Hello everyone, it’s me, Mege. Just wanted to quickly thank all of you. We’ve passed 10k subscribers and still counting. You’re great and I hope you’ll keep enjoying my content. Now, back to today’s video. Since I’m having a hard time replying to all comments, I’ve decided to compile a list of frequently asked questions and make a video about it. There’ll be some footage playing in the background to avoid your death out of boredom. Where are you from? I’m Italian Pizza, pasta and all of that. How do you do this or that? Please before asking similar questions check out my guide, it covers most if not all of the Warden’s moves. Yes, that includes feinting and canceling. How do you block unblockable attacks? Unblockables attack can be parried. However, attacks such as shield bash or Warlord’s headbutt cannot be parried as they have no direction. What are your gear stats? This must be the question I get asked the most, and it’s funny, because I don’t care about gear stats that much.

In fact, I mostly go for looks over stats. But I do have some preferences, namely Attack and Revenge mode attack. I also enjoy Stamina cost reduction and Revenge gain by defense. Why don’t you use Crushing Counterstrike more often? Crushing counterstrike timing is hard to pull off, even more so than a parry. I try and use it only when I’m sure it’ll land.

How do you perform the ZA/quick side slash? Zone attack is performed by pressing both attack buttons simultaneaously. OMG NOOB YOU SPAM SO MUCH I know this will grant me a fair share of dislikes, but hear me out if you’re complaining about spamming, then you’re probably yet inexperienced about the game. This applies to all fighting games, especially For Honor because there are much less moves present in this game compared to stuff like Street Fighter or Soul Calibur.

I’ll try and give a little bit of thought behind this if something works, then keep using it. If your opponent cannot deal with Guard Breaks, then by all means, keep using them. If you really want to blame someone here, then blame the other player because he can’t counter Guard Break or adapt in any other way. Do you use a controller? How do you hold it? Have you rebound your keys? Are you on Xbox? I’m on PC and I use a normal Xbox360 controller. I’m using the default controls scheme and I hold it normally. What’s better, controller or KB+M? Well I’ve only ever used a controller so I wouldn’t know. What program do you use for capturing and editing? I use NVIDIA shadowplay for capturing and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. Why do you only play Warden? Will you try other heroes? I love the Warden, and I want to hone my skills with him as much as I can. I will try other heroes, but not soon. In case you’re wondering, I’m interested in Lawbringer, Peacekeeper and Kensei right now.

Do you ever die? How are you so good? Yes, I do die, and quite often in fact. I’ve recently uploaded a video to show everyone that I’m not some sort of invincible Warden god. Remember that you learn much more from defeat than from victory. You use revenge and throw people off cliffs, YOU HAVE NO HONOR!!! Always remember that Honor is for self. If you don’t want to gank in elimination, that’s great, but it’s your decision and you can’t blame anyone if they don’t agree with it.

The same applies to Revenge in duels, or hazards kills. These things are in the game, and you should be adapting to them rather than complaining about how they’re dishonorable. Why don’t you respond to my comment?. I try and read all comments. I also try and reply to many of them. But there’s so many now, if I was to reply to everyone I wouldn’t do anything else all day! So please forgive me if I don’t notice your comment.

How did your channel grow so much in such a short time? I was lucky. I started uploading at the right moment and people enjoyed my content. That’s all there is to it. What level is your warden? Editing and rendering videos take quite some time. and I also have other things I do during the week. I go to the gym or study piano for example. That’s why I couldn’t play as much as I’d want to.

As of recording this video, My Warden is almost reputations 3. Do you stream? I plan on start streaming later this week, here on youtube. I need to figure out some things first. Can I add you on Uplay? This one will grant me another fair share of dislikes. Lots of people added me recently. I’m glad so many of you want to play with me, really, but it’s gotten out of hand. I have to dig this huge friend list everytime I want to invite a friend of mine. I’m sorry to say, I’ll be deleting everyone I added through youtube. I’m sorry really about this but it wouldn’t be fair to stop adding now, and I can’t keep adding more either. Can we play together? I’d love to grant everyone their duel request. Sadly, that’s not possible either. But I’ll be dueling viewers during some part of the stream, so always keep an eye out for that! You’re not high level/the best warden ever! While it’s true that I do lose, it’s also true that I win most of my matches.

I believe, by logic, that this places me on the high end of the spectrum, as far as skill goes. I’m not the best Warden ever, and I’m not some sort of god. That’s why I simply write “High Level Warden”. Lots of people bash me for this, and I’m sorry if you feel that’s an arrogant claim. How do I deal with this/that hero? I’ll upload a matchup video once I have enough experience.

Matchup knowledge takes A LOT of practice so please be patient. I want to bring you quality content, just like my Warden guide. Is X OP? What’s the tier list? It’s very early to make definite assumptions. I don’t think any hero is OP, or broken so far. Well, maybe except for Warlord in Dominion/Deathmatch. Those passive buffs, knockdown on headbutt, and he can come back to life, scary stuff! I think that right now the best heroes are Warden, Warlord, Orochi, Peacekeeper and Nobushi. Do note this is just my opinion, and it also doesn’t mean that every other hero is useless. I hope this was somewhat useful, or at least, that the footage was entertaining enough. If you would be so kind to do me a favor, when you come upon a comment asking one of these questions, please, link them to this video. Hope you all have a good day and I’ll see you on the battlefield!.

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