What’s happening, everyone. My name is sxvxn and welcome back to a brand new Fortnite video. now in today’s video I have Aurora metric and storm official we’re gonna be doing it I’m doing a build video for you guys I am excited I am really looking forward to this we’re gonna be jumping down into the pleasant house and this is gonna become night club time I don’t know what we’re gonna call this night club yeah they are all going Pleasant. I just seen a tomato head I bought that skin right but it’s literally head shot skin you literally are so noticeable we’ll keep o remember to keep the office we’ll close that door we can hear the music downstairs it’s already bouncing. Got some minis too we’re gonna work on the bottom floor shane if we drop and jump down we’re gonna have to come up with a name as well SXVXN squad SXVXN STRIPS (18+) yes if you guys have a better name put it in the comments below we also have a machine as well so if you guys want to want to play on the band and all that you can get some minis potions Don’t destroy the gate at the front.

We got to keep that We actually got the zone!!!!! OMG! EPIC GAMES…. I LOVE YOU You know what we’re trying to do. Just don’t destroy the stairs At least when I make silly noise/voices I actually make some level of sense I mean shane I don’t know lol a CBeebies present on something well in episode okay so I’ve literally run out of wood you guys go sound that’s some brick go so ocean you got all your wood quite a bit because you haven’t seen size of it it’s reasonably large outset it’s disco fever over it it’s kind of like the car house in the size of it in a similar sense of like it’s it’s like three floors I’m gonna go around we’re leaving the front gate cuz you can actually open the front gate yeah oh what a tune don’t let me go amid the wall all the way around the brick wall we also got a we’ve got a private property post signs still some private property here yes okay we need to put windows in let me shoot ya go wrong foot window shit music doesn’t change that’s cool yeah this building someone didn’t do the weeding man alright yeah yeah you working on a sunflower grow something over there yeah I was gonna do the windows the windows in should have just put the windows in any way you searching wasn’t having to go at all right you know so the Clubman you sure about sunny maybe I’m gonna help you take these he’s not seen as a capital though yeah don’t sit together yeah I’m not you staying behind this tree while you guys grew up yeah in these walls mr.

