8 tips for improving your skills in Fortnite Fortnite has become popular in a short time and today accumulate millions of players. If you are one of those players and want to win matches or simply do not die, here are 8 tips to improve your skills in Fortnite Batlte Royale. Tip 1: Do not use the bush This is a fast way to win a match when you start to play. That’s how I won my first match. But if you want to improve your skills, maybe stand in a bush the whole game waiting for someone is not the best way to achieve this. Tip 2: Learn how to build On a map with 100 players it becomes inevitable to find other players. If you want to survive, you need to learn how to build. Many pro players say that building is more important than the combat itself. You build principally in two situations: Attacking and Defending. Attacking- When attacking, you will need cover. The best way to do this is build ramps. Just build two lines of ramps like this and put walls in the front to protect the ramps. You can also trick your enemies by building two lines of ramps and in the last layer you put only one ramp.

Then you will shot from this position. Sometimes this can confuse the player, making easier to kill him. Defending – The build system is essential for defense. If you get hit, do not start shoting. Build a quick base with four walls and a ramp like this. You can make more floors to make it difficult for the other players to get to you. When someone comes to you building ramps, the best thing is to go in his direction building ramps and try to kill him. Tip 3: Learn how to edit buildings The editing system can be very useful when you need to escape from a combat. When in a tower just press “G” and make a half ramp. With pratice, you can come down very quickly by doing this. The Edit mode also gives the vantage of see enemies by the walls. Only press “G” and uncheck the blocks. This makes the wall transparent when in edit mode Tip 4: Keep moving The best way to avoid snipers is do not stop.

Keep moving and jumping ramdomly. This makes you hard to hit. Avoid to stop for too much time and everytime you need to heal, take cover or build four walls and a roof. And in the close combat, continuing to jump makes it difficult to hit you. Tip 5: Fall in busy places Most of the players that start play Fortnite think that is best to fall in places where nobody falls. But if you want to improve your aiming or building skills, you should fall in busy places like Tilted Towers or Retail Row. Think with me. If you want to learn how to win fights, is not it better to fall where are you going to find many players? And if you die, it’s okay.

Because you will die. Like a lot. But so what. Mistake is not a good way to learn? So learn with your mistakes. Also, this places have good loot, so if you survive, you will be very well equiped. Tip 6: Fall in the same places If you fall in the same place, you can record where the chests are and how to use the scenario in your favor to get the chests faster or protect yourself in combat. Fall in the same place every match can be boring, so choose three to five places to always land.

That tip is not essential, but it can help you a little. Tip 7: Walk in the edges of the circle. The best way to avoid that you are surprised by back are to walk in the edges of the circle. Doing this makes it very hard for someone to kill you by back. Also, if you walk in the edges you can kill players running from the storm or exiting her.

But be careful, because when the circle becomes smaller, the storm gives more and more damage. Tip 8: Organize your inventory If you organize your items in the same slots, you could switch faster between the slots. A good setup is to put from slot 2 to 6, Assault rifle, Shotgun, Sniper rifle, Explosive weapons or utilities and then medkits or shields. Other thing that can help you, is to costumize the shortcuts from the slots in a way that makes it easier for you to switch between your weapons. That is it. Mostly important than this tips, is the practice.

These tips will not make you a pro player, but can help you improve your gameplay..

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