Hello and welcome to another for honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the orochi hero Class. The orochi belongs to the samurai, and is prepared to make quick work of enemy You are also able to play but not customise the orochi from the start, if you wish to customise it will cost steel to unlock. Classed as an assassin hero, it’s agile and a master of counter attacks. Time to check out the orochi feats. Every hero has four tiers of feats available to them, each tier has 3 abilities that can either be passive or activated by the directional pad. You will have to forgive if some of the icons display incorrectly, beta is beta after all. Remember that feats unlock in tiers, once a tier is fully unlocked you move on to the next. The first tier of feats has 2 passives and 1 active ability The first feat is bounty hunter, this causes your hero to regain some health and stamina when you kill another hero.

The 2nd feat is Kiai, when activated this will stun the enemy The 3rd and final feat in tier 1 is Iron lungs, allowing you to sprint even when you’ve run out of stamina, perfect for escaping. The second tier of feats has 2 active and 1 passive abilities. The 1st feat is smoke bomb, allowing you to throw a smoke bomb in an area that causes opponents to be enable to use guard lock. The 2nd feat is Kunai, throws a dagger that deals low damage The 3rd and final feat in tier 2 revenge attacks, this passively causes your attacks to fill the revenge meter The third tier of feats has 2 active abilities and 1 passive.

The 1st feat is Long bow, allowing you to fire an arrow from a long bow for moderate damage, this can be used to kill fleeing targets or low health enemies at a distance. The 2nd feat is Sharpen blade, whilst active this causes attacks to place a damage over time debuff on the enemy. The 3rd and final feat in tier 3 is Slip through, passively causes successful dodges to increase your attack for a short time The 4th and final tier of feats has 3 active abilities. The 1st feat is Nail bomb, lays a trap that when triggered applies a bleed effect on enemy’s that pass through it. The 2nd feat is fear itself. Whilst active nearby enemies have lower stamina regeneration and lower defences. The 3rd and final feat is arrow storm, allowing you to call in an aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple small areas.

Time to check out the orochi hero specific traits. Renown and revenge mode appear to be available to all classes. Defence Reflex causes your guard stance to only be active for a limited time, placing a higher emphasis on timing your blocks. Top light attack combo causes your second top light attack to be a guaranteed strike if the first hit. Hurricane blast cancel allows you to cancel out of a hurricane blast with wind gust, guardbreak or a dodge.

Lets check out the orochi fighting style in action. Their high agility, and good balance or harassment and counter attack ability’s make the orochi a deadly hero. When guard locked, activate your block by moving the right stick in the direction of the incoming attack, timing is key as your blocks last a very short time. This is your major drawback for being able to inflict such high damage. The orochi has 3 attack chains Crosswind slashes, 3 light attacks in a row Lightning strikes twice, a heavy attack followed by two light attacks And tidal wave, two heavy attacks in a row As always, switch between stances during attacks to confuse the enemy When surrounded press light and heavy attack at the same time to perform a zone attack Whilst sprinting press heavy attack to perform a crashing wave Dodge forwards and press light attack to perform a lightning strike Combine sideways dodges and light attacks to perform the zephyr slash Hold right trigger after dodging backwards, to wind up a storm rush, release to start the attack Press back on the left stick and heavy attack to dodge and counter enemies with a riptide strike Use your mobility to harass and counter your enemies Chain two top light attacks for a guaranteed combo Remember, the 2nd attack is guaranteed if the first hits.

Dodge in the direction of an attack just before impact to deflect. Use a light attack after deflecting for an unblockable and undodgeable wind gust attack Or use a heavy attack instead to perform the hurricane blast for more damage You can cancel a hurricane blast into a wind gust by pressing the light attack button at its start up You can also cancel into a dodge or guardbreak to surprise the enemy Press be during your storm rush to surprise the enemy with an attack or guardbreak Be sure to check out my channel for more for honor videos and I’ll see you on the battlefield!.

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