What’s up, everyone as you can see in the titled Daubeny’s chest piece is finally here. It is right there I am also wearing his helm sadly I do not have the arms the Dullahan arms Have they seem to have eluded me thus far, but I did want to show you all the chest pieces here So you can officially rock all of Daubeny now You can do the what is it the Arcturus helm the Tedius chest is what this is called and then the Dullahan arms So I thought that was absolutely sick That’s the first thing I wanted to talk about and then also show off some more of the Warden’s season 3 Unique white star weapon sets and then also show some of the legendary gear sets that came with him as well So let’s hop into the customization here.

We’ll go back to loadout 1 and we’re gonna start with the weapon Let’s go to the blade here, and we have the Merodach blade you have What do you see here? We got attack defense block damage We don’t really need to talk about the stats But just look how good this blade looks you got green gold white I think it really just goes well together Then we’ll move over here into the hilt my favorite piece of the entire set here. I just think it looks so good It’s white you got the gold encrusted with the emeralds in the center.

Just a really good-looking hilt and Then you have the Merodach guard right here You got the emeralds again the gold and I just think overall this blade. Just looks really good So I was very happy with that first unique weapon set right there Then we’re gonna Hop on over into loadout 2 and check out this weapon and as you can see we have a curved blade The Caltrain blade I was so excited whenever this or not caltrain I do apologize Caliburn Caltrain was last season the Caliburn blade Just look how good that looks. I love the curved blade. That’s something I will definitely be using and you can see they’re really going with this green theme thus far You move over here and another hilt. I am just absolutely obsessed with it’s green you got your gold it Just looks really good man if you do the gold What is it material color it just makes your warden look really good out there? And then finally you’ve got the caliber guard that almost looks like a butterfly I’m a really big fan of this and you can kind of see the blade over all right here It just looks really good, so I absolutely love the two first white star weapon sets I got and then this last one will hop over to Loadout number three I didn’t even realize this was a set I got it and didn’t even think it was new the endora blade here So we got the endora set gold and silver kind of like the gilgamesh.

We got where yet gilgamesh right here Yeah, then more silver there, but gold then you hop over here. You got the endora hilt This is pretty much everything on this is all gold just encrusted. It looks really good, and then you have the guard I’m not the biggest fan of I think it can look a little bit better, but at the same time I mean, it does look pretty sweet so that completes the third white star weapon set we got in season three So be on the lookout for those for your heroes you should be getting three if you’re opening up chest and then the last thing I wanted to do was show off some of the New gear and the sets they got so we’ll hop over in the helm here the horselord helm You got it’s just it’s a gold material cuz that’s what I’ve got on it.

You’ve just got the slits in the eyes This is one of my favorite helms from the new season Then we’ll hop over here really a big fan of this chest piece over the left you can see the horse and then at this Angle you can kind of see it It looks pretty damn good big fan of this chest and then we’ll move over to the arms You’ve got the typical spikes, and I just think overall it looks really good So that’s the overview of the warden big fan of this overall Outfit just rockin the Mara dak set and then also the horselords So that’s one set I wanted to show you we will move into the next set Which is the I believe the lord of the manor there? We go? He’s got that Executioner style look right now and then from afar you can see him with the caliber and set right there Then we’ll hop on over to the lord of the manor chest and it’s got that bird looking Conspicuous on his chest really a big fan of that And then also we have the arms more spikes just looking pretty damn tough overall so that’s that set and Finally we will move into our last one loadout number three where I was showing off The tedious chests I do not have the helm are the yes the helm I was struggling guys I opened probably fifty packs.

I had twenty one I spent steel on the rest, and I just got tired of it But there it is the skull on the chest you can finally complete daubeny and make it official now. You can use that Arcturus helm that tedious chest and the door hands So be on the lookout for those with your new legendary gear if you want to look like domine You throw on top domine shame ornament, and you’re rolling so you got that going for you? And then last that’s not the right arms there. That’s not Serious arms. I was trying to get the dole hand arms and I could not find them for the life of me But the tedious is right there so they look pretty good kind of just curved right there But that’s about everything I have so I do hope you enjoyed checking out this new gear we wanted to let you know you should be on the lookout for three weapon sets because there’s three new white star, and then also three new pieces of armor so really excited with what they have added with all the new sets season three is kicking off really well absolutely loving the gladiator and Trying to learn the highlander It has been tough and before I go I did want to ask you all what video would you like to see tomorrow? so we plan on either doing how to beat centurion in season 3 or kind of a Fundamentals video that would be geared more towards newer players but also could be Beneficial to some players that have been around and kind of what you should be on the lookout for in season 3 when you’re fighting So please let us know in the comments below We are starting to work on these guides and want to start rolling them out the first one will be out tomorrow And we just wanted to get your opinion on that, so thank you very much for watching I hope you are enjoying Season 3 as much as we are and that’s all I’ve got so this has been Josh from Roadie Bros And we we’ll see you all in the next video

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