Hello everybody and welcome to For Honor also known as everybody loses their minds and no one plays the game, the game stopped being fun long ago and now we’re just arguing. I kid you not I had every intention of releasing a video almost two weeks ago on this game but, to start with, it has a horrible server launcher, okay? it’s just– it’s ridiculous guys, you can’t get into a game fifty percent of the time! it is abysmal! And at the time I was willing to put that aside.

I was willing to say okay, this is just a technical hiccup, but you know there is a competitive scene we have heroes that I can analyze and break down for you and then there’s a boycott! then the entire community competitive or not says “we’re not going to play your game for a week until you fix the problems with your game Ubisoft.” And you know what Ubisoft did? They actually– they actually agreed, they said “yes, we’re gonna go ahead and fix that,” but you know what is a bad idea releasing a video during a boycott of the game you’re discussing so I decided to wait a little bit thank you for understanding the delay. And now without further ado the top five best classes in for honor for beginners if you’re already a pro and you know how to play a LawBringer using all 50 of the combos at their disposal…

You shouldn’t be watching this video i’m not going to stop you you can do whatever you want with the video but i’m just saying like the express intention of the video is for people who are just starting out so if you’re not in that sub-site demographic then don’t be surprised if I seem a little bit inept. in the number five spot okay this might shock and astound everybody in the audience today but for honor is fundamentally a game about stabbing people now it’s true some of them will try to stop you from stabbing them and you will have to tell them no that is not how you play for honor you will accept this stabbing wholeheartedly this is why i put the warden in the number five spot because they know how to think outside the box while everybody else is busy figuring out how to stab the other guy the wardens they’re playing it safe they got safety first they’ve got some anachronistic armor that far exceeds the technology available to either the other two factions and in addition to all that they don’t even bother using their sword I see that you’re trying to stab me and I’m not going to stoop to your level I’m going to use my shoulder pads because they’re made out of plate mail and you can’t penetrate that so take that.

Stop! stop pushing me! what are you doing?!? also the wardens able to spew jet flames out of their shoulder pads and while I’m sure that that makes for a very uncomfortable heavy metal suit of armor it looks really cool and dare I say it– pretty metal. in the number four spot. Man, why do I have to come out to this stupid ren faire. I hate these things! what are you wearing you brought me all the way out here for this stupid fair and you’re just gonna wear that?!? It’s my armor! Are you just gonna wear that? I see you got your red shirt and your brown pants. are you expecting an attack? why are you wearing glasses? What is that even for! r I need to see so I can fight! the Raiders could attack at any moment but at least we have the high ground what Raiders are you talking about this is a ren faire there’s just turkey legs and funnel cakes! Those Raiders! You both take everything so seriously! This is why I don’t go anywhere with you! These belong to me now.

You killed him! He was weak! It was a ren fair! he wasn’t worth his transitions which are sensible yet comfortable, fashionable style of eyewear! we had funnel cakes! we had turkey legs! We had everything and you ruined it! and now I have his soul. all right so the warden made the list with his Poindexter characteristics of being a generally intelligent contributing member of society on the opposite end of the spectrum able to harness the power of shirtlessness beards and the ability to hold their liquor it is the Raider! where the warden said “I don’t want to use my sword and I’m just going to go ahead and ram you with the side of my body.” the Raider took that up a notch and said, “I’m not going to use my axe, I’m not even going to do any work I’m just gonna let gravity take its toll.” And sure enough after a few seconds of– ok… alright if I just positioned myself against the wall I’ll be– hmm… okay in a few seconds we should be able to– that was not very honorable.

Let’s be real here nobody likes winning or losing matches because of throws throws are one of those things that were included in the game that make you wonder, “why did gravity has to be in this game why couldn’t it have been gravity-less? it would have been just so much more fun if this was Vikings, Ninjas, and Knights in space! nevertheless every so often you will find a Raider and the ability to play a Raider in a way that is actually fair and fun for all parties involved if you want to.

Once you begin to realize these techniques you’ll begin to look a little bit less like a Viking Raider with a two-hand battle axe and a little bit more like a baton twirling drum major whose baton is on fire. Now i don’t know if that drum major is able to keep a beat, but i know that he will make a terrifying spectacle for any opponent that goes near him he’s also definitely not sober whatsoever so that flaming baton is a little bit more dangerous than it would immediately appear.

