Hey guys, welcome back to another unit build video! This time we will be looking into the newly released unit, Micaiah, and the best builds that you can have on her. One of these builds will focus on taking down the cavalry meta and the other will focus on her exceptional ability of being a magic tank. So starting off with her stat distribution we can see that she is running with an excellent neutral base attack of 35 but has relatively low speed to couple with that. With a neutral speed of 28 she is among the slower end of infantry mage units alongside Julia and Female Robin. However she makes up for that with her really high base resistance of 35, making her a very strong magic tank with high attack. Finally, her defense is pretty low at 18 and her Hp is at a respectable 35. So before I continue, I just want to say that her base kit was so solid against the horse meta that her base kit alone could be almost be a complete anti cavalry, anti amour build with very few inherited skills needed. So for this video, I’m going to skip the unit overview and go straight into her 1st set since they use almost all same skills from her default kit in which I’ll explain.

So to begin we will start by looking into her cheapest set that requires the least amount of skill inheritance but is still very strong right out the box. Her anti armor, anti-cavalry set, which uses most of the skills that she gets from her original kit, allows you to check basically all the meta range cavalry units in the game right now, mainly speaking of Reinhardt and Brave BowLyn.

So her weapon of choice would be her default weapon, which grants her +3 resistance and the ability to lowers the first attack of range armor and cavalry by 30% during combat. This weapon allows her to tank more efficiently and makes it harder for magic users to get through her immense resistance. For her assist, we will not be running Sacrifice that came in her original kit because it does not suit her overall kit very well, especially since we will be running Guard in this set. Instead, we will be running reposition or any other position changing skills instead to help with position allies better during a battle. For her special we will run either Glacies or Iceberg to add a huge boost to our damage since we have very high resistance. For her A skill, Distant Defense is needed to help her tank Brave BowLyn and Reinhardt. For her B skill, Guard is preferred because it prevents Quicken Pulse Reinhardt’s from killing her and helps her prevent Resistant ignoring specials from procing. Her C skill is flexible but her default C skill, Drive Attack, is great and helps offer an offensive boost to her team, so there is no reason not to run it.

For her seal we have to run Deflect Missile because with her weapon and Deflect Missile together, allows +0 Micaiah is able to survive a +10 fully buffed Brave BowLyn, amazingly a -Defense Micaiah is still able to survive Bowlyn as well. Surviving the attacks of Reinhardt and Brave BowLyn is very crucial because afterwards she is able to one-shot them both because of the bonus 50% damage boost she gets from her weapon. Moving on to the IVs, Micaiah ideally wants to have +Attack and -Speed. Having +Attack helps her one-shotting potential very much so it is very good. +Hp , +Defense , and +Res are still good because it helps her tank more efficiently so it won’t hurt her that much. +Speed is pretty bad because she already has such low speed that increasing her speed won’t really help her. For her bane, -Speed is good for the reason that she probably wont double anybody in the first place. -Hp , -Defense , and -Res are okay only because of the fact she is still able to survive the damage outputs of a full force range cavalry attack already thanks to her kit but I can’t say for certain she will still be able to in the future.

Lastly, -Attack is not that good because it affects her one-shotting potentially which is basically her only damage output since she can’t double. Okay so now we can move on to what I see as her best set because it’s versatile and can check more units because it’s capable of tanking all magic damage and retaliate back strongly, her magic tank build. So to start off, of course we will keep her base weapon for that sweet +3 resistance and the 30% decrease from the initial damage from range armor and cavalry units because of the sheer amount of bulk her weapon adds to her kit. Next for assist, like usual, it is flexible; however, I just prefer Swap for tanky units because it helps keep your team formation while engaging the enemy.

But Reposition is still very viable. For her special, I prefer Iceberg over Glacies because I believe that Iceberg already packs enough power to kill her enemies and with the lower cooldown she is able to proc it every fight during the enemy phase unlike Glacies since she is running Quick Riposte. With Iceberg having a cooldown of 3 during the enemy turn it should go something like, the enemy attacks bringing the cooldown to 2, Micaiah retaliates, bringing the cooldown to 1, the enemy doubles since Micaiah has very low speed which brings down the cooldown to 0, and Micaiah retaliates with Iceberg proc because of Quick Riposte. This is essentially the core of this build. As long as the enemy doubles her and Micaiah keeps Quick Riposte, she will always be able to kill and tank every range magic user which is why we are focusing on increasing her bulk. Her A skill will be Distant Defense since she will be tanking range units. A viable alternative would be Attack/Resistance Bond which will grant her +5 Attack and +5 Resistance as along as she is next to another ally. While that does increase the most important stats she needs, the condition of being next to an ally can be difficult in some situations.

Distant Defense is pretty unconditional and provided a little bit more increase in her bulk which is why I chose Distant Defense over Attack/Resistance Bond. Next her B skill will be Quick Riposte to allow her to double units, since her speed is low, as long as she is above 70% Hp. Maintaining high Hp should be relatively easy with this build since she should be running 50 resistance when going against a mage opponent.

As a result most mage units should be doing very minimal damage to her. And for her C skill, I believe Attack Ploy is the way to go. With her high resistance, activating the skill should not be a problem. Hitting a enemy mage with an Attack Ploy will be really effective since it just makes it even harder for them to get over her enoumous 50 resistance. And finally for her seal, we will just run another distant defense to make her as bulky as possible.

Last but not least, for her IVs the best outcome would be having +Resistance and -Speed. Having +Resistance allows her to trigger her Attack Ploy much easier, makes her a better mage tank, and adds damage to her Iceberg procs. +Attack and +Hp are still good just not the best but +Attack will help her increase her damage output while +Hp helps her maintain Quick Riposte easier. +Defense and +Speed doesn’t really do much for the set. For banes having -Speed is nice to allow enemies to double her and enable the one round Iceberg procs but having -def is also another optimal alternative. -Attack and -Hp doesn’t really hurt the set that much so they are okay as well. -Res just really hurts the set’s purpose so it’s not that great. Once again thanks guys for watching this video! Hopefully it was insightful, I’m still new to this so I would appreciate any tips or comments to be left in the comment section below so I can read them later.

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