What’s up guys I’m PheonixMaster1 and welcome back to my banner review series. In this series I review a banner and tell you guys if It’s worth something on that banner or not. So recently the performing arts banner was released which features Inigo and Shigure for the first time and Azura as an axe unit. Olivia as a dagger unit. So we got three ranged dancers and an axe Dancer these special units are temporary so after their banner is gone They will be gone forever And they will not be added to the common summoning pool like the other units. So let’s begin with dark Azura or axe Azura She’s an axe dancer and she’s got a pretty similar stat spread to her lance form. Her base attack and speed are good and Resistance is decent however her defense and HP are poor With these stats you can be a good player phase unit and a Reinhardt check, and also support your allies with her sing skill She’s got a legendary axe Uror which gives +3 boost to all of these stats of an ally who she sings to.

This is Actually incredible and makes her a great support unit. She can be paired up with blade tome users and make them extremely Powerful while giving them another turn. Obviously her support is not as consistent as Ephiram or Erica But he could always just run hone attack on Axe Azura to make sure that your blade tomb unit does a good amount of damage before getting sung. Triangle Adept is her slot a skill And it is actually a really good skill for her because this allows her to tank hit from a Plus attack Death Blow Reinhardt who has got Quicked Pulse Moonbow so Azura can be a great check to him and easily help you bait out Reinhardt Drive res is a decent skill But something like hone attack would be much better on her because like I said Hone attack is a more consistent form of support compared to the skill Which she has got in her axe so that’s why hone attack is definitely very good if you plan to use her with a blade BladeTome user.

Overall Asura is the best dancer in the game right now because of her legendary ax and That not only provides the boost but it also helps her with her viability in the tier 20 arena because Having a legendary weapon will give you more arena points. Her offensive stats are also slightly better than regular Azura And green is just a much better color in this meta game in my opinion compared to blue, because you’ve got Reinhardt So that’s why being green definitely helps.

For skill inheritance: Luna, Moon bow, Iceberg, and Draconic aura work her special. Depending on the Ivs of your Azura you can also run wings of Mercy as her slot B skill. Because it’s an amazing skill for dancers and singers and an attack as the slot-c skill because like I said it’s a more consistent form of support. Distant-counter is not really that good of a skill on her because Then she will not be able to survive Reinhardt she needs triangle adept to always reliably take hits from Reinhardt unless you are a veil then I guess a +8 merged Azura can run distant-counter To take hits from him and then kill Reinhardt in that same turn. A non merged Azura or in low merged Azura will not benefit at All from distant-counter. She’s definitely a top tier unit and the best unit from this banner in my opinion. Now Let’s move on to Olivia She’s a dagger unit this time which makes her a ranged dancer her base attack is pathetically low at 28 And she’s quite fast with above-average res with this low attack She definitely struggles to do damage Her weapon dancers fan has got breath of life 3 built into it so that makes her a good passive Healer.

It also debuffs opponents for -7 defense and -7 res. She comes with distant defense and because of it She can function as a decent magic check But due to lack of res and HP she cannot really tank hits from Reinhardt like Felicia can so Felicia Still has got her niche. Where she can be an incredible magic tank This is her limit, and she can take on a +5 Merged Reinhardt at max If she’s neutral and unmerged Obviously a +res or +HP Olivia will be able to tank hits from Reinhardt much better But she’s not 100% Reinhardt proof, but still a decent check to him, so that’s pretty good She also has blaze dance as her slot b skill and honestly hone attack works much better And it’s more consistent like I said So these dance skills are not really very impressive because you have to give up on wings of mercy for these skills Which can only be activated after you have used dance or sing on an ally so they’re not really super consistent And you can just run hone speed on hone attack as your slot-c skill.

So with Olivia wings of mercy and hone attack is Definitely good, guard 2 as a slot b skill from me from a four star Titania or Leon is also a really good option For Olivia and lets her take on quicker pule Moomba Reinhardt because if he does not know Guard skill prevents you to charge up your special so with that Reinhardt is not able to use moon bow on Olivia and kill her so that’s pretty good and Olivia’s low base attack really hurts her a lot But she’s a great support unit due to the fact that you can use dance and can somewhat Take a role of a magic check with her distant defense skill. So out of the box She’s pretty good because of distant defense skill. Now, let’s move on to the second best unit from this banner Inigo! Inigo is a green tome dancer in this game.

At first you might say that his stats are not very impressive, but Inigo is a monster and he’s a classic example of “do not judge a book by its cover” I will elaborate on that later. His base attack is low and overall his bulk is pretty low, but he’s fast. Honestly If these speed points went into his defense or res it would have been really good for him because he does not really need that much Speed. Base 30 speed would have been enough for him in my opinion. His weapon also has breath of life 3 built into it just like Olivia’s and he comes with gale dance as his lot b skill Which is a good synergy with hone attack, but like I said It’s not very consistent and something like wings of mercy is better but in Inigo’s case bow breaker is his best slot-b skill.

