Hello and welcome to another for honor breakdown video, today we’re gonna be looking at the warlord hero Class. The warlord belongs to the Vikings, and looks like a big bearded beast. You are also able to play but not customise the warlord from the start, if you wish to customise it will cost steel to unlock. Classed as a Heavy Armor hero, it excels at harassing the enemy and using counter attacks. Time to check out the warlords feats. Every hero has four tiers of feats available to them, each tier has 3 abilities that can either be passive or activated by the directional pad. You will have to forgive if some of the icons display incorrectly, beta is beta after all. Remember that feats unlock in tiers, once a tier is fully unlocked you move on to the next.

The first tier of feats has 2 passives and 1 active ability The first feat is Speed revive, allowing you to revive fallen teammates faster. The 2nd feat is Rush, when activated it provides your hero increased movement speed for a short time. The 3rd and final feat in tier 1 is deadly, a passive that increases your attack damage. The second tier of feats has 2 active and 1 passive abilities. The 1st feat is bear trap, allowing you to place a trap that when triggered causes low damage to the enemy and hold them in place for a short time. The 2nd feat is Juggernaut, whilst active your movement speed is greatly lowered but your attacks deal greater damage. The 3rd and final feat in tier 2 is Flesh wound a passive the gives you moderate damage reduction. The third tier of feats has 1 active abilities and 2 passive abilities. The 1st feat is fury, this increase your sprint speed slight and greatly increases your attack and defence whilst active. The 2nd feat is Punch through, a passive that causes damage when attacks are blocked.

The 3rd and final feat in tier 3 is Tough as nails, a passive that increases your maximum health. The 4th and final tier of feats has 2 passive and 1 active abilities. The 1st feat is Regenerate, a passive that causes you to regenerate health when out of combat. The 2nd feat is auto revive, when dying this allows you to revive without the help of another player The 3rd and final feat is Fire flask, allowing you to set a small area on fire, any enemies caught in this or that walk through the area are set alight and take damage over time. Time to check out the warlord hero specific traits. Renown and revenge mode appear to be available to all classes.

Superior block light attacks gives your light attacks superior block property during their startup, use these for counter attacks. Uninterruptable heavy attacks makes your heavy attacks uninterruptable at their startup, time them well to trade blows with the enemy. Full block stance allows you to block from all directions and requires stamina to use, whilst active full block drains your stamina and you lost a portion of stamina on every block. Let’s check out the warlord fighting style in action. Slow and strong the warlord is a counter attacker who hits hard and can sustain lots of damage. The warlord has 2 chain attacks Focused strikes, a light attack followed by a heavy Hack and slash, a heavy attack followed by a light When surrounded press both heavy and light attacks to perform a zone attack.

Whilst sprinting press heavy attack to perform a head splitter leap Dodging forwards and press heavy attack also performs a head splitter leap hold down on the right stick to active full block stance, all incoming attacks bounce back when in this mode beware your stamina meter, once its empty you will leave guard mode exhausted whilst in full block stance, press heavy attack to use board and blade or press x rapidly to perform an unblockable headbutt make up for your short rang by focusing on your counter attack abilities time your light attacks to block incoming attacks and counter the enemy time your heavy attacks to trade blows with the enemy, because they are uninterruptable you will still strike, but also take damage you can quickly enter and leave full block stance, use this to your advantage to defend against attacks after you block in full block stance, press light attack quickly to land a guaranteed strike with block and stab.

Press x after a head splitter leap to connect a headbutt You can follow this with a block and stab by pressing light attack afterwards Press x after a parry to use a shield counter Press light attack afterwards for a guaranteed block and stab Be sure to check out my channel for more for honor videos and I’ll see you on the battlefield!.

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