What’s up, guys! I’m Pheonixmaster1, and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes, and in this video, I’m going to be going over the new Sacred Seals which have come with the second mini Tempest Trial, and I’ll go over some of the units they work best on, and at the end, I’ll go over my placing of them on my Sacred Seals priority list. So, let’s begin with one of the best Sacred Seals ever, Quick Riposte. Previously, Quick Riposte 3 was locked to five star units, and now it’s easily available to everyone. This seal benefits enemy phase units quite a lot, and pushes the defensive play in Heroes even further. This Sacred Seal is pretty insane, as it synergizes very well with a lot of the Slot B skills, and most of the tanks in the game ran Quick Riposte, so this frees up their Slot B skill, which is amazing.

Now, of course, it does not mean that you won’t fodder any kind of Subaki after this, because only one unit can equip a Sacred Seal at a time, but still, for players, it makes building defensive units much more easier. I don’t think that the release of this sacred seal hurts Hector in any kind of way, because you can still run a Sacred Seal in his C Slot, like Distant Defense or Panic Ploy, but it makes it easier for a lot of the units to catch up to him in terms of how they can perform in the enemy phase.

The first one is a pretty obvious one which everyone can make use of, as Fjorm is a free five-star unit. A lot of times, Shield Pulse is ditched for Quick Riposte, because Fjorm’s lackluster attack is pretty concerning, But with the Quick Riposte seal, she can function as a great tank while also doing a good amount of damage. She won’t necessarily get too many one round KOs, because she still lacks an offensive special due to Shield Pulse, and she has to run Ice Mirror, but still, it will be better than before, and it’s perfect on her, because with the Ice Mirror set, you don’t want to run the Distant Defense Sacred Seal, so that you can absorb more damage with Ice Mirror, and in turn do more damage.

So, she can certainly work with a Quick Riposte seal. Sigurd is going to be quite annoying to face with this Sacred Seal, and running the Sacred Seal means that he misses out on Attack Smoke Sacred Seal or a Distant Defense Sacred Seal, but the trade-off is a lot of reliability in his melee matchups for getting more one-round KOs, and his default Close Defense Slot A skill works great with Quick Riposte Sacred Seal. Zelgius is definitely one of the units who uses this defensive seal really well, because of his Black Luna.

So, thanks to the Sacred Seal, you can run a mixed phase Zelgius that always procs Black Luna in both phases. Steady Breath doesn’t work in player phase, and that’s where Bold Fighter comes in, and allows him to double his enemies, and Bold Fighter does not work in the enemy phase, so there. Steady Breath and Quick Riposte helps him double and proc Black Luna in every round. Now, you can, of course, run this on any kind of armored unit, but no armored unit has got a broken Special like Black Luna, Which allows Zelgius to even take out blue units. Black Knight can also run this, but, of course, Zelgius does it better. Similar to Zelgius, Ephraim can also run a mixed phase set. With Siegmund refined, he can always double in the player phase, and with Quick Riposte Sacred Seal, he can always double in the enemy phase. Renewal has got good synergy with both his weapon and the Sacred Seal, and can help him reach back into their range, if Ephraim has not taken too much damage, and in both phases, because of doubling enemies, he can proc Moonbow in every round, but this can be replaced with Bonfire if you want more power.

Female Corrin uses her amazing speed to good use with this Sacred Seal. The idea with this set is to safely initiate combat against physical units to get one cooldown charge on her Aether, and also weaken the enemy, and also debuff the target and the enemies around them with her refined Dark Breath, and when the debuffed enemies attack her, she can retaliate back with Quick Riposte, and proc Aether in that round because of Steady Breath, because, remember, her cooldown will be at 4 after she has poked a unit in the player phase. Thus, Aether will help her get back into the Quick Riposte range. So, it has got pretty good synergy overall, and it’s a very fun set, and Corrin is a unit who can still use Windsweep quite well, even without the Phantom Speed Sacred Seal. Ayra uses the Sacred Seal quite well with her enemy phase, Distant Counter set.

