Ok you little pieces of dung. I am a godlike assassin. and this is my tutorial, for you, to become a god, like me. You also should buy one of this amazing costume with the credit card of your father. So everyone can see how good you are. First of all, assassin are very weak so you cannot win on one, versus one. You have to steal the kills. There, do you see that ? I will do it again. OK. Now I am legendary. You have to play, hmmm… like a real d*ck, to win ! So remember, the rule, numero one, is to, alway, steal the kills. When, there is no kill to steal, you have to hide. Because you do not want to fight against someone with full HP ? right ? You can hide and secure a checkpoint, even earn massives points, and win the game without any fight ! Ok, there I am hiding, on the C spot and someone is looking for me. The enemy, know I am here cause the area is contested. But, they are figuring out the C point is hacked ! Look at this fools ! They are so stupid and cannot even see me ! Oh, Look.

My team is winning thanks to me and the best part is, I didn’t have to fight once, thanks to ubisoft… So remember, when you cannot steal a kill, your next option is to hide. This is the rule numero two. Ok, this one have no hp. Ok, this is true, hiding is fucking boring. So when ever you wanna fight, here is the ultimate tactic. Listen closely. You have to found out how to make a light attack with your controller…

And so, you have to spam it. For me, it is R B. Do you get it ? you little piece of dung ? You have to spam R B like hell. This is, the only way to become a pro gamer, like me. This is how the ubisoft’s games truly work. Oh, Look at this… do you see how I am destroying this stupids nooby ? with only one button ? So remember, the rule numero 3 is, alway spam light attack. This is very easy. You see ? Hmmm, i know, what you are thinking… spamming is stupidly boring too. And you are correct, so here is what to do when you want to have good fun, dodging ! Listen closely. Assassin is the troll master class. Look at this panda Kung Fu Master You have to do the same I assume you have learnt how to use the dodge button. You have to use it, like this. and this. And sometime… Hmmm… Like this ! Or even like this. After all, this game is Darksoul 4.

Do you get it now, pupil ? Ok, a last time, you have to dodge, like this. When they are salty enough, to rule the global market, they become stupid. Look at him ! This guy’s life must be flashing before his very eyes. Obviously, do not forget to add a nice comment on the chat To show them YOU are the boss. Get good or easy nooby should be perfect. The last rule, is the first rule complement You have to steal the kills, with your crossbow.

Why should I do this ? Are you asking. Because, it is fucking class ! Just look at this snipe. I look like an MLG noscope hardcore gamer. Why do you even need a reason to apply this rule. This crossbow is so amazing, it is the main raison to play this class. No, seriously, look at this ! They all look so pathetic with their little weapon I feel like I am playing call of duty, right in the middle age Ok now, if you are still bad, you can use this trick !.

As found on Youtube