All right, what about we’re gonna? We’re gonna try something weird. We’re gonna try some weird. We’re gonna hit flush back for you. I’m pulling out now oh Here we go And I feel like it’s gonna take like 999 I’d like all there is a stone over there Oh, no, we can hit all the trees around it yeah, and then all the iron from it, but yeah, I mean, it’s gonna It’s gonna be intense guys. Here’s what we’re doing, okay? We’re gonna. Hope we’re gonna. Hope for the best here We’re gonna try and get probably 600 horses or so and we’re gonna build out to the island depending on where the circle Honey try and get out to that starting out if the circle is super far away. We’re not gonna do it But I got to behind you Let’s just sync up so we can take him on.

I’m going in the bottom over here. All right It’s fine wait someone right in first. I’m just nating Here’s a shotgun oh Oh oh Slice me he’s over here to your right Hey, don’t give me this crap nice. Yes Emma God eyes I shot him in the air. That was so sick. Yeah, that was cool from my angle actually All right, well. They’re the only other two here. Oh Go oh, it’s not the worst circle actually we got a I don’t even I think I’m just gonna keep this one shot E And just focus on loot then yeah down all these trees. I would say go trees first all right Now keep one shoddy that has two shells it’s gonna be life or death and hopefully life. Yeah, it’s about it’s about to go 48 seconds and it’s gonna 26 oh we got we got to go we got to go all right. I’m gonna just get one more tree Since you’re starting to build I’ll just get this iron – may as well Why not here we go This is gonna be epic or really lame The surprise we don’t know how it’s gonna out same way you don’t Alright, I got the last of everything I could see And I’m on my way It’s coming Oh Nick what did you do I jumped off the cliff to your ramp and Hit it and floated backwards and then fell off oh What’s that game what’s that animal game that everyone has been talking about like animal animal army animal crossing Yeah, what about the head? It’s a popular Nintendo game where it’s just like a really casual passive game and it like as a version for iOS now, but like it’s sort of not the full game and So you couldn’t post it cuz it’s Nintendo, and they would give it.

Yeah well You’d have to like join that Nintendo creators program? And they like pay you separately from YouTube because they take a percentage of all their dude. That is so that is so irresponsible Business-wise to do that. Let’s check around us I don’t think anyone being either wow that’s amazing. Yeah, let’s just hit one house Just get a weapon just in case somebody end up coming and then let’s start collecting guys, so we’re gonna make it spawn island spawn island Well somebody just landed Oh Knock He’s got a shot I might get knocked up he’s dead. I have a shiny for you. I got his I Got a purple shotty here All right Yes, start getting would Go let’s take this we’re in the circle right now, so this is it oh wow Probably need to stick together say it I’ll be over there in just a second all right. Yeah, that freaked me out I heard her parachute go shoot That’s nuts yeah, they were really late Yeah, the teammate was lucky that he had a shotgun yeah, I’ve found three shotguns so far, but I picked up two of them But I didn’t want to get the third it’s in the main building if you want it.

It’s a green TAC I got a green tag from that guy than this copy all right so we guys we’re we’re looking good on time right now Start getting as many of those trees you can if you see big tree to those for us. They give me more obviously yep Get this one tree