Sanojei’s V12 BRM Dex Critical Build Guide

This build is on my Battle RM named: Mayonaise (Aibatt Server)

This build is finally updated to V12. This is my DEX Ringmaster which uses my original Critical STR Billposter build modified for this RM that I never released until now. Because it is a Ringmaster and not a Billposter, there is no attack skills to use and Ringmasters use the Assist leveling table. Which means more DEX for ASPD breaks. Now this is not going to be a cheap build. So if that is what you want, leave now! This is for CS junkies like me or Masters and Hero players with nothing better to do than goof with an alternate build and sink their Penya/GPots. You have been warned. Being that it is based on V12 with awakes and pierces, I had to use my Critical STR Billposter build for best results which is the old Dex RM build with Awakes. One more thing, if you don’t like this build, too bad. I didn’t ask you. It is there for those who DO like it or want to try something new. Constructive critique and comments welcome. Your flames and trolling and "know-it-all expert" attitude, however, is not!

1. Steel Knuckle (LV30), Guardian Knuckle (LV60), Historic Knuckle (LV75)
2. Sayram/Talin Set +8 ~ 10 (only set you will ever use so upgrade it max!)
3. Arek Rings +15 ~ 18 (Dexion +2 ~ +3). I have Arek +18s x2 for this one.
4. Gore Necklace +6 ~ 20. No less than +6 as you need that HP badly.
5. Demol Earrings +12 ~ 18. NO less than +12 as you need the damage.
6. Shiny Glasses for the HP bonus (HP/MP +100) or better.
7. Captain Jackalope (Dex) or Captain Behemoth (STR) pet w/+20 or more
8. Have these Assist buffs max: Haste, Cannonball, BeefUp, HeapUp, Accuracy, Cat’s Reflex, Stonehand (LV19) and Prevention.
9. Have these Ringmaster skills max: Protect, Spiriture Fortune and Merkaba Hanzelrusha.
10. No less than 5% Critical Rate Awakenings on any item.

The Dex/STR RM Build

Job Change stats at LV15:

STR: 15
STA: 15
DEX: 15
INT: 15

All 28 points go on DEX:
STR: 15
STA: 15
DEX: 43
INT: 15

At LV90, this is our goal (roughly):
STR: 100
STA: 15
INT: 15
Attack Rate: 2519
Defense Rate: 395
Attack Speed: 93%
Critical Rate: 62%
Melee Block Rate: 31%
Range Clock Rate: 31%

The Build Making

We will only use 2 stats for this build: DEX and STR. No STA and no INT stats. So from LV15 to LV27 we will pump only DEX to reach 66 DEX, putting the lone point on STR. For now, we cap DEX at 66 and STR is all we pump until LV69 when STR reaches 100. From there we cap STR and pump DEX for ever. We want Critical Rate, like on my Critical BP. 100 STR is plenty. If you want a Full STR build for high DPS, go make a BP or Blade. Switch the Steel Knuckle to Guardian Knuckle at LV50 if you want. Likewise, swap the Guardian for the Historic at 65. Use Reduction (-10) for that. Make sure your weapons like your armors are no less than +8. Make your Historic into an Ultimate if you have the cash. Get cheap sticks with good INT awakes and even DMMT reductions to help you out in your buff timers and casting speed.

From LV69 to LV 90, you will still add on DEX and it will be 108 at LV90. Make sure to max ONLY the skills spoken above first. By LV85 you will have Merkaba Hanzelrusha maxed. From here, you are a massive crit machine for a Ringmaster. Adding in your Stonehand and Prevention and you will be tops as a Battle RM. Use Merkaba to your advantage as it is DoT AoE and you can damage the enemy(ies) in your field while you crit them to hell. Just another way to use Merkaba without being a MerCrack AoE RM. I love this build and it always gets stares and "DAAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!" from the unknowing.

As for skill raising, make sure all skills go to LV4 or whatever the minimum is to gain the next ones. Then Max Haste first, then BeefUp and HeapUp, then Cannonball and Stonehand and Cat’s Reflex. Your buff times will suck but who cares. You are not an FS. You kick tail. On the RM side, you need to max HC since it is only one anyway, and that Gvur Tialla too. Then max Spiriture Fortune, Protect and Merkaba Hanzelrusha. The others are not neccesary. Again you are a Battle RM, not and FS RM. Level the other unused skills only after your mains are done. And there you have it!

Pros and Cons


You are not a Billposter. While you have mad criticals for a Ringmaster, don’t go picking fights with everyone indiscriminately. Choose your battles and you will survive longer. This is not built for PVP so don’t think you will be the next PVP MVP. This is a PVM build and is centered on that design. You can giant with this build so long as you keep Stonehand close by. Don’t AoE with this – build you will die! Again, you want something to own in PVP or AoE? Build a real BP, Jester or Blade or a Ranger or Elementor or Knight or even Psy. Something else other than a Battle RM ok? Due to your low STA you can be killed easy if you are not careful. Stonehand is your friend. You may want to consider piercings that add STA or HP or even DEF instead of more Criticals (rate or damage) or Attack Rate. That’s up to you.

Closing Words and Advice

You will be spending a lot of money on this build but it is a real fun alternate build. If you can afford to Awaken your pets and CS Suit and Cloak with blessings try to go for the 5% Crit Rate minimum. More crit is good. But if you get high STR or attack, by all means take it. Just have fun and go for Critical Rate. This is a really cool build and people say WOW when they realize you are not a BP but an RM.

Jon’s Character Simulator Code

The above code has 10% awakened Crit on the suit to make up for the lack of awakening ability on the other parts as in V12. Since the Simulator is still based on V11, I had to improvise. Those Crit rates assume +5% crit rate on each part that can be awakened with those stats plus maxed buffs except pets, cloaks and CS Suits. Adjust the crit rates accordingly to your awakenings. At least until Jon updates his proggy if ever. It would be nice though.

Credits go to SANOJEI.