Fire emblem Heroes provides a great selection of characters to send out on miniature battlefields. But there are some key characters who are missing. Here’s my list of the top five characters who need to get into Heroes soon. With Echoes rapidly approaching, Gaiden finally getting the recognition it deserves. Where are the two heroes from Valentia? Celica and Alm have to get into Heroes soon. Gaiden’s remaster releases on the twentieth of April in Japan and the 19th of May everywhere else.

They must be coming soon, right? Or does Nintendo not believe in advertising for upcoming games unless it’s Smash. Besides, with Alm and Celica in, we’ll get Gaiden maps, which means: BOAT MAPS! OHHHH YES. Thracia 776 is hands down the most difficult Fire Emblem to date, and the only one I haven’t personally played. While we’ve seen representation for it with Olwen and Reinhardt, we’re missing a key person from that game. Leif, the Lord from Fire Emblem Five. Every other game in the series besides Gaiden and Tellius have gotten their lords. Why not Thracia? Even Seliph got in the game. I didn’t expect that for a long time. I did not think Seliph would get in for awhile. I think Leif definitely deserves a spot in Heroes alongside the other lords of the series.

Sacred Stones was the first to get extra characters in Heroes with Ephraim and Eirika. But who’s arguably the most well-received and most well-known from Sacred Stones? Yep. Lute. This woman has a crazy cult following. Understandably so, she’s one of the best mages in all of Fire Emblem. How can anyone not like her? She made the top fifteen list in the Heroes poll. Come on, Intelligent Systems, open your eyes! Alright, let’s get into Tellius territory. You knew this was coming. Heroes is missing something crucial to the Fire Emblem series. Cats. Okay, well, shape-shifting into anything that isn’t a dragon. Tellius focused on racism against shape-shifters known as laguz. One of the more central laguz is Ranulf who transforms into a cat. Ranulf only makes this list because laguz need to be put into the game while it’s early so they’re not introducing a whole new combat method late in the game’s life. I think introducing multiple laguz at once would be wise. If they were to introduce just one, I feel like Ranulf would be perfect because he’s a central character in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. But God, if he does get in…

Change. His. Voice. Actor. My honorable mention is more of a favorite of mine, but I do have logic to back it up. Micaiah deserves an honorable mention because she’s the starting lord in Radiant Dawn and was in the top ten of the Heroes poll. Whenever Ike gets introduced, she better be right there with him. I love her. So much.

Alright, we all know who number one is. Where. Is. Ike? No. Seriously? Ranked number one and five on the Heroes poll, he’s gotten a Heroes calendar already, he’s in Smash Bros, he’s in the trailer for the game, he’s on the title screen of the game. Why isn’t he in it? All right, all right, I know all this has been said before, I just really needed to exaggerate it. I understand that they’re probably going to release a Tellius update where they introduce laguz and Ike will be in it. But Ike is the protagonist in Path of Radiance and most of Radiant Dawn.

He’s a fan favorite character, and probably close to as well known as Marth. We just need him in. I need him in. Everyone needs him in. You need him in. PLEASE. Those are just some of the characters that I feel need to be in Heroes. Who do you want in Heroes? Anyways, that’s all from me. Hope you guys enjoyed my first top five Fire Emblem list. .

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