at five stars level 40 her resistance is only 24 so that’s clearly her worst stat by default and so having a plus on that is not really good what we can do in this though is actually see what’s gonna look like so I can subtract the attack here and also the res just by clicking this so basically this just allows you to give the extra +1 to the original stat and then by the end you’re gonna see that it has modified it by either three or four depending on it so actually this res actually does give her four points into res which is pretty interesting so this isn’t the worst IV ever I’d say it’s still usable and like I said at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter that much this is still a totally usable character you can kind of build them at least when it comes to their skills and sort of fix some bad IV sometimes but in some cases there will be moments where maybe perhaps the bane is just bad enough that it really does affect and hurt the character so now we’re gonna move on to our second character here that we’re gonna take a look at the IVs of and it’s going to be this particular Fae that I have right here and if you’ve been paying attention at all you’ll remember that this level is a little bit problematic because there’s gonna be some random stat variance here between the different stats depending on whatever random level ups I got and even though it all ends up the same at level 40 the way getting there is a little bit different depending on all of your different IVs and it’s just sort of random so what we want to do here is we really go over to unlock potential again and we’re gonna find that Fae that I was just talking about level 31 so we’re gonna select this Fae here and see that at five stars at level one the base stats are going to be 16 HP 15 attack three speed six defense and eight resistance just don’t press that confirm button cuz you’re gonna waste the feathers I also do want to point out that in some weird cases when you are upgrading a unit from four stars to five stars sometimes IV calculators or IVs that you find online are going to consider them having their five star weapon on them so if you notice a weird variance in their attack you might want to click the plus and go into your character over here take a look at the skill list and see if there’s a difference between their sort of three-star weapon and their five star weapon some weapons are gonna have a huge jump like this one for example so in this case light breath Plus is actually four better than the light breath that we have on right now from coming from four stars so when we do actually look at this five star level one Fae right here it’s going to show us our attack with the current one that we have on but when it comes to actually summoning a character you will get their five star weapon by default already equipped to them it’s only when it comes to upgrading that you actually have to go in and spend the SP to upgrade their weapon so if you do try to do this method and see that there’s a weird difference when it comes to the attack make sure you take a look at what their five star weapon is going to be and consider them having that weapon or that extra stat modifier added to their attack before you check the IVs and hopefully that’s not too confusing so now we know what the IVs are going to be for this Fae so let’s open up the IV Finder app again and take a look at what phase stats are supposed to be at five star one so phase right here we’re gonna make sure that we’re on five stars again up here and we’re looking at 16 HP 18 attack for speed six defense and eight resistance so if we jump back over we know that the HP is the same so neutral HP nothing’s getting modified there we’re gonna jump down to speed for a second we’re gonna skip over attack because that’s like I said the one that can be confusing a little bit we can see here that baseline 5 star level one Fae is gonna have four speed ours has three speed so there’s a – speed IV right there and we also have six defense – six defense in the actual app and also eight resistance so we can see that defense and resistance are not being modified in which case we already know because we’ve seen HP defense and res at this point speed is being – we know that attack is going to be plus but just to give an example so our says 15 attack if we look in here this says 18 you might be confused about that if we actually looked at the weapon again like I told you it’s gonna be a difference of four attack on there and if we actually gave her that four attack in our little example here if we just mentally do it it would be 19 attack and that’s one better than here that’s what the boon is going to be – speed is minus one point Plus attack is gonna be plus that other one point so there’s the missing point right there so there are some quick workarounds if you skip the attack stat and actually just look at the other stats that might help you a little bit faster determine the IV but if you actually take a look in the app here there’s actually a special attack icon in the top right you’ll recognize that from the actual Fire Emblem Heroes game if you click on that it will actually remove the weapon from the character so it’s gonna subtract that weapons might from the characters attack stat in which case that might actually line up a little bit better but of course this went all the way down to 5 if we look at our character that’s obviously not right but that’s because we do actually have one on or character as it is so what you might want to do if it’s confusing if the whole attacks that thing is confusing to you you might want to unequip the weapon from your character make sure that that button is selected in the actual app that subtracts the weapon might from the character’s attack and then do the comparison between the two so I’m just gonna sort by origin here and we’re gonna find the next candidate to check the IVs of some characters are a little bit trickier because they will have certain skills equipped to them that will modify their stats Felicia happens to be one of them so if we look at Felicia here she is a four star level 40 in this exam people and she’s got 29 HP 31 attack 35 speed 16 defense and 35 resistance but there is something that we’re gonna notice when we actually go into the app and check her IVs which I’ll see you right now so if we open up Felicia here make sure to switch it down to a four-star