This is SLG’s Founder, and in today’s video I’m going to be featuring the Heroic weapons sets as well as just all the other pieces of the weapon I’ve acquired thus far. Now, this is being after 31,000 steel I’ve spent grinding out premium packages I can definitely tell you buy in large, at least for me. It is much harder to get these weapon sets then it is to get the past armor sets I’ve shown you. Fortunately enough my friend playing as the Warden, he has managed to snag up all three pieces of his starred sword material, and I’m going to be featuring that in a video here soon to come. The weapon set for the Orochi, that is starred in name, is called the Kusanagi set. I’m just missing the blade for it now, got the hilt and the guard so, hopefully I’ll be able to show you it in its entirety here soon as well. Alright, so without waiting any longer, this here is called the Ikaruga sword.

As you can see, it is just nothing but bling. You got golden blade, golden guard, and dragon hilt. This one here is called the Onojo. This sword stands out with its unique red blade riding straight up the back of that katana. And here I’m showing off the Kusanagi’s hilt and guard, that being the starred sword material I was talking about before. So I’m gonna break these pieces down to you on an individual level. Starting with the blade itself. And here we got the hilt. And now the guard. Well, that concludes this video. Thank you for watching. If you want to click that link down below, it actually shows me unboxing all of the gear that you’ve just currently seen.

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