Hello and welcome to another for honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the Kensei hero Class. The Kensei belongs to the Samurai and comes equipped with 1000 years of wisdom. Being a Vanguard hero, it’s available without having to use steel to unlock. Classified as being adaptable and having a good attacking range with an easy difficulty, it’s a solid choice for a hero. Time to check out the Kensei’s feats. Every hero has four tiers of feats available to them, each tier has 3 abilities that can either be passive or activated by the directional pad. You will have to forgive if some of the icons display incorrectly, beta is beta after all. Remember that feats unlock in tiers, once a tier is fully unlocked you move on to the next.

The first tier of feats has 3 passives. The first feat is Fast recovery which causes your stamina to regenerate faster. The 2nd feat is Body Count, a passive that allows you to gain health and stamina when your hero kills AI soldiers. The 3rd and final feat in tier 1 is Iron lungs, allowing you to sprint even when you’ve run out of stamina, perfect for escaping. The second tier of feats has 3 active abilities. The 1st feat is Inspire, when activated this causes nearby allies to deal more damage and soldiers to attack faster. The 2nd feat is smoke bomb, allowing you to throw a smoke bomb in an area that causes opponents to be enable to use guard lock.

The 3rd and final feat in tier 2 is chilling stare, whilst active this causes nearby enemies to have lowered attack and defence. The third tier of feats has 3 active abilities. The 1st feat is second wind, when activated this allows your hero to recover a portion of their health. The 2nd feat is Long bow, allowing you to fire an arrow from a long bow for moderate damage, this can be used to kill fleeing targets or low health enemies at a distance. The 3rd and final feat in tier 3 is steadfast, whilst active you gain immunity to throw attempts. The 4th and final tier of feats has 3 active abilities. The 1st feat is arrow storm, allowing you to call in an aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple small areas. The 2nd feat is the stalwart banner, this causes your hero to place a banner that allows nearby allies to continuously regenerate health. The 3rd and final feat is unblockable, as the name suggests your attacks are unblockable whilst active.

Time to check out the Kensei’s hero specific traits. Renown and revenge mode appear to be available to all classes. Chain starters allows your help splitter, swift strike and guardbreak moves to initiate chain attacks. Throw into a chain finisher, this allows any throw to be followed up by any chain finishing attack. Top heavy finisher unblockable causes top heavy attacks used to finish a chain to become unblockable. Top heavy finisher cancel allows your top heavy finishers to be cancelled by using a side light attack or a side heavy attack. If a side heavy attack is used it becomes a side heavy finisher that cannot be interrupted. Finally, zone attack allows you to cancel a zone attack after the first strike by using the B button. Lets check out the Kensei fighting style in action. The Kensei is a balanced and simple fighter with a long range of action but slow movement speed. The kensei has 4 attack chains with pretty awesome names Dawn of the steel sun, performed by using 3 light attacks in a row Spirit of inevitability, two light attacks followed by a heavy attack Form of the dragon, a light attack followed by two heavy attacks And doom of the kensei, performed by using 3 heavy attacks in a row As always, its good practice to switch guards between attacks to confuse the opponent and make it difficult to block your attacks.

Finishing chains with top heavy attacks makes them unblockable, don’t forget to use this to your advantage. Press both light and heavy attacks at the same time to use a zone attack. Whilst sprinting press heavy attack to perform a rushing sweep. Press forwards, A and light attack to perform a helm splitter, this is extremely useful for closing distance quickly and to make up for your slow movement speed. Dodge an enemy attack and use a light attack to perform a swift strike. A lot of the kensei’s advanced strategies play off using the top heavy finisher. After a helm splitter or swift strike you can strike with the second hit of a chain. You can use the same manoeuvre after performing a guardbreak. After throwing the enemy, follow up with a chain finisher, this can be difficult to block. Grasping pounce allows you to guardbreak from long range, dash forwards with A and press x to execute the pounce. Though this is difficult to remember in the heat of battle, it is also incredibly difficult to block. During a top heavy finisher, switch guards and use a light attack to cancel into another finisher.

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