Felicia and we’re looking at a level 40 baseline IV of 32 HP 22 attack 35 speed 16 defense and 33 resistance so if you noticed we have kind of a weird thing going on with resistance here my Felicia in the actual game has 35 resistance but this happens to say that she should have 33 and that’s also not a boon because that would be at least +3 to her resistance and this is a +2 this is also not emerged Felicia there’s no 40 plus 1 or 40 plus 2 here to modify it so something weirds going on in which case we’ll look at the skills she actually happens to have a +2 resistance skill on her right now and so you also always want to make sure that if there are stat modifying skills on your characters here in your actual character menu you might want to unequip them before you check their IVs if that gets things confusing for you otherwise remember what that is actually modifying and make sure you subtract that from your character stats so in this case we already know that she doesn’t have a resistance Bane or boon because it’s simply getting the +2 here from the resistance skill if we look back and forth her defense is also the same as the defense in the app so neutral defense we’ve got 35 speed in the app mine happens to have 35 speed so her speed is neutral she’s got 31 attack in the game 22 attack in the app which we’ll figure out in a moment and 32 HP whereas mine happens to have 29 HP so right off the bat not being a merged unit we can already see she’s missing 3 HP so that is a pretty good indicator that she’s actually a minus HP Felicia and we’ve already gone through all of our other stats so I can already tell you that she’s going to be a plus attack Felicia but just to figure it out because like I said before the attacks that can be confusing so if we actually take a look at the attacks that of mine she’s got 31 attack we’re going to make sure that we subtract that 7 from the silver dagger here which puts her down to 24 attack and we’re gonna look back into the app here 24 to 22 something’s weird about that in which case this app because I think it compiles stats from a whole bunch of different places or at least that’s what it kind of makes it sound like when you actually boot and open the app it looks like this is wrong so you might want to check or if you’re really confused make sure you double check to actual different sets of IVs you know you can check this app for the first time if things are still confusing look on one of the websites like gamepress or gamepedia and that should hopefully iron things out for you so for example if we look over to gamepedia we scroll down in the Felicia page that i actually brought up here we can look at at four stars level forty she is supposed to have twenty one attack so the app is saying she has twenty two but that’s actually twenty one and that actually makes sense because we already know this is a plus attack Felicia it’s gonna be plus three so mine has 24 it should have been twenty one but like I said aside from that there’s not too too much to complain about with this app sometimes they are a little bit slow about updating the actual character list if new characters come out that doesn’t always it’s not always the fastest when it comes to them but in the case of you trying to check a brand new character that just came out that is not in this app that you can’t seem to find anywhere online I’m gonna recommend that you head on over to reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes.

This is the Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit and they’re usually tends to be a topic for each brand new banner that’s added to the game and a lot of people in there will help to compile IVs and sort of figure out what the neutral IVs are for these units in which case you should be able to pretty quickly figure out what it should be and then calculate your IVs based on that eventually they should be added to this app and to other apps as well but sometimes like I said it might be slow you might be wondering or be confused or left up in the air so head on over to read it in that case and you can usually figure it out so I think we’re starting to get a pretty good idea of how to figure out our characters IVs so we’re gonna kick it up a notch and pick a character that’s really really hard to decipher that’s going to be my summoner supported Kagero who happens to be pretty complex so let’s take a look at this right off the bat we can see that she is a forty plus one so this is a merged unit and each merge each time you merge two of the same star characters together you will get a plus one added on to their actual level and also two stats added to the character so we already know by default by looking at this Kagero she’s going to have two extra stat points that are not going to be accounted for in the base stats so we know that for sure and then if you also take a look here she does happen to have life and death 3 which gives her an extra +5 attack in speed but also subtracts five defense and five resistance so that’s really gonna play with the character stats here and I could technically remove this skill from her and make it a little bit easier but let’s do a more hard example here to have to figure out in our heads to kind of break it down and maybe get you guys a little bit faster at figuring this out so a five star level 40 kagerou which is basically what my Kagero is being modified from what happened to have 31 HP 35 attack thirty-two speed 22 defense and 28 resistance so there’s a lot of tomfoolery happening here but I can also already tell you that because this character is summoner supported this is the one unit in the game that I have chosen to support myself which happens to be another new feature that’s been added within the past six months or so in farm heroes we can look up here and click on this s and she happens to have an extra +5 HP and attack speed defense and resistance plus two because of this so a character that doesn’t have this you know obviously won’t be modified but if you’re really confused about stats just make sure that this is not the Summoner supported unit this summoner supported unit will also have this kind of cool nice kind of wedding e background here going on so you can also tell based on that so right off the bat we already know that she’s got an extra +5 HP and +2 attack speed the defense and resistance so if we remove that from her stats and consider that not here