What’s up guys it’s SLG’s Founder here and in today’s video I’m gonna to be going over the unique weapon sets of For Honor. That being the Orochi’s Kusanagi set and the Warden’s Gilgamesh set. Very interesting. So, I’m also going to be adding a tidbit of lore. Nothing to much but this is something I’d like to get into in the future so if you think this is a great idea with the lore, leave a comment down below saying so.

And if you think I should maybe go over a certain topic, by all means suggest away. Okay, to get started with, this is the Kusanagi set. It is known to be a legendary Japanese sword. One of the Three Sacred Treasures, in fact, of Japan. According to Japanese folklore it represents the virtue of valor. So, gonna give you guys a closer look at it now. Got the hilt. The guard. That painted look on it just really looks fantastic. Love what they did with it. And now the blade itself.

We got the strip going right down the middle of the katana, the gold and red. So an honorable mention to my buddy SLG Angel. He’s the one that actually provided the Warden’s Gilgamesh set to me, so thank you bud. So, here’s a closer look at it. That being the hilt. A little bit of the lore here, Gilgamesh is actually the main character in an Epic called the Epic of Gilgamesh. Which is known to be one of the earliest works of literature. He is reported to be a demigod, a Sumerian king, and ruled for a staggering 126 years.

So basing a blade off of him makes a lot of sense for a dude that made it to the ripe old age of 126. Alrighty guys, so this concludes the unique weapon showcasing video. I’m planning on doing a whole lot more of For Honor content. So please subscribe to get our latest videos. Thank you for watching, if you like the video give it a like, and have a wonderful day..

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