In a game like Fortnight where you only have one chance to make it to the end the weapons that you decide to pick up can be the difference Between life and death but have you ever wondered what exactly the best weapons are to grab What is up guys Jimmy your chaos welcome to chaos top teams and today? We’re gonna be taking a look at and counting down ten of the best weapons in Fortnight in my opinion and just for the sake of variety This list is just going to be taking the base weapons into account not the different Rarities that way this list isn’t just the different rarities of the same three or four guns sound fair to you guys alright Let’s get started. This month’s giveaway is for a new PlayStation 4 console all you have to do to enter is drop a like on this video Be subscribe to the channel and turn on your notifications, so you never miss an upload and in the comment section Let me know why you want to win the ps4 and include your Twitter handle so I can contact You if you’re the winner the winner will be announced at the end of the month Kicking off the list and once again, this is a subjective list This is my opinion you guys give me your opinions on Twitter and in the comment section I’m gonna start off with the hand cannon the deagle that’s right a somewhat recent addition to the game in the form of the hand cannon pistol this pistol was modern after the real world Desert Eagle which Is one of the most powerful handguns on the planet right now the desert eagle has appeared in plenty of video games and it often packs a pretty big punch And that’s no different in fortnight the four night hand cannon uses heavy bullets has a seven-shot mag and will deal a whopping 75 minimum damage with a devastating 60 DPS which may not sound like a lot But keep in mind that the 60 dps is coming from a single bullet making it very effective at taking down structures since it was introduced the hand cannon has gotten a reputation of being a very difficult to control and use effectively gun But if you do manage to master that recoil and handling it is easily one of the best guns in the game So why is it down at number 10 you may ask well? Mainly because of how difficult it actually is to use this thing and since there are so many other guns in Fortnight That are a lot easier to get the hang of I decided that it owned the number 10 spot At number 9 and one of my favorite guns the tactical SMG And this is a gun that has recently received some tweaks mainly due to it’s other SMG counterparts being removed from the game Following patch tube dot v dot o the tactical SMG.

Got a fire rate increase from 10 shots per second to 13 that is a lot, and it will deal a minimum of 16 damage with a DPS of 208 now the tactical SMG also uses light bullets And it’s seen by many for night players as the best light bullet gun in the game now You could say that it’s the only because the other light bullet guns kind of suck, and you wouldn’t be wrong there But that is not to say that the tactical SMG doesn’t have its values as far as a reliability goes This gun is very good, and it gets the job done rather quickly Assuming you have a decent aim, and if you don’t you’re a spray-and-pray guy like me you’re gonna get a lot of bullets down target Adam rate, we have the tactical shotgun speaking of tactical weapons, let’s talk about the tacks shotgun remember We’re going with base weapons here one of the most commonly used guns in Battle Royale Due to its high drop rate and ease of uses the tacks shotgun the tacks shotgun is a pump shotgun with a quick fire rate Modest damage in a very generous hitbox, which allows you to get some quick kills if you can land a headshot or a critical hit the tacks shotgun features an 8 round mag and will in theory deal a minimum of 67 damage with a DPS of a hundred why do I say in theory well? Because I’m sure many of you are aware that this guns It’s pretty drastic when it comes to range drop-off in consistency at close range the tagged shotgun is god-like But once you’re gonna be backs up a little bit killing them It comes a much slower process and regardless of the range drop off the TAC shotgun is a very good gun due to how easy It is to spam honestly someone to death at number 7 We have the assault rifle modeled after the real-world m16 rifle the fort 9ar is another very common gun that uses medium bullets And it’s pretty easy to use and pick up off the people from close to medium range the AR deal is a minimum of 30 damage per shot making it a 4 shot kill on an unshielded enemy and it also features a DPS of 165 making it pretty effective at taking down enemy structures now the assault rifle is also a fully automatic gun with a pretty respectable fire rate of 5.5% But it’s much more effective if you tap fire it as it will help greatly with your accuracy and help you land the quicker kills Overall the AR is a very good addition to your loadout as it’s one of the best choices for mid ready to get Which are something? You’re probably going to have a lot of in a game like fortnight battle royale This is probably your most commonly used gun Number six we have the grenade launcher the first explosive weapon to make the list now the grenade launcher comes in at number six Thanks to its raw power and effectiveness in tough situations now the grenade launcher features an impact of at least 750 with a hundred damage and 100 DPS plus You’ve got a six round mag in a three second reload time making it very easy to just spam in someone’s general direction and drop Them before they can figure out where the barrage is coming from now I’ll admit that mastering the arc and the drop of the grenades for longer range targets can be tough It is still very easy to use and it’s perfect for taking down towers since you can just pop a few shots over the bottom Of someone’s structure and bring it crashing down almost immediately, and I already know we’re gonna Have a debate in the comment section about the RPG versus the grenade launcher a lot of people will say the grenade launcher is better And we’ll talk about that a little more as we go Cracky to the top five we have the burst Assault rifle this three round burst variant of the AR is a little tough to get used to when you start playing fortnight But once you master the timing of the burst and the effective range is to use it at it quickly becomes one of your best friends for mid-range gunfights the burst AR will deal a minimum of 27 damage per bullet making it a 4 shot kill on any unshielded enemy which will Be two pulls of your trigger however.