basically she’s got 32 HP 46 attack 40 speed 14 defense and 23 resistance and that’s obviously still really messed up because she also has life and death three here that we have to kind of figure out and remove from her stats as well so if we give her minus five to her attack minus five to her speed and plus five to her defense and resistance what her stats are actually gonna come out to is about 32 HP 41 attack 35 speed 19 defense and 28 resistance and this looks a little weird still but this is starting to get closer to that baseline stat and now we can kind of break it down a little bit further and figure out what her actual IV is because before this point it’s just gonna be impossible there’s there’s too many things modifying her stats for you to have to figure out what’s what if we’re taking a look at one of the websites we also might have to take into our account her weapon which happens to be the Poison Dagger + which is giving her an extra five might in which case her stats are actually without anything equipped on to her they’re going to be 32 HP 36 attack there five speed 19 defense and 28 resistance and now this is of course still a little wonky even now but like I said earlier we do know that she has an extra +2 stat points in two different stats and there is actually a way to calculate or figure out what stats your character actually got from being merged I’ll show you a chart on screen right now basically for the first merge it’s always going to be their top two base stats at level one for a Kagero that’s going to be HP and attack because she has a base HP of 16 and a base attack of 9 since my Kagero is only a +1 those are the two stats that get modified here so she has an extra plus 1 into her HP and a +1 into her attack so if you remove that now finally there should only be a plus 3 or plus 4 and minus 3 or minus 4 to two separate stats unless of course she’s neutral in which case you’ll be done right now but we can already tell that something’s still up here so let’s take a look so now we’re looking at 31 HP 35 attack 35 speed 19 defense and 28 resistance and hopefully at this point you will know that it does look like her defense is a little low by three points exactly so she has a minus defense IV and then if we take a look at her speed it looks like she’s got an extra three points in speed so she happens to be a plus speed – defense Kagero hopefully that didn’t blow your mind if you are a more casual player but there is clearly a way to break things down that merge chart is super helpful basically for every single merge that your characters get it will go on down the line and there is kind of a way to figure that out and calculate that so if you have a character with a weird merge like a plus three you can still sort of break it down and figure out what their IV is underneath that it’s just going to be more complex basically let’s do one final example here today is gonna be another really really challenging one here is my Azama who happens to be a merge +6 so like I showed you earlier in that merge chart we’re going to need that right now so let’s open that up so right off the bat with that plus 6 we know that that’s going to be 6 times 2 and extra 12 stat points overall not adding or subtracting any of the boon or bane that we don’t even know yet but let’s start breaking it down based on that chart so at merge plus 1 we know that the highest and second highest level 1 base stat is going to be subtracted so as high as 2 stats at 4 star level one are going to be his 18 HP and his 8 defense so we can subtract one point from each of those stats and cancel out that first merge so now he’s down to 20 HP 5 attack 8 speed 11 defense and 7 resistance now following that second merge rule it’s going to be the third highest in the fourth highest level one base stat which I can already tell you is going to be his speed and his resistance in which case now those two are gonna subtract one point for the third merge here we’re looking at the 5th highest base stat and also the first highest again because there are an odd number of stats and fireman heroes so there will be some actual variance going down this merge chart so it does get even more confusing than it could have once again it’s going to be as HP and also this time it’s going to be the other one that wasn’t subtracted yet in which case it is his attack so now he’s down to 19 HP for attack 7 speed 11 defense and 6 resistance keep going at a +4 merge we’re looking at the second highest and the third highest again that’s going to be his speed and his defense so subtract those again at the +5 merge he’s gonna get the fourth highest and the fifth highest again which is going to be his attack once again and also his res so you can subtract those and then finally add +6 it’s going to be the same stat pluses at level 1 so if we subtract HP and defense again you should finally have the base stats with the IV’s and that’s it discounting any skills that you might have on the character which you also need to check out in which case we’re looking at an Azama that has 18 HP 3 attack 6 speed 9 defense and 5 resistance in which case we can finally see that the IVs here are – speed and + defense so that was kind of a nightmarish example hopefully that’s gonna be the hardest type of example that you might find but merging really does add that extra layer of complexity to things because it is sort of giving them not really random stats but certain formulaic stats that you have to kind of figure out what’s being added where so that’s just the tricky part but anyway that is going to wrap up this video I hope you guys have learned a lot about IVs if you didn’t know about them before and if you weren’t really sure how to calculate them with all this new extra stuff going on like skills modifying things or like weapon refinery or even summoner support adding permanent stat bonuses to characters hopefully now you can break it down and figure it out for your own characters in your actual thank you so much for watching this far into the video if you did end up enjoying the video do me a solid and slash the thumbs up button down below I’m also going to leave you guys a little bit of a challenge question for you to figure out if I have a hasty natured Ike what does that mean and that is combining a hasty nature from Pokemon and also Ike from Fire Emblem Heroes.

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