Hey, what are you doing here? Don’t you know this game is dead? That must be why my comments section won’t shut up about it. Because nobody plays it, right? Anyway, with season 5 confirmed in a second year of content very likely in the works I thought I’d make a general guide for this game in the event that it comes back stronger than Dumbledore and Lord of the Rings The developers have slowly But surely been updating and improving the game and considering that they actually listen to the community and decided to work on dedicated servers I’d say they’re going to stick with it for at least another year After all if Siege [Rainbow Six: Siege] can get people to pay $40 each year to get access to new content. Why can’t For Honor? Let’s start with the absolute basics because even though the game does just fine teaching them to you in the tutorial I still have to at least try to hit the 10-minute mark, right? First up is DEFENSE.

You can guard an attack in three directions: left right and up. Enemy attacks will obviously come from one of these three directions. Unless it’s a bash, or a guard break, which I’ll get to in a bit You can try to match your guard with your opponent’s as they move it, but a lot of the time They’ll just shake uncontrollably Between all three guards like Taylor Swift shaking off the players and the haters.

I didn’t even have to play the song and it’s still Stuck in your head now isn’t it? Instead it’s best to hold your guard in the direction of your opponent’s fastest attack Which you’ll learn the more you play the game, and then react to whichever way they decide to go. Blocking is a good start But it doesn’t protect you from 100% of the damage. Ultimately you want to get good at parrying So you can actually get in a free counter-attack and not get chipped like a motherfucking Pringle *not a sponsor* It’s also important to be ready for unblockable attacks the scary orange glowy attacks that you have to either parry or dodge.

A parry can be done by pressing the heavy attack button while matching your opponent’s Guard right before their attack lands as you see the bright red flash Parrying a heavy attack will allow at least a light attack or guard break in almost every situation But heavy attacks from range like Valkyries leaping spear swipe will often be just out of reach So it’s best to just emote after to bring out some fresh salt Don’t get too greedy though because heavy attack can be fainted and a smart opponent will often bait you to open you up for attack Once your reaction times are try hard enough And you can parry light attacks, note that you should almost always follow this with a heavy There are situations where a guard break might still be better like if you’re standing next to a cliff But for the most part every hero can land a powerful heavy for big damage Dodging can also be useful if you decide to go with one of the assassin heroes But if your opponent decides to break your guard while you’re prancing around like Bambi There’s nothing you can do to stop it if you’re playing any of the assassins or Valkyrie you can dodge into an attack right before It hits to perform a deflect Different heroes get different things from successful deflects and you can watch the tutorial videos and the menus to better understand how to play each One or you can just watch my various guide videos here on YouTube.

What you expect me not to plug my own shit? That’s it for defensive tactics now. Let’s talk about dealing DAMAGE Depending on what hero you choose different guard stances can yield different attacks for example Wardens top light attack is faster than their side lights, but they’re top-heavy attack is slower than the two side heavies once again I’ll leave it up to you to figure out the exact attacks and combos for whatever hero you choose because I want this video to hit 10 minutes, not 84 years Wide attacks are going to be your bread and butter for the most part because anyone with over 20 minutes of play time can Parry heavies in their sleep while dreaming about a universe where for honor wasn’t made by Ubisoft I’m getting ahead of myself though. Throwing a light attack means you’re 100% committed to that attack But heavies can be fainted by pressing ‘O’ or ‘B’ or ‘E’ if you’re a fucking weird that plays on mouse and keyboard like me Fainting attacks can pretty frequently open up your opponent for a quick light attack or guard break or at the very least keep your opponent guessing As I mentioned earlier letting a heavy attack flies about as smart as simply walking into Mordor which is to say that the odds are against you, but there’s always a fool’s hope Occasionally throwing a heavy can surprise your opponent if you’re careful Or if you have a Samwise the brave to back you up with constant guard breaking.

Speaking of guard breaking here’s how to do it: press ‘X’, ‘◻’ or … ( What is it middle mouse button?) (If you’re playing mouse and keyboard you better remap that shit) – to break your opponent’s guard. Guard breaks can be countered by pressing the same Button at any point during your opponent’s attempt It’s trivially easy to stop a guard break when facing your opponent head-on But there are a few situations Where you can sneak one in the first as I mentioned earlier is baiting a parry attempt by fainting a heavy and going straight into The guard break if you can catch your opponent in their heavy start up There’s nothing they can do. If there’s a book of the oldest goddamn tricks For Honor edition This is chapter one shit, but that doesn’t mean it will never work.

You can also get a free guard break If you do it while your opponent is dodging, unless it’s a Raider because Raiders are dickheads. You should tell them that too and also Tell them shaman is balanced just to piss them off even more. Another way to land the guaranteed guard break is right after you parry an enemy attack as I also Mentioned earlier feel like I’m repeating myself a lot But that should get us closer to 10 minutes so fuck it the last thing you need to watch out for is bash or vortex Attacks not every hero in For Honor has one of these But the good ones do. As soon as you see that spooky orange glow your only real option is to dodge to either side But be careful with warden and shaman as both of these heroes can feint their vortex into a guard break Naturally everyone hates them. Highlander can also mix up his vortex But nobody plays that walking garbage can so you don’t really have to worry about it You’ll likely see a lot of people spamming their bash attacking guard break Repeatedly until they beat you down harder than you beat your banana last month This is honestly an effective strategy against newer players as long as you’re fully aware that you are: A.

A bitch and B. a warden main which effectively makes you a bitch. I’m not judging you Warden is one of my favorites However in higher levels of play the strategy is predictable and easy to counter and still not quite as annoying as turtling. A turtle is An affectionate name for someone that doesn’t throw any attacks out of fear of getting parried and instead just blocks, parries or dodges everything their Opponent does so they can have no risk every time the counter-attack Fighting like this is as boring as it is regrettably effective although you can counter it by feigning a lot of attacks guard breaking and bashing or you can just turtle up as well and Enjoy the staring contest Lastly, let’s talk about stamina management I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because it’s not that complicated don’t run out of stamina unless you enjoy getting shit on figuratively, but if you do happen to run out of stamina your best course of action is just the turtle up and block everything your Opponent throws like your life depends on it because it fucking does Throwing any attacks would practically be suicide as even your lights are slow as balls And if your opponent parries them your ass hits the ground and the enemy can land a huge punish.

If your opponent manages to guard Break you they can throw you to the ground and land another punish. If however the other player runs out of stamina It’s time to go to town. Normally if a light attack is blocked it puts a stop to your attack chain But if the person you’re unloading on is out of stamina you’re free to continue Spamming unless they manage to parry you light spam is nice if you have the right hero to pull it off as you can chip away at their health even if they’re blocking But it’s better to throw in some heavy faints to try and bait a parry attempt Then you can tell your opponent to sit the fuck down because class is in session That’s about it for the basics of combat aside from things that are specific to individual heroes The rest is just practice and playtime. All right What time are we at? Oh great. Not even close well to get us to that magical 10-minute mark I’ll quickly summarize how to play every hero in the game in a few short sentences Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a separate video Maybe I’ll just end this one he- [ Cool Music ]

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