All right. Hey, guys. Welcome to part two of my For Honor Battle Tip series. So last time, we went over some of the basics, but this time we’re going to be getting into more advanced stuff, like how to deal with 2 v 1 situations, and things like that. And I thought it would be easier to just like show and talk about it, rather than just like play clips, so just sit back and hopefully we can have some fun and also learn some stuff.

So one thing that you want to keep an eye on is the radar that’s in the bottom right. It’s a good way to see where your enemies are, and also where your teammates are, and who needs to be revived, and things like that. It’s just a good thing to keep an eye on, because sometimes enemies can sneak up on you, just like how I’m going to sneak up on this guy right here. Never mind, he saw me. One of my favorite things is going like this. [LAUGH] I don’t even care if it was my teammate.

I like sliding down the ladder. This is one instance where it actually killed the guy, so that’s not just a fun thing to do, it’s an effective thing. So I’m going to kind of keep up against this wall, because that limits this guy’s attacks. It’s just with this game, if you hit objects, you don’t go through them, or anything like that. So you have to be mindful of where you are, and where your opponent is too. And hopefully he doesn’t know that. It seems like he does, but hey, it works. And this is another instance where I used an object to block one side for me.

And it worked really well, because this guy’s a dummy. So don’t be a dummy when you’re fighting. And speaking of surroundings, you always need to watch out for if there’s like things that you can fall off of, just like this guy. I don’t think he’s going to be paying attention, so I’m just going to try to push him off. That’s one thing that my good friend Liam Neeson taught me is that you always need to mind your surroundings. All right. So I got two people going against me. So this is where I need to pay attention to my external block. And what that is is you can see the little red mark that’s in the direction of the attack, where the person I’m not locked onto is. So while I’m still locked onto the original guy, I can just move my guard into that direction and I can block it. And a good thing to know is that if you successfully block an incoming attack, you’re going to block all other attacks for a half a second. So it’s a good idea just to focus your attention on one opponent and block their attacks.

And this should help with blocking the attacks from the other enemies. And also, the external block is a really good way to fill your revenge meter faster. So the more attacks you block, the faster your Revenge Mode is going to be ready to be activated. And what Revenge Mode is is you get a short boost in your attacks, defense, and stamina. You pretty much just take steroids is what I think of it. And it is really useful in situations where you’re outnumbered or just when you’re by yourself too. You don’t have to just use it with 2 v 1, but it definitely helps. Oh, he’s going to revive his teammate. All right. We’ve got ourselves a– oh, 3 v 1.

Great time to use Revenge to get them all onto one side. See, this is why you need to look at the radar. Now, let’s see if we can get him to take each other out though, because there is friendly fire. Like, this is a good instance of that, because I really shouldn’t have won, but I just use my surroundings, and also revenge and friendly fire, and somehow came out on top. All right. So another thing that you need keep your eye on is the fatigue meter.

Like this guy, he’s just going all out, just keeps on attacking me. I’m just letting him drain that fatigue meter you can see under his health. And once your fatigue is out, you’re going to be a lot slower, and everything kind of goes like black and white, and you’re pretty much not at the top of your game. And that’s how I was able to take him out so easy. And that is why you don’t waste all your fatigue. And it’s also why you always leave a note. All right. Where are these last two guys? Right over here. Oh, I’m going to drop the gate on him. Can I? Yes. And see you. [LAUGHS] Woo. Once again you got to watch your surroundings. All right. Well I think that’s it for this video. I hope you can put these tips to good use whenever you’re outnumbered and come out on top.

And I’m going to have one more video out shortly that’s going to be talking about team strategies and stuff like that. But as always I hope you enjoyed. [MUSIC PLAYING] Geez, are you OK? Here, let’s get you up. Oh, no. [LAUGHS] I don’t care. I’m a team player..

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