Just jump in bound in bound in my mouth oh yeah I don’t have anything so I’m just gonna have just um get the true yeah the headin towards the built sniper he’s down the hill whoa he’s not even estate oh you did say me there’s one left much a good he’s literally southeast so I know he’s dead I see a Magic eight versus then you’ve got a guy tears in front the guy behind you hey mr. John wick how you doing you got this bro he’s dropped down whoa he’s looking at your Brittany come on you got this be following it down know someone that’s another team right you need to come for the revetment there’s two of us here i’ma let them let them fight let them fight he just finished him off as well yo desorb you know can you see them I’m peeking on the wall I’m looking it’s a John wick and he’s got angel wings as well um he’s just like is it the base of them just place it on and then we can get some stuff you guys got potions or anything I’ve got potions a week yeah girl from if you weren’t already gone from now yeah yeah bye it’s Tupelo I got me thank you guys three times when we both keep me safe while I revived don’t want to bless too many boys because I don’t want to ruin the build we’re gonna take all these down shotgun bullets I have 18 shotgun bullets I have some many persons I use a majority of my wood on them guys that I didn’t have a stud a chance to my left in there was a raven stood there yeah both of us – yeah Shane you just gonna I’m just gonna keep going I’m my new magic it now well mice will do windows ah game what’s it doing hey Willie I Bilbo’s I go oh it’s fun okay I currently have a hunting rifle but I don’t have any ammunition for it you know yo you don’t zoom lens like that at the front that we could keep that you know I kind of like that design well you know look from the front you see this here well you don’t have to don’t have to keep this we can just change it do the Neal this one might have to go forward see this magnificent are the front I were in the zone we’ve got to do this we’ve got to do this you have to get this done I love what I got I’m doing there pal Faison yes Cobra careful wasn’t string up it was just shit I don’t know what that’s what a wife spiel yeah hey check this out you got them bunches at all though as well I decided making gifts me but I’ve got bandages on me some like cool but I believe I’m just getting word just gone with a bill dog giving you what before we get in combat right I’m gonna put a low wall here I brought 200 whatever does gonna be helped all the way around the outside yeah this is like a little balcony thing here probably wanna do see money good Michael time to go adventure wasn’t and get some wood Oh easy caught a piece there we’re gonna need a door here to head outside I was gonna do a wood anyway so looks better oh yeah if you were to yeah we could do wraps here for me there’s make sure we connected all of it so I I’m knocking what at the front table in place any breakers off maybe maybe you were to come up and help oh no I don’t know you yeah I’ve not been like yeah yeah that’s fine I’ll probably just keep liking work nice come inside here that’s putting the walls right now oh I’ve done like an outside balcony you put a corner on here watch it work as a guy in front oh God try not to tie did we need yeah we need them bonded yeah I want them to spot me so you guys can tell me okay let me see real quick what a bunch of good just up there on that corner check all the we run the edges we just have this roof part here but I think it’s this flat isn’t it yeah let’s get this destroyed yo I probably came against the zones dude how much is a upstairs he’s it all up but how much is fermenters so the party we’ve got the office up here in this room this is an office chair light the guys just staring out over the hills over that way I’ve got a filing cabinet in there with one balcony out here this looks sick I’ve got the wall gone all around us you’ve got the dance floor to ourselves one of these little machines oh we put something around that’s la meilleure metal metal metal no 1700 hundreds it’s fine some guys wearing one I’ve lost sight of them whoo my say on the song we get it right you want me that I can watch tower in the bar what else can we add to this have you already spare wood by the way I’m going to go to Isaiah all right boys come here with that such a cool come on with dance-off voice all right can we do it in time ready three four you won wiggle let’s go we just built a nightclub we’ve called it seven strips but if you guys have a name haha we can select it it’ll be featured we’ll pin the comment with the best name for strip club boys you are wit filling into a 19-9 about your feet now he’s playing rush papers may I would say you all salty hey let’s make you all good friends we’re all awesome friends look at me let’s go mister but I don’t even got the green pump upstairs if you need it there’s a green complicit there’s a outside as well so what can we get for wood yeah what can we get for would I make it I just please yeah I’ll buy one and then you hold them home three that’s mint oh that would be trillion right let’s get rid of this island just clean up in ya know let’s get rid of the car run – no no this looks dope dude like this is probably my favorite build this is so the design is is pimp you know we didn’t close the gate I’m gonna risk my life and close the gate I’ll be right back I’m surprised actually no way I never get another make it then I’ll be back oh my god make it I need more resources yeah that’s why I’m gonna make it because the zones coming I’m gonna need all the HP you can get good boy go forest – this is sick I would not even that far away from the zone right seriously let’s clutch should we take our mounts should we take one of the moments I wonder you know this man it’s normally chest of boughs well this one here that’s one way yes suppose it’s us versus eleven even got a pulse moment I’ve got a rifle and I ain’t got any bullets I’ve got my voice thank you I can give you like Bible it’s okay well I had shield the whole time but obviously I used to make it dinner I bought loads of that kids and I handed you it no no no yeah I used to make it that metric it gave me – got some wood boys let some c4 there if you want it your bet you can have your AR oh yeah oh yeah behind you server building by football stadium I’m saving my voice and people to the right place doctor no push it in by the way as well they’re in a bush do get this person to the bush to the smoke all right he’s behind the tree you don’t got buildable minis behind you dude yeah pok√©mon thanks man we’ve got a minute boys well who do we push for then let’s scram are you kidding me again I missed your rum miss your rubbish in my Park on the lawn the moment itself oh yeah they are they’re coming down people in the forest coming from the football stadium as well yeah it’s getting Monica this is silly like that these guys okay launch pads oh my god oh oh and buckle hopefully Mexican I’ll get here five seconds remember the sauna yeah grab is whatever occurred I’ve got a launch pad as well to see you know you can do it over two launch pads actually I’ll type one of the yeah Oh laundry would here’s some minis as well thank you boys when I say go boys please yeah I’m 500 there you go yeah okay clips loose on the mountain I don’t know hit him uh no sir which awful people often go in their guide not to the ball ball those are frittered atomic overloaded oh stop in one spot they’re under there boys yeah you suffer what do you done for you I finished him never looking for how many more super team Ultima Gobbo oh I’m gonna take this big shield and we’re hiring the mountain to Cena yeah one’s got med packs of the three met packs also got a campfire as well maybe she’ll taught you some slut let’s go baby we got this let’s do it let’s kill it I’m gonna chat write the top of my name there’s a Walter yeah I’ll come with you yeah Madeira sauce you go cuz I’ve got 800 would and then falling good brick I’m gonna shot in the button behind yeah yeah you can do it but got him.

Let’s go baby we didn’t points this game trail we build a nightclub seven Strips gets built we got a GG nice place boys John wait with the easy wins.

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