Thanks to the headshot multipliers It is possible to drop someone with a single trigger Pull the burst AR will also dish out DPS of at least a hundred and nine which Isn’t as good as the AR overall, but thanks to the difference in fire speed it means? It’s it’s gonna be pretty good It’s actually better for taking down structures due to how quickly those three bullets come out meaning you can peek out of cover take your Shot and duck behind cover again while the standard AR you have to stand in place hold the trigger down So on and so forth whether you prefer the standard or the burst is Really up to you guys since they have their strengths and their weaknesses but both are excellent in their effective ranges and the blue burst Is widely considered by some people to be the best gun in the game once again? We’re not doing variants We’re just doing base models and number four we have the pump shotgun And this is one of the most Controversial guns in the entire game and some people would argue that the tax should be above it now the dreaded pump Okay the double pump has been Doubt of the game the gun itself is still a topic of conversation the fortnight community as many see it as overpowered while others see it as Inconsistent, which it is the pump shotgun will hold five shells at a time And if theory deal ninety damage per shot with a very slow fire rate of under a second per shot Okay as with the tax shotgun I put in theory next to the damage because I’m sure we’ve all Experienced moments where the pump only deals like ten damage at point-blank hits why people call it inconsistent But but it is also capable of dropping people in a single shot.

Thanks to the headshot multipliers that’s Why I put it above the tack shop gun the tax shotgun is way way easier to use the Pope also has the highest gun Impact stats in the game with a minimum of 450 meaning the only thing that hits harder are Explosives now. What do you guys think about the pump is it overpowered? Maybe even under power due to the inconsistencies, or is it good where it is. I want it up Would you rather go pump or would you rather go tack a? Number 3 we have the RPG the rocket launcher the single hardest hitting weapon in the game with an insane 2000 minimum impact now the rocket launcher is the most effective thing in fortnight for destroying enemy structures and doing damage Lots of damage in a short amount of time the gun will deal 110 damage with a minimum DPS of 82 meaning that it can rip through enemy fortifications In a heartbeat and drop an unshielded enemy if they get caught in the blast the rocket launcher Also has some of the most noticeable upgrades through its rarities as the gold version will crank those stats up to 2,200 impact 121 damage and 90 DPS making it the most devastating weapon in fortnight, Battle Royale But if it’s the most stacked weapon in terms of stats why is it number three? Well you guys will see and I know you’re gonna have the argument the grenade launcher is better if you can time the blast to Explode on the right spot, it’s better You can put more down target, and the rocket launcher is very predictable, but when you just go by overall damage This thing is a beast Number two we have the bolt-action sniper rifle this gum is extremely difficult to use well But once someone has mastered the drop-off in the travel time of the bolt-action They instantly become the deadliest person in the lobby the bolt-action will deal a whopping 105 damage making it more than capable of dropping unshielded enemies with a single shot.

Thanks to the headshot multiplier fires It could even drop someone with a hundred health and a hundred shields if you pop them in the head now the bolt-action can only Carry one bullet at a time, maybe you’ll have to take three seconds in between your shots Which is a pretty long time? but Given the insane power that it has it really shouldn’t be too big of a deal If you have a good aid due to the slow fire right the bolt-action has a minimum DPS of only thirty four but that’s not Really a big deal because that’s not what the sniper is going for anyways this gun is all about Dropping people before they know what hit them, and that is exactly what it does okay? at number one the scart I’m sure you all saw this coming while the scar may not have the highest damage per bullet or the best DPS What makes it widely considered to be the best gun in the game is how easy it is to use the scar definitely isn’t easy To find as it only comes up in epic and legendary rarities But when you find a scar you instantly pick that baby up And you hold on to it the scar will deal a minimum of 35 damage making it a three shot kill on unshielded enemies in It boast a 30 round mag with a very quick reload time of only seconds the scar will also deal a whopping 192 DPS at minimum and much like the standard AR tis much more effective when tap fired There’s a reason why the gold scar has become such a meme in the Fortnight community because it’s it’s amazing the handling of the scar Is extremely easy to control due to the tight abs spread and basically the? Non-existent recoil so some would even call the scar a little too good But I personally think it’s pretty good where it’s at, and I want to know from you Do you think the blue burst is better, or do you think this scar is better? Which would you rather rock and there you have it my friends.

Those are 10 of the best weapons in Fortnight That is my subjective list you guys. Let me know where you’ve got where I got it right where I got it wrong I know a lot of you are probably gonna say that the grenade and the RPG should have been switched Remember we did it with the base Variants or the base gun where we could so you guys let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoyed There’s a four-night playlist below with all my other fortnight videos drop a like and I’ll see you guys next.

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