Hello, and welcome to another For Honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the 1v1 Duel Match type. The name itself is self-explanatory, in this mode either two players or a player Vs AI, head off against one another in a best of 5 or first to 3 scenario. 1v1 Duel doesn’t take into account your gear’s stats, so it’s a good way to test skill vs skill without the benefits of equipment. However in the modifiers menu it seems to be possible to enable gear stats in a custom match should you wish to. Once in the game lobby, its time to make your choice of hero for the match. 1v1 duel also removes the ability to use feats, increasing the focus on skill instead of relying cheap fire bombs. The stages that make up your arena have three different sections that the rounds will rotate through. Some of the stages will be familiar from other game modes, however each round’s arena area has been sectioned off, assumedly to stop people running away and hiding like the cowards they are.

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