(Ubisoft News presenter Youssef Maguid) “The Flame of March” is the biggest update since the listing of “Glory of the Glory” (Ubisoft News presenter Youssef Maguid) What are the new heroes? (Creative Director Roman Campos Oriola) New four heroes (Creative Director Roman Campos Oriola) The first is the general He is from China. He fights with a huge knife This is a very heavy blade We also have Shaolin Wushu He fights with kung fu and a stick We also have women who use hook swords to fight. And a hero who uses a long weapon called a knife. The new game mode is called breakthrough mode. The content of the game is to attack and defend a castle. The attacking party will carry an army with a siege. Then they have to break through the two doors And kill the lord of the castle The lord is a very powerful NPC If they do this, they win the game. The defender must stop them To be able to stop the attackers, they can make good use of fuel Use guns And the archers in their army to defend And if they succeeded in destroying the siege They won the game Or if they kill the offense enough times To the extent that the offense cannot be reborn The defender will also win this game.

Do you think this is a model that must make good use of multiple heroes and diverse talents? Yes What’s interesting about the breakthrough model is how we design this model. We want this model to make good use of the different abilities of each hero. And their strengths If you want to escort the siege 槌 You will choose the special skills to kill the pikemen. Or to strengthen the strength of their pikemen To help the siege advance Experts can develop many different strategies According to the different usage of the game mode is also How do players get the “flame of march”? Well, if you have the “Glory of the Glory” You can download the “Flame of the March” free update on October 16th. The free update includes a new “breakthrough mode” Renovation of image quality There are also many features that we have not yet announced. Or if you buy DLC You can get a brand new four warriors And single-player content that we haven’t revealed yet.

And this brand new four warriors Even if you didn’t buy DLC After the exclusive enjoyment period, you can also use iron money to unlock them. That is, the light game can be unlocked. (“The Flame of March” is updated on October 16th).

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