Hey everyone, it’s your favorite neighborhood sloth man Shmolty. Sorry if this video feels rushed it’s just that I’ve been playing this game mode almost non-stop for the few days that the TT was out and I’m actually kind of addicted to this shit. For Honor finally has a 4v4 game mode that not only is team oriented but really feels like it and my god I haven’t had this much fun beating people with a stick since Shit, I swear I had something for this you’ll have to forgive me I haven’t slept in like three days, which is basically an eternity in sloth time But my point is this game mode is absolutely L-I-T lit. So without any further padding the video length Let’s get right into the views.

I mean news, what- If you don’t know by now breach is a 4v4 Castle siege game-mode where the attackers push forward with the big-ass RAM and The defenders push back with an extra spicy bowl of soup and a sniper on the attacking side Your main objectives are to clear enemies near the ram so you can continue your assault Overtake the numbered objectives who replace enemy archers with your own and eventually fight your way to the soup to reduce damage on your ram And occasionally sneak up to the call of duty player camping the ballista.

Clearing out minions is no easy task in breach In fact, it’s kind of a pain in my furry ass. that is furry in texture, not . . You know what fuck it. The boost and health and damage the minions received wouldn’t bother me if I could actually get my indicator to block these stupid fucks instead I find myself dying to the hands of a minion almost as often as a player purely because I get no Indicator when they attack and they hit right through my guard.

It’s downright Infuriating when I’m almost pulling off a 1v2 only to be cut down by a four foot tall spear wielding Fuck bucket with one cute little poke Other than that, I actually welcome the minion buff for this particular game mode as it makes minion clearing much riskier Especially for assassins. You also have a limited number of tickets as attackers So respawning is something you want to avoid if possible in other words You want to get some friends as teammates so you don’t have to yell at your screen when the randos run right past your dead body as you’re calling for a revive. After a short period of time a tribute will spawn on the map that either the attacking or defending Team can grab and use to shield the ram or gate. This dynamic is shit tons of fun because whoever gets it creates a huge advantage for that phase So naturally most games will result in three or four heroes on each team charging in towards the tribute and throwing themselves at each other like young lovers on their honeymoon. the dance looks a little different, but in both scenarios someone’s going to get fucked Another point of contention to look out for is the healing zone of each phase.

This starts out as neutral but can be captured and controlled by either team allowing you to heal up in between fights and take care of that oh so precious KD. For the first two phases these spots are actually slightly more accessible to attackers Which I think is actually great balancing because they need it more to preserve tickets But a smart defending team can still push up to it and maintain control. Once attackers breached through the first gate, it’s on to Phase two Which is basically phase one but bigger.

During phase two you can travel to the prison area of the map and find the champion Who’s only living purpose is to fight whoever the fuck comes up into his house to the death. Whoever defeats the champion and is in the room with him will get a shield and attack buff as well as supersonic speed I’d like to see this buff actually apply to the full team whether or not they’re in the room with the champion that way you don’t have to abandon the objectives completely just to get stronker for a bit. As of right now It’s not terribly useful and most people seem to just ignore it because of that.

Even more badass would be reviving the champion after winning so he could create a 7-foot 80 diversion and stomp some minion ass until the enemy team takes him down. But I suppose that would be a bit too much AI interference given that the minions can already poke you to death without a giant gladiator to back them up. if the defenders once again fail to destroy the ram or eliminate all of the attackers respawns and the second gate is destroyed It’s on to the third and final phase of breach.

The lord. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Attackers want to kill the lord. Defenders want that not to happen The lord Himself has about nine billion health and his attacks can pretty much one hit you if you let him land one. Luckily, they’re about as slow as Shugoki’s charged heavy and he takes his sweet time in between throwing them.

The dude is certainly tough but if you have a couple of teammates to back you up and gank the shit out of him It’s not hard to take his health down fast. However, it’s not as simple as a big 4v4 clusterfuck with the lord. There’s also one objective point with archers to maintain as well as a ballista tower to watch out for and yes You can shoot the lord with the ballista, which could lead to some pretty annoying strategies. But I haven’t seen anything totally game breaking yet. No, you can’t ledge the lord You cheeky wanker. In fact, at least in the map that was given in the TTS There aren’t a lot of spots the ledge people at all, which is fucking bullshit. How am I supposed to get any kills? Jokes aside, I think this is certainly appreciated amongst the vast majority of For Honor players ledging can be funny on occasion Sure, especially when it’s a fucking Centurion that’s falling to their death, but I’m glad it’s not something that will happen frequently “But Shmolty Centurion is balanced.” I don’t care you still a bitch ass narc mother- and that’s all I have to say about this wonderful new game mode.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for three whole months Well that gives you plenty of time to mentally prepare I guess. If you’re new here remember to subscribble and hit that special Bell icon so you can be notified when I upload my next video on how to properly beat people with a stick like I did in my childhood. Oh, that’s what I was looking to say earlier Well shit, that’s not funny at all

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