Hey guys! Welcome back to another unit build video. This time we will be looking into one of the newly released unit, Sothe, and i’ll go over the best builds you can have on him. One of these builds will take advantage of his high attack using heavy blade and the other will focus on his weapon’s debuffing and buffing potential Okay so starting off, from looking at his stat distribution, he has a really good neutral base attack at 36, which ranks him 1st in having the highest attack among all currently released dagger units.

His speed is decent with a neutral base of 33 but will leave him struggling when trying to double some of the faster meta units. His Hp is pretty high considering his class and will definitely help him survive. Finally his resistance and defense is decent and pretty standard for most dagger units. So looking to his default kit, Sothe, gets some really good skills right off the bat. Starting with his weapon, Peshkatz , it has the ability to debuff all stats by 4 on the enemy that Sothe attacks and every other surrounding enemy units within 2 spaces. Then he is able to buff all of his stats by 4 and buff all his allies stats by 4 that are within 2 spaces from him after combat.

This weapon is really strong and essentially allows each of your units to do 8 additional damage to the enemy and receive 8 less damage. It is also very important to note that the debuff and buff to foes and allies respectively will occur even if Sothe defeats the enemy that he engaged on. Moving on, for his special, he gets glimmer. It is a good special and will help him increase his damage output. For units with high attack, glimmer is better than moonbow most of the time so Sothe’s special doesn’t have to be changed. Next on the list, Sothe comes with one of the strongest offensive A skill, life and death. By trading in 5 defense and resistance, life and death grants the unit 5 more attack and speed.

This skill works really well with Sothe’s kit. It allows him to increase his already high attack even higher and gives him much need speed stats that he was originally lacking. The drop in defense and resistance is sorta negligible because his weapon helps make up for it by buffing him and debuffing his foes. Additionally with the added speed, it will help prevent him from being doubled and therefore increasing his survivability even higher.

Finally, Sothe comes with one of the strongest offensive spurs in the game, spur attack and speed. This allows adjacent allies to gain +3 attack and speed during combat which is really amazing for any glass cannon allies. So moving onto the first build I have for you guys today, it will be his heavy blade set. With Sothe’s really high attack, procing heavy blade will be very easy for him and allow him to use his specials much sooner and more often. So starting off, I would keep Peshkatz as his weapon because it has the highest attack amoung all daggers. Using a high attack dagger will help proc heavy blade more often and Peshkatz built in utility makes it overall a good choice. Next for the A skill, I feel that life and death would be the best option to run.

The additional attack over fury will help proc heavy blade and the additional speed will help prevent him from being doubled. While fury does give him more bulk, life and death will help the set more unless your sothe is high merge. However, fury is still a viable alternative. Next vantage would be the preferred b skill for sothe because first sothe is not fast enough to run desperation and second it’ll help him kill on the enemy phase. How it works is that even with life and death, with sothe’s decent hp, he should be able to survive atleast one hit from the enemy which would get him into vantage range when that happens. Then he should be able to one shot ranged units with low defense on the enemy phase especially if he was able to debuff enemies during the player’s turn. In addition, vantage helps the interactions between his special cooldowns and heavy blade. So this leads into my choice of special, miracle. Miracle is really good in Sothe’s set since it pairs well with heavy blade.

For example, if you engage on a ranged enemy and couldn’t kill him. You would hit the enemy and reduce miracles cooldown from 5 to 3, the enemy retaliates, and brings the cooldown to 2. Then when the enemy re-engages on you, your vantage procs allowing you to attack first and most likely kill them and bring the cooldown of miracle from 2 to 0 and now you can survive and additional hit from the enemy. This works with melee enemies as well assuming that they don’t double you and you have higher attack than them. This is why Peshkatz is important because it’ll help boost your stats and lower the enemy stats after combat making Sothe even stronger when paired with dancer. Moonbow and glimmer are both viable alternatives as well if you are aiming to be more damage base because you only need to hit enemies once for moonbow or glimmer to go from a cooldown of 2 to 0.