In the number three spot. They said he was a low tier character. They said that he was not good! they said that he had no honor! and they weren’t necessarily wrong. Kensei– really they’re called Kensei? okay I’m just gonna call them samurai from now on because that’s what they are. the samurai are not a high tier character. they are not something you’re going to see in competitive play too often, they’re easily squelched by many of the top tier characters in the game right now however they do have one very nice advantage the Kensei have a very long sword. Okay! but also the Kensei is a very good learning character anybody who has not played the game before can pick up a Kensei and they can execute most of their moves because they are all triple repetitions of their basic move sets you do three light attacks in a row you get your execution you get three strong attacks in a row you get your execution it all plays off one another and while combos are easily shut down with interruptions and grabs that doesn’t make them ineffective and it doesn’t stop the Kensei from outmaneuvering his opponents if he’s clever also they have the most uplifting personality because they wear these masks so no matter what they’re feeling they always seem just ever so slightly cheerful about the situation in the number two spot warlord man, you used to be good but then what happened stop playing for a week and when I came back everybody was better with you than I was.

I was the laughingstock of the warlord crowd and then and then I picked up an Orochi, and people still laughed at me, but I felt cool while they laughed at me because I knew that I was cooler than them because I was a ninja. Look, whether or not i told you to play an Orochi you were going to play an Orochi as a new player getting into this game it’s literally a ninja.

You get smoke bombs you get to run around at the speed of sound faster than a peacekeeper and faster than Sonic *citation needed. Not only that, but you can do this stance. You can here a pin drop with the tension. Ok, all the pros already left this video by this point but i’m going to tell you something about the Orochi that very few of them realize that, yes, while it’s not competitively viable, it is not a good character because of its low health pool and it does have a very difficult time dealing with heavier enemies but the Orochi’s split hair timing parries deal so much damage and are uninterruptible once they commence that if you can get the timing on them, you will be able to nail the timing on ninety percent of the moves that any character uses if you are good with an orochi you can be good with anybody and that makes the Orochi a very versatile and necessary first character for somebody starting out the game I’m not saying that the path of the ninja is easy but I am saying that its elegance is something that you will never be able to feel with any other character the feeling of slicing up your enemy like butter when you nail that parry is unmistakeably Orochi.

And in our number one spot All right, and in the ring we have the PeaceKeeper versus whoever the heck the other guy in and begin all right looks like the Peacekeeper is going to go it Oh, he’s doing the old runaway really far and really fast so no one can catch him technique I wonder how the opponent is gonna respond? Oh, it appears he’s going to chase him exactly the way the peacekeeper was baiting him Oh, but the Peacekeeper stopped, he’s turning around, what’s he gonna do? Oh, he stabbed him! and he’s running again! I can not believe what I’m seeing here today, folks. This is really high Octane intense action from the Peacekeeper At this rate he might even have a 20-second lead on him, it’s possible he’s going to Lap him. and yes, he laps him! He is going around the track, folks! He is completely out of here! Spoils of war go to the Peacekeeper and the other guy just has to fend for himself while the peacekeepers friends tear him limb from limb.

Man, it would suck to be that guy whose name I don’t now. there’s a lot of finesse involved with playing the Peacekeeper all right you can stab him in the foot you can stab him in the chest, you can stab him in the head you can parry to the left you can parry to the right you can even try and run away and they’re just going to chase you down because that’s just something the Peacekeeper can do really well in fact he’s probably faster than just about anything that is not in an Orochi and what’s the Orochi going to do anyway? they don’t actually have anything nearly as dispensable in their kit so really the Peacekeeper is overpowered as heck this is well known in accordance with this tier list exhibit a and this tier list Exhibit B as well as announcements here here and here that state the peacekeepers a little bit a little bit too strong so yeah play him he’s a good character you’re going to do well with him and you can have fun it’ll be good just remember to race responsibly don’t play a peacekeeper Viking and i’ll see you guys next time.

Thank you everybody for watching if you liked the video please remember to hit the like button as well as subscribe hit the little bell so that you get notifications whenever I post a new video and of course leave a comment just to let me know how you thought of this video. I was a little bit sick when I recorded this video so i apologize if any of my sniffles got through during the recording of this i do hope you’ll continue to watch my content as i continue forward making more content like this as well as my parodies and songs that come out depending on my mood so until then I hope to see you guys again thank you for watching and see you next time

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