Inigo is actually a monster with Gronnraven plus tome and triangle adept and with that he can even take on a +10 merged, horse Emblem, quickened pulse, Moonbow Reinhardt and basically Just devour any kind of Reinhardt in that same turn. This Inigo is neutral IVs and is Unmerged and that Reinhardt is +10 merged. Not only that, Inigo completely annihilates Brave Lyn. But for that you need to run bow breaker. Quick repose should not be run on a Raven Tome Inigo and instead bow breaker should be run so that brave Lyn does not kill Inigo. As you can see Inigo is a great unit. Now you would say that other green mages with Gronnraven can do The same thing against Reinhardt and Brave Lyn, so it’s not really anything new But what they can’t do is provide down support like Inigo And that’s why Inigo is different from them and a top-tier unit. Being able to provide dance support while also Demolishing two biggest threats in the metagame is just too good in my opinion So he’s definitely a great unit For skill inheritance, like I said: Gronnraven, bow breaker, and triangle adept is amazing for him and now let’s move on to the last Unit from this manner, Shigure.

Shigure has got bad speed, average attack, and bad bulk I would say that he’s the most underwhelming unit from this manner because he just does not fill a niche as well as Azura or Inigo can. Shigure is in a weird limbo where he cannot be a very good blade term user because of his low speed so he has To resort to Raventomes to do another role other than being a singer and he can also run Raventome with triangle adept and bow breaker just like an Inigo. But he’s got less HP and less defense than Inigo. Still he’s able to check any kind of Brave Lyn in the game with that Robin of course is a better blue raven tome user but Robin cannot really support with sing like Shigure So that’s why Shigure has got a slightly niche I guess over Robin red mages are not very common But Shigure can check those with his raven tome, triange adept set so that’s something. Blue raven tomes are not really as good as Red Raven tomes or green Raven tomes because they simply fail to check green mages like Nin who are super common like Red Raven tomes can and they cannot really check two biggest threats in the meta game like how green Raven tomes can.

So if Shigure was a red term user It would have been slightly better for him. His default tome Also has breath of life 3 built into it, just like in Inigo and Olivia So you can be a great passive healer if you decide to run breath of life slot C skill and breath of life sacred seal And yes, those three skills do stack up so he can heal up allies for 17 HP when you initiate combat so that is amazing. And geyser dance is a decent skill for tanks and enemy phase Because you will be able to use dance to position them properly While giving them a nice defensive boost to take on units in the enemy phase Blue tome valor is an amazing skill because it’s a valor skill and blue mages usually have a pretty expensive skill set because a lot Of the blue mages like Mei and summer Corrin need to run blade tomes So this skill definitely helps with that.

Shigure himself needs a pretty expensive raven tome set to function at his max potential So he can definitely make good use of this Shigure can be a good support unit, a decent Brave Lyn check and, a good red magic check. However his stats spread is still quite Underwhelming. A lot of people have questions about how ranged dancers are gonna Be affecting the metagame some people think that Reinhardt and range units will become really good with these range dancers Which is true because if you guys do not know, melee dancers would always move before the range units like Reinhardt But these are range dancers so range dancers cannot dance other range units if those range units have got an assist skill But if a Reinhardt lacks an assist skill then that Reinhardt is definitely going to get danced by a range dancer And he’s coming for your team I do not think that people will stop running assist skill on their range units but still you need to watch out for such Things in arena, now so range dancers are definitely gonna Be affecting the metagame but if you’re a veil then I guess you do not have to worry about them because their base stat total is pretty low and If you’re a veil then you’re probably not gonna be facing such teams with low PST units But people who usually have got like +2 or +3 range units They might be facing some insane plus ten merged Olivias, Inigos and, Shigures so watch out for those.

So ranged dancers are very good on arena defense teams and now I will give you guys my final verdict on this banner I give this banner a rating of 9 out of 10 all of these units provide excellent utility and also do other roles like how Inigo can check both brave Lynn and Reinhardt and how Asura can check Reinhardt and be a good player phase unit. They all are top tier units solely because of the Unparalleled and the unmatched support they can provide with sing and dance and dance and sing skills let your nukes like Reinhardt Brave Lyn, Celica, Nino, and Bride Cordelia have another turn to destroy Something or return back to the safe area and that is huge actually these units can do that But units like Inigo and Azura are something else with how they can do other roles while giving such a great support to your team So the best unit from this banner is the Azura, followed by Inigo, then Olivia and at last Shigure.

I’m not really saying that Shigure is bad by any means But it’s just that his stat spread really hurts him, Olivia Actually has good speed and decent res. If you’re a free-to-play player then my advice would be to only summon from the green stones on this banner and try to get a Azura or Inigo as those two are the best units from this banner, but of course if you have an affinity toward Shigure and Olivia they can be summoned for as well But if you do not have any kind of affinity towards those two then just stick with the green stones You should definitely try to summon on this banner because of Azura and Inigo.

And this banner will last for a month so you have a lot of time to gather your orbs and use them on this banner if you want to and you can always wait two more weeks and see what the next banner is and Decide on which banner you want to summon. The next banner is most likely going to be genealogy of the holy war banner And it will have Sigurd So that’s going to conclude my video if you enjoy it then please be sure to leave a like and do not forget to subscribe So that you do not miss out on guides like these and more heroes content so without being said I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day 🙂 .

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