Then if you have vantage activated, you can just attack first with a guarantee special proc. Oh and before we continue, here’s a optimal, quicken pulse, mochi build for sothe if anybody was interested in running. With quicken pulse and the mochi you have a turn one special ready right from the start before any combat if you are running glimmer or moonbow, which is basically the purpose of the build. It’s really strong, however, it is really difficult to do this build since the mochi weapon is locked under a 5 star seasonal unit. But for those who are interested, here you go. Anyways, moving on to Ivs, For your boon, +attack is the best because it just helps guarantee the heavy blade procs.

+speed is still really strong because it just helps you double and proc your specials faster and gives you options to run desperation in your build. Any other boon is alright just not that helpful in assisting his heavy blade set, but with Sothe’s innate high attack and with life and death, you can still get away for it. For his bane, – resistance and –defense is most optimal because he doesn’t really aim to tank more than one hit. The reason -hp is not as optimal is because a minus hp sothe loses 4 hp while -def and -res only loses 3 stat points. Having -hp forces you to lose an extra stat point hurting sothe’s total bst. However, that doesn’t really matter outside arena and maybe one or two really close fights. Finally for your bane, -atk and -spd hurts the build overall and causes you to loss certain matchups. I got a -atk sothe for example and I’m still crying. Moving onto the next build l I have for you guys is a windsweep build.

It will focus on allowing Sothe to apply his buffs and debuffs safety and still apply a large amount of damage. So the build itself is pretty self explanatory. You want to run peshkatz for the debuffing and buffing ability that it comes with. And to apply those stats saftely, we can either run windsweep or watersweep. So for those who don’t know, the sweep skills prevents the user from doubling however, in return it prevents certain weapon types of units (which depends on which sweep skill you have) from counter attacking as long as you have 1 or more speed than they do. For watersweep, it prevents mages from counterattacking and for windsweep it prevents every weapon type from counterattacking (aside from mages and dragonstone users). So I just choose windsweep because it allows Sothe to attack into a wider variety of units safely and prevents distant counter users from attacking him back. For your seal, running phantom speed is an absolute must. It allows you to add 10 to you speed stat whenever you have to compared speed stats with another unit for your skills.

So using the stats I have on the left for example, when Sothe attacks a unit that has a speed of 45, in combat Sothe’s speed is way lower at 38, but when his skill windsweep compares his speed stats with the enemies it will add 10 more speed giving him 48 speed. This means that with Phantom speed, Sothe is still able to apply windsweep even though he has lower speed than his opponents. For his A skill, life and death is preferred because he is mostly a player phased unit. Since most of his opponents won’t be counter-attacking back, the drop in defense from life and death doesn’t mean much. In addition, the additional attack will help his damage output and the additional speed will definitely help in procing windsweep. Fury can be ran as a viable alternative if you plan on allowing sothe to tank a few hits or two, which is completely fine too since the enemies attacking him will most likely be debuffed when you attacked them during the player phase.

For Ivs, the most optimal is either +attack or +speed. I just choose +attack in this build because I felt that phantom speed would boost Sothe’s speed high enough in which he wouldn’t need the extra speed to proc windsweep so he could put more points in his attack to deal more damage. However, +spd could definitely be better to guarantee windsweep every time.

However, with this build, any boon chould work because you don’t actually need the extra attack or speed, it just helps guarantee the windsweep proc or just helps sothe win more. For your banes, the reasons were about the same as the previous build. -res and -def is preferred because Sothe won’t need them in combat since the enemy shouldn’t be counterattacking. -hp is okay but causes sothe to loss overall bst. And -atk and -spd just makes you want to cry but don’t let it deter you from building him or foddering him away for skill inheritance. Once again thanks guys for watching this video! Hopefully it was insightful, I’m would appreciate any tips or comments to be left in the comment section below so I can read them later or what you want to see in the next video. Thanks! .

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