Hello and welcome to another for honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the conqueror hero Class. The conqueror belongs to the Knights, and looks like a hulking armoured beast. You are also able to play but not customise the conqueror from the start, if you wish to customise it will cost steel to unlock. Classed as a Heavy Armor hero, it has a strong defence and hits hard when attacks connect. Time to check out the conqueror feats. Every hero has four tiers of feats available to them, each tier has 3 abilities that can either be passive or activated by the directional pad.

You will have to forgive if some of the icons display incorrectly, beta is beta after all. Remember that feats unlock in tiers, once a tier is fully unlocked you move on to the next. The first tier of feats has 3 passive abilities The first feat is Speed revive, allowing you to revive fallen teammates faster. The 2nd feat is Conqueror, this allows you to capture and upgrade control zones faster.

The 3rd and final feat in tier 1 is Body Count, a passive that allows you to gain health and stamina when your hero kills AI soldiers. The second tier of feats has 2 active and 1 passive ability The 1st feat is Juggernaut, whilst active your movement speed is greatly lowered but your attacks deal greater damage. The 2nd feat is Shield basher, passive that causes your shield based attacks to deal damage.

The 3rd and final feat in tier 2 is Fiat Lux, this allows you to throw a flash grenade at an area temporarily blinding your enemies. Perfect for making a quick getaway. The third tier of feats has 2 passive and 1active abilities. The 1st feat is Punch through, a passive that causes damage when attacks are blocked. The 2nd feat is Heal on block, as the name suggests heals you when you block attacks. The 3rd and final feat in tier 3 is Pugno Mortis, allowing you to throw an explosive that deals moderate damage in an area.

The 4th and final tier of feats has 2 active & 1 passive ability. The 1st feat is uninterruptable, as the name suggests your actions are uninterruptable whilst active. The 2nd feat is Regenerate, a passive that causes you to regenerate health when out of combat. The 3rd and final feat is catapult, calls down a catapult strike over an area that deals massive damage, beware this takes a moment land once fired. Time to check out the conqueror hero specific traits. Renown and revenge mode appear to be available to all classes. Charged attacks allows you to charge your attacks by holding the attack button down, there are 2 levels of charge and each level increases the attacks damage Charge attack limits stops you from charging an attack if you are out of stamina. If you run out during a charge you lose the charges.

Superior block causes your blocks to interrupt heavy attacks as well as light attacks, enemies cannot chain after being blocked Superior block heavy attacks gives your heavy attacks superior block property during their startup, use them to counter attack Full block stance allows you to block from all directions and requires stamina to use, whilst active full block drains your stamina and you lost a portion of stamina on every block.

Beware this stance doesn’t receive superior block. Also if you run out of stamina you are knocked off balance. Sadly the conquerors never learnt to feint their attacks, make up for this with quick full block stance use. Lets check out the conqueror fighting style in action. A strong defensive character, conquerors have a good mix of counter attacks and harassment abilities. When guard locked match your enemies guard with right stick to block, your blocks break chain attacks and always interrupt attacks regardless of their strength,. When locked, hold an attack button to being charging your attacks for more damage. The conqueror has 3 attack chains Conscripts attrition, continuously press light attack, switch between attack directions between strikes to increase attack speed Final argument, a light attack followed by a heavy attack. This can be used to finish your infinite chain with a stronger strike And the reapers crush, two heavy attacks in a row When surrounded press light and heavy attack to perform a zone attack, hold these down to continue the attack and keep enemies at bay Whilst sprinting press x to perform a charging shield crush that knocks enemies down.

Hold the right stick down to enter full block stance Press x after a dodge to strike with a shield bash Remember, you consume stamina when charging your heavy attacks Once out of stamina you are unable to charge any more Heavy attack give superior block at the start of an attack use the same timing as a parry to deal heavy damage Start an infinite chain from afar and use a heavy attack once closer to your enemies to catch them by surprise Full block stance cancels any ongoing attack and most animations You can enter full block when recovering from an attack or a hit Remember full block stance relies on stamina and each block takes a portion of stamina from you If your stamina reaches zero after a block, you a knocked from full block stance and are unbalance.

This is a vulnerable state to be in, so avoid it at all costs. Press x whilst in full block to shield bash After a heavy attack, follow up with a shield bash by pressing x to surprise the enemy A quick light attack after a shield bash will start an infinite chain, combine these to deadly effect Whilst surrounded you can use your zone attack from full block stance Use this to keep enemies at bay long enough to call for help in revenge mode you have unlimited stamina, and therefore have unlimited full block mode.

Use this in dire situations to await backup Remember, conquerors don’t have the ability to feint, so watch out for parries and use full block stance as a substitute. Be sure to check out my channel for more for honor videos and I’ll see you on the battlefield!.

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