JIRARD KHALIL: Hello, everyone. My name is Jirard Khalil, The Completionist. And today, I’m going to walk you through the ranking systems for you and your factions in the game “For Honor” The online platform of “For Honor” is the reason behind the war that we are participating in. The war in “For Honor” takes place online, and the success of the war for any of the factions is depicted in the overarching mode known as Faction War.

The Faction Wars are divided into seasons. Each season consists of five rounds’ worth of combat, with every two weeks counting as one around, making each season last 10 weeks long. Faction rewards are indeed rewarded by faction. And they are broken down to first, second, and third place ranking, respectively. So choose your faction, select Vikings– because, you know, they’re the best, and they’re awesome– and get ready to fight for your life. Upon playing “For Honor” for the very first time, no matter what, you’ll have to pick your faction.

This decision– while important with what faction you show your allegiance to– can easily be switched in-between seasons, if you’d like. However, doing so will come with consequences and can stunt your account growth. In short, pick the Vikings. I do want to add, in order to clear up confusion from the get-go, you do not have to play as the faction’s classes that you pledge your allegiance to, if you choose not to.

For example, if you love the Viking faction but want to try out other factions and their classes, you can play as those characters if you see fit and still be pledged to the cause of the Vikings. I’ll admit, it’s weird stomping a team with your Viking brethren, and suddenly a knight is on your team, and he’s helping out. But I must stress how cool this actually is. This allows the player to play as any class in the game they want, without any themed restrictions. At the end of the day, the Faction War is a combination of playing all the multiplayer modes, upon success or failure, deploying your war assets. To protect the fronts, you earn awesome cool rewards within 10 weeks of play. And it’s all about helping the greater good of your faction winning the war. And the nice thing is that this play is all seamless across all platforms. So no matter what you’re doing, it’s for the greater good of your faction.

The main menu overworld map for “For Honor” will be highlighted by your faction’s color. The Vikings control the land to the north, while the knights have the west, and the samurai have the east. Now, the location in which these areas are here on the map aren’t set in stone. In fact, they change across the board. Your objective in the Faction War is to do awesome on the battlefield in each match you’re a part of, so you can collect as many war assets as possible and use them to attack or defend territories. Each territory corresponds to one of the many maps of “For Honor” in that selected variation. So not only will playable maps change depending on the state of the war, but the same map can have different weather, time of day, vistas, and vegetation, according to where the front is located. Simply put, the tide of war will change often, offering unique gameplay experiences across the board all the damn time.

The most interesting thing about “For Honor” is that every match counts. Again, every match counts. I know that sounds generic yet overwhelming and weird, but it’s true. Also, don’t freak out. You’re not going to be kicked out of the faction if you’re bad– maybe. Whether you win or lose, you will be allowed to attack or defend your points on the map. The map updates every six hours, showing your progress as a faction, with a season lasting up to 10 weeks. The more you and your faction win in matches, the more map and global dominance you have. At the end of a season, if you’re on the winning side of the faction, you could be rewarded with experience for your online account, in-game currency to upgrade your gear, and even event exclusive based items for particular seasons.

So sign up now and join the Vikings today, so we can reclaim our land of Volkenheim. Are you guys excited to play “For Honor?” Are you ready to join me in arms, my brothers and sisters, to take back our homeland? Well, sign up today for the beta. We’re accepting newcomers to help out the cause, to join our ultimate battle for the good of our kind. Remember, for the people, for Volkenheim, For Honor! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about “For Honor.” If you and your friends want some more information on how to team up with some good strategy, check out Moo’s video on that. Or if you want an encompassing look at the Viking faction, check out my video on that, right here. That’s it. That’s all. Bye!.

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