Hey guys, welcome back to another unit build video. This time we will be looking into the best builds for the New Years Azura. Okay so starting off we can see from her stat distribution that she has a neutral offensive spread of 30 attack and 35 speed. Compared to the original Azura and the Performing Arts Azura she has lower attack than both but has the higher speed than the other two. However that wont really affect much because she is a flier unit which enables her to take advantage of hone fliers which will grant her +6 attack and +6 speed.

Her defensive stats aren’t exceptional but will still allow her to have some bulk. So looking into her default kit for her weapon she comes with Hagoita which is a weapon that gives allies within 2 spaces of her +2 defense and resistance when they are engaged in combat. This weapon is pretty good because allows her allies to exchange and take more damage by increasing their bulkiness; however the weapon does not really help allies that glass cannon builds and aim to otk their opponents. Her assist is sing which is an amazing skill which allows her to give another unit the ability to act again. This skill’s ability is unique to the dancer and singer units and makes her an exceptional support unit. Her b skill is earth dance which boosts her allies defense by 5 if Azura uses her sing ability on them and finally her c skill is the very rare hone fliers skill which is still locked behind 5 star base units, that basically grants +6 attack and +6 speed to adjacent flying allies at the beginning of each turn.

Her base set all and all seems very usable but can still be improved. So moving on to the first build I have for you guys today it will be her buffer set, in which we can fortunately use most of the skills that came in her default set. We run Hagoita as her weapon to give the additional +2 defense and resistance to her allies in combat and of course we would run sing as her assist skill. For her special we will want her to be equipped with moonbow to help her take out blue units and some green units more effectively. However we can sub out moonbow for a defensive special to help her tank better. For her A skill we will want to inherit Triangle Adept, because it will allow her to check most blue units in the game.

Giving her triangle adapt not only increases her damage output against blue units but allow her to serve as a tank to take hits from blue units. And for her b and c skill we will keep earth dance and hone fliers. Wings of mercy can be used instead of earth dance to give her more mobility and allow her to teleport to injured allies. It is a very viable alternative to earth dance and you cant go wrong with wings of mercy.

Finally for her seal we will be running fortress resistance 3 to allow her to cover and buff every stat for her allies. This build aims to buff every stat to her flying allies and pairs extremely well with flying blade tome users but can still work with every other flying unit due to having access to hone fliers. For her Ivs +speed would work the best here to prevent her from getting doubled as often. Any other boon will work just as well for her kit though since her main job is to support and assist other allies instead of fighting. That being said, for her bane you want to be running -hp because you are running triangle adapt.

-attack is still good because of her having access to hone fliers. -def, -res, and -spd hurts her tanking abilities which is why they aren’t that great but once again since her main job is to buff, getting those ivs wont be that harmful. So moving on to her gem weapon set which focuses mainly at taking out blue treats that the enemy team has. This set is very expensive to skill inherit but is very good if you could afford it. For her weapon we would be running emerald axe for the built in triangle adept so we can free up her a kill slot for distant counter. With distant counter we can not only check and kill blue melee units but also ranged blue units as well on the enemy’s turn. We can run fury 3 which is a more common skill that is found on 4star hinata as a substitute instead. It is still very viable because it will allow azura to tank more efficiently as well as increasing her damage. For her B skill we want to run wings of mercy 3 to give her the increase mobility which goes well with her assist skill sing and allow her to use it more effectively.

And lastly we will run hone fliers to give a huge offensive boost to her ally flying units. For her seal you can run either close or distant defense depending on your team. Both are really good and will help her in killing blue units more effectively. Distant defense may actually be the better seal one of the two from what I can see since most meta blue units currently are blue unles you run into armour emblem in which they will run either effie or Christmas robin. Lastly for her Ivs both +speed and +atk are optimal because +speed can help prevent doubles and enable double attacks acting as both an offensive and defensive boon.

+atk is also good because it allows her to kill blue untis better. +def, + res, and +hp are still good in helping her tank so they are not even terrible, just not the best. Finally for her bane -hp is preferred because she is running emerald axe, -def and -res are still okay but will hurt her tanking abilities to check blues and -atk and -spd are pretty subpar because it hurts her ability to one round kill a blue unit. But even if yours has bad ivs, shes still very good and remember that you got the first and only flying singer in the game right now! Anyways thanks guys for watching this vid! Hopefully it was insightfull, Im still new to this so I would appreciate any tips or comments to be left in the comment section below so I can read them later. Thanks! .

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