She can run Wrath for her Slot B, and for those of you who do not know, Wrath’s +10 damage can be triggered in the same combat. If you fall below 75% HP in that round itself, you, of course, get the cooldown reduction outside of the combat, but the point is that you can get the +10 damage in that same combat. Ayra is a unit who is decently bulky, but she can easily take enough damage to fall into Wrath’s range in that combat itself, and then retaliate with her Wrath boosted Regnal Astra, thanks to Quick Riposte. Quick Riposte works well with Vantage, because once you’re out of the Quick Riposte range, you’ll be in the Vantage range, and if you get really, really lucky with the damage, then you could actually end up at the sweet spot where you are both in the Vantage and Quick Riposte range, because Vantage starts at 75% HP and quick repose 3 ends at 70% HP. Ike, because of his really good attack, can make use of both of these skills, and Steady Breath can also be run for his Slot A instead of Fury, but Fury works as a budget option, and Dorcas can try to be more of an infantry Hector with that combo, and as default Fierce Stance skill works perfectly with these two enemy phase skills.

Amelia, with that combo, can come extremely close to Hector. Since Quick Riposte is a Sacred Seal now, a lot of the high defense tanks can run Guard for a Slot B skill to prevent the charge of enemy specials, and units like Beruka, due to their sky-high defense, do not take much damage, even from red units. She also depends on her Special completely to do any kind of damage, and this helps you get an edge over your opponent by charging your Special, which is fatal, due to her sky-high defense, and not letting them charge up their Special. Lukas can also do the same, but he’s able to run Steady Breath, unlike Beruka. Michalis can do a similar job to Beruka, but in a more offensive manner, Because of his Hauteclere and higher attack. This definitely makes these underused units more efficient in what they do, and also makes top tier dragons much, much more scarier. Dragons, after weapon refinery updates, have been pretty insane, and the Quick Riposte Seal makes it better for them. A dragon like Fae, who has got average defense, couldn’t really take on +10 merged Brave Lyns, even after refining her Breath, and she had to run Bowbreaker, sacrificing Quick Riposte for Slot B so that she could take on the Reinhardt and Brave Lyn combo easily, but now she can run Quick Riposte and take care of other matchups.

Dragons are usually seen running Distant Defense or Panic Ploy Sacred Seals, but with Quick Riposte Seal, they can be quite annoying as well. Take this Nowi set as an example, with both Vantage and Quick Riposte, and the Lightning Breath targeting your weaker stat. It can be pretty troublesome to face this kind of dragon, and you can of course bait them, But their refined Lightning Breath many times is enough to ruin your debtless run. It’s hard as it is for Falchion users in this metagame to take out dragons, and running Quick Riposte and Swordbreaker makes it impossible for them to take out dragons.

This unmerged Tiki can easily take a hit from +10 merged Fury Lucina, and then proceed to one-round kill her. This is pretty neat, but Falchion users are not very common, but still, sword units like Ayra, Sigurd, and Zelgius are common in Arena, Swordbreaker definitely helps versus them too. Similar to Tiki, a lot of Raven-tome users can also run Breaker skills. Brave Lyn is just so oppressive that a lot of Raven-tome units need to run Bowbreaker as to not get quad attacked by her with her brave bow set, and also to ensure one-round KO on her, because Brave Lyn actually has decent magical bulk.

Due to this, many times Raven-tome units are not able to one-round KO the mages they have weapon triangle advantage against, and also dagger units, so Quick Riposte Seal definitely helps them with that. Newly released Micaiah can also run the seal and be a solid mage tank with a nice budget set. Brave Ike, while nullifying Horse Emblem and Flier Emblem buffs, can also get more one round KOs. These are just some of the examples for Quick Riposte Sacred Seal users and their builds, and there are, of course, more units who can use this. So, let’s move on to the next Sacred Seal. Defense Ploy is an amazing Sacred Seal, due to its huge range and the fact that it can help you get more one-round KOs. We already have Attack Ploy Sacred Seal for enemy phase units, and now Defense Ploy is here for units who want to do more damage. Here are some of the units and builds who can utilize Defense Ploy Sacred Seal really well.

