All right. Hey, guys. In case you missed my introduction to this series, I’ve been chosen as the general of the Samurai faction in For Honor. And it’s not all fun and games like you might think. And one of my duties is to look after my troops, so I’m going to make sure that you do better than I did when I first started, because I didn’t have a clue of how to fight. So I’m here to give you some tips and basic controls of the game, because I don’t want you to end up having something like this happen to you.

So For Honor isn’t your typical button masher. And it has a brand new combat system dubbed “The Art of Battle.” Thanks to “The Art of Battle,” players are in total control of every move they do on the battlefield. And it’s something that I’ve really come to enjoy, because it feels more immersive than a standard system. I don’t know. Just my opinion. So before we cover attacking, let’s make sure we know what we’re doing with defense. So you can lock onto an enemy by pushing and holding the left trigger. Keep in mind that only enemy heroes or captains can be locked onto. Soldiers aren’t important enough to be locked onto, but don’t tell them that, you guys. They’re fragile enough as it is. And when you’re locked on, you can move your weapon into three different guards according to the direction of your right stick, either top left or right.

And the HUD always displays where your guard is and where the guard of your enemy is. And the guard is what you use to block an attack. So to block, you just move your guard in the direction where your enemy attack comes from. So if the enemy attacks on the left, I’m move my guard to the left. Pretty simple, right? Well, just wait till I get going. So you might be able to figure this out, but your attacks will come from the position of your guard. So if your weapon is in right guard, your attacks will come from the right. And, of course, to hit an enemy, you need to hit them where they’re not guarding. And with that, there’s two different types of attacks. There’s a light attack, which is quick and has low damage.

And you can do that by pushing the right bumper. And then there’s the heavy attack, which is slower and has high damage. And you can do that by pushing the right trigger. And each hero has attacks that can be comboed into chains that are unique to them. And they also have access to special unique moves. And to see all the moves of a hero, bring up the menu and select moveset. So when you’re locked onto an enemy, you can perform a guard break by pushing either X on Xbox or square on PlayStation. And what the guard break does is it opens up the guard of the enemy, and can be followed up by either an attack or a throw. And to throw an enemy, you just hit the guard break button again. But keep in mind that the power and length of the throw depends on the hero.

So you can dodge forward, backward, left, or right. And once again, the length and efficiency of the dodge depends on the hero. But you can do that by pushing A on Xbox or X on PlayStation. All right. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Executions and emotes are really cool. So to perform an execution, you just end the fight with a heavy attack. And this opens up a short window of opportunity, where you can trigger an execution by pushing one of two buttons. And these are some of my favorite executions. And feel free to say which ones that you like the most in the comments. And then there’s emotes, which are different when you’re locked and unlocked onto enemies. So it gives you a bunch of different options. And you can perform those by pushing Y on Xbox or triangle on PlayStation. And there’s a whole bunch of different ones that you can choose as well, and different combos that you can do.

And with executions and emotes, there’s a whole list that you can customize in the menu. So you can pick whatever ones you like the most and kind of express yourself. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of the game is the executions and emotes, if you couldn’t tell. All right. So those are the basics. And I hope you do a lot better starting out than I did. I didn’t have this information, so I’m sure you will. And let me know if you’re excited for the game. I really can’t wait for it to come out. And I’ll be back with some more advanced tips, like how to survive when it’s 2 v 1, in a little bit. But as always, I hope you enjoyed. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHS] Seriously?.

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