This is SLG’s Founder, I will be showing off to you today the three rare Orochi armor sets that you can acquire once reaching Reputation 1. Now before we get started, I would like to explain something that kind of came as a surprise to me personally. When I hit my first Premium loot box I got from the scavenger section, I got actually three rares that was completely the same in appearance as what I was accustomed to in the beginning of the game. It turns out that you can get rare loot that looks like your standard appearance gear that you’re used to getting. So, if you like your beginning gear: how it looks, how it suits your types of fields that you get for your style character choice, you can actually get that as rare gear and perhaps even as higher quality gear in the later end game. So fear not, whatever gear you like, you will be able to aquire in whatever rarity style in the later future. So now lets take a look at those three rare Orochi armor sets. Alrighty, so to start with we have the preset Orochi standard styled armor.

This is what you get when you first start playing as the Orochi. And here, we have the Fujin. The Fujin looks sleek. It’s perfectly styled to match the samurai assassin feel this class represents, my personal favorite. And this is the Nunki. The Nunki is studded. It looks devastating, not something you want to touch let alone fight against as an opposing warrior. And the last of the three is called the Hiro armor style. Alrght, so I’m going to give you guys a individual breakdown of the armor I just showed you.

Starting with the helmets here. Now let me show you the back here. No pun intended. Now for the chests. And the back again. Front. Slide back to the back. And here we got the arms. Alright so there we have it, that concludes this video. I hope you liked this video as much as I did creating it, there will surely be more content to come. I’m looking to cover all different rarities and appeals of these armors before anyone else can so, please stay in tuned, thank you for liking, subscribing, and have a wonderful day..

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