Hello and welcome to another for honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the Berserker hero Class. The Berserker belongs to the Vikings, so naturally looks like a hulking badass of destruction. You are also able to play but not to customise the berserker from the start, if you wish to customise it will cost steel to unlock. Classed as an Assassin hero, it has a short range and excels at harassing the enemy during combat. Time to check out the Berserkers feats. Every hero has four tiers of feats available to them, each tier has 3 abilities that can either be passive or activated by the directional pad.

You will have to forgive if some of the icons display incorrectly, beta is beta after all. Remember that feats unlock in tiers, once a tier is fully unlocked you move on to the next. The first tier of feats has 1 passive and 2 actives. The first feat is bounty hunter, this causes your hero to regain some health and stamina when you kill another hero. The 2nd feat is Rush, when activated it provides your hero increased movement speed for a short time.

The 3rd and final feat in tier 1 is stun trap, allowing you to place a trap that when triggered, stuns the enemies temporarily. The second tier of feats has 1 active and 2 passive abilities. The 1st feat is revenge attacks, this passively causes your attacks to fill the revenge meter. The 2nd feat is bear trap, allowing you to place a trap that when triggered causes low damage to the enemy and hold them in place for a short time. The 3rd and final feat in tier 2 is Doom banner, whilst active this causes nearby enemies to have lowered attack and defense. The third tier of feats has 3 active abilities. The 1st feat is throwing axe, a ranged attack that allows causes moderate damage The 2nd feat is Sharpen blade, whilst active this causes attacks to place a damage over time debuff on the enemy. The 3rd and final feat in tier 3 is fury, this increase your sprint speed slight and greatly increases your attack and defence whilst active. The 4th and final tier of feats has 3 active abilities.

The 1st feat is berserker, whilst active this raises your attack, defence and sprint speed greatly. The 2nd feat is fire flask, allowing you to set a small area on fire, any enemies caught in this or that walk through the area are set alight and take damage over time. The 3rd and final feat is fear itself. Whilst active nearby enemies have lower stamina regeneration and lower defences.

Time to check out the berserker’s hero specific traits. Renown and revenge mode appear to be available to all classes. Defence Reflex causes your guard stance to only be active for a limited time, placing a higher emphasis on timing your blocks. Deflect is triggered by dodging in the direction of an attack just before impact, this manoeuvre automatically guardbreaks the enemy. Infinite uninterruptable chain allows any chain attacks of 4 or more to become uninterruptable and cost less stamina. Infinite chain finisher causes any top heavy attack to finish your chain attacks and cause extra damage. Bear this in mind when pressing your assault. Chain starter allows your dodge attacks to start off chain attacks.

Close combat allows you to cancel out a missed attack, chain or head crusher by using a zone attack or performing a dodge. Lets check out the berserker’s fighting style in action. The berserker shines as a close combat harasser When guard locked, activate your block by moving the right stick in the direction of the incoming attack, timing is key as your blocks last a very short time. This is your major drawback for being able to inflict such high damage. Dance of the paired blades is your bread and butter attack, performed by using a light attack followed by a heavy, or vice versa. You cannot start a chain from or continue your chain after using a top heavy attack. Bear mauler is your performed by using 3 heavy attacks in a row When surrounded press both light and heavy attacks to perform a zone attack. Whilst sprinting, press heavy attack to perform a hunters rush, When guard locked, dodge to the side with a and press light attack to perform a spinning chop When guard locked, dodge forwards with a and press heavy attack to perform the head crusher, this can cover great distances and can catch enemies of guard.

The berserker truly shines as a close combat harasser and can rapidly apply pressure on an enemy. Use your infinite chains and numerous chain starters to your advantage. Dodge in the direction of an incoming attack to deflect it and cause an automatic guard break Press x after a deflect to knock your enemy down, this is useful when you need to control the pace of the battle or get some breathing room. The berserkers forward throw deals stamina damage to the enemy. And don’t forget that 4 attacks in a row from a chain causes your attacks to become uninterruptable and cost less stamina.

Use a feint to avoid being blocked and begin a new chain from a different guard stance. Choose a direction with left stick and perform a zone attack to attack whilst moving. All of your back attacks can be cancelled with dodges, use this to wreak havoc and harass the enemy To stay in close combat after a miss, cancel the recovery into a zone attack or a dodge in the right direction. Spin chop can be the start of a chain, follow it up with a heavy attack for a devastating combo. your slashing rush also stars chains and can be followed up with a light attack. Your infinite chains can be followed up with the bear mauler chain, Avoid delays when block light attacks by riposting with light attacks, ripostes are very timing reliant. this also allows you to block and attack faster during chains Be sure to check out my channel for more for honor videos and I’ll see you on the battlefield!

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