Welcome to my Berserker mixup guide and lets just get right into it. First of I want to give a little tip on how to start your mixups, I usually start mixups by whiffing a light attack as this is a safer option than hitting your opponent To do this you simply walk backwards and do for example a light attack. We start of with the 360 feint, to do this you do a light attack from whatever guard stance into a heavy feint from the opposite side that you did the light then switch your guard back to where you did the light.

If you do the mixup with top light attack it doesn’t matter where the heavy feint is as long as the other heavy is on the oppsite side of the heavy feint. When you got the feint down you can also start feinting the second heavy into a light, but always remember to mix up what you feint and what you let go.

Now for the “pause” feint you basically do the same as the 360 feint the difference is after the heavy feint you do not switch your guard. When you got feint down you can also start feinting the second heavy as I showed with the 360 feint and follow up with for example a light attack. When you start feeling confident with both of the feints you can play around a little bit and mix both of them in the same combos. It is also important to include the top heavy finisher in the mixups as it is an unblockable and works as an opener. Same goes for the side heavy finisher. Berserker also has a unique recovery.

After a whiffed attack heavy or light, neutral or chained he can do the backwards zone which works as a chain starter and can start some nasty mixups as well as it can interrupt your opponents attacks. You can also dodge after any whiffed attack. If your opponent decides to then punish your whiffs you can go into for example a dodge light or if you are fast enough you can also get deflects. If you step a little bit back from your opponent and whiff an attack into a dodge attack it barely misses and your opponent might go for the parry and this can create some openings for damage and mixups. So obviously this was my first guide and I hope I answered at least some of your questions as well as you learned something new.

If you want me to make a guide on anything else please let me know. And if i forgot something in this guide make sure to let me know in the comments and maybe I can make a part 2. If you enjoyed make sure to leave a like and hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next video..

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