First of all, Arvis can now Ploy all of the stats thanks to this Sacred Seal…after he has devoured a Deirdre for Speed Ploy, and this is great, because he’s the only unit in the game who can debuff all stats of enemies at the start of a turn. Lyn with her refined Sol Katti, especially with Fury, can utilize Defense Ploy quite well, and her res is actually quite decent, and Lyn is all about taking out enemies in a single round after she’s in the Sol Katti range, so Defense Ploy helps her with that, and it’s more useful than Threaten Defense Slot C skill, because of its huge range.

Hone Attack has got good synergy with Defense Ploy, because after the debuff and your Hone Attack buff, your allies essentially get +8 attack. Felicia can debuff pretty much everyone you will ever face in Arena, and she not only acts as a reliable magic tank for your team, but can also act as a great debuffer, because, let’s be honest, you’re not gonna be facing a lot of units who have got more res than her in Arena, or anywhere else for that matter.

Low attack units like Caeda also use this with their Wo Dao set, and make up for their low attack stat with their Special and the Defense Ploy debuff, and, of course, how can we forget the meme known as Est? She can make fantastic use of this Sacred Seal, which no other flying lance unit can, and on the brighter side, you do not have to fodder off a Summer Gaius. If you use the Askr Trio as your bonus unit in Arena frequently, then Anna can also run it quite well, and get more one-round KOs.

Christmas Lissa can also make fantastic use of the seal, with her player phase, quad attacking, Brave Axe set with Bold Fighter, and Kagero, who recently got outclassed by Sothe as an offensive dagger unit, can also run this Sacred Seal, which he cannot, and get more one-shots on infantry units. Innes can also use this because of his high res, and after Defense Ploy debuffs and Nidhogg buffs, Innes can actually hit pretty hard, so that’s pretty good, and those were some of the builds utilizing Defense Ploy Sacred Seal. Now, let’s move on to the last Sacred Seal: Seal Attack. God! It’s one of the worst Sacred Seals in the game. This Seal is just so underwhelming compared to all other Sacred Seals. There isn’t even a reason why you should be upgrading this Sacred Seal over others, because you could just run a better Sacred Seal than this, but if you really like Seal skills and don’t care about other powerful Sacred Seals, then, I guess, here are a few instances where you could use it. For a duelist build like Joshua’s, you can run Seal Attack, and then receive much less damage when the enemy attacks you after you’ve attacked them in the player phase with Windsweep.

Unrefined Clarisse’s Bow has got Speed Smoke 2 and Attack Smoke 2 built into it, but she cannot really debuff the target itself in any way, so by running Seal Speed and Seal Attack, she can debuff all stats of the enemy, and Rogue Dagger units who can debuff enemies for -6 defense and -6 res can also debuff for attack, and a unit like Matthew could potentially do that. Now, we’ll be talking about their placement on my upgrade priority list. This list is always available on my resource sub. The link to it is gonna be in the description down below, and I’ve placed the Quick Riposte Sacred Seal in the top priority, and it should come as no surprise since it’s a very insane skill as a Sacred Seal, and a lot of enemy phase units can use it. Not only that, it’s among the best Arena scoring Sacred Seals, and yes, Sacred shields do affect your Arena score, depending on their SP cost as skills. I think it’s definitely worth upgrading it as soon as possible, because not only this will help you immensely in Arena, but also help you with in-game content, and then I’ve placed Defense Ploy in the high priority.

It’s also among the best scoring Sacred Seals, and it’s amazing for high res units. They can run this to support your other units, mainly Brave weapon users, And it definitely helps with the one-round KO metagame, and, at last, I’ve placed Seal Attack Sacred Seal in the low priority. Like I said, this is one of the worst Sacred Seals ever, and seeing as how we recently got a lot of good Sacred Seals, there are just much better powerful sacred Seals that you should upgrade first before this one, and seeing as how they have been giving a lot of premium skills as Sacred Seals now, I would really like an Infantry Pulse Sacred Seal, because Infantry Pulse is also a pretty premium skill, so that would be pretty nice, and a lot of people at this point will not be surprised if they release a Distant Counter or Close Counter Sacred Seal.

So, that is gonna be it for this video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed. If you did, then please be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already, then make sure to subscribe, so that you do not miss out on more Fire Emblem Heroes content, which I’m going to be uploading in future. So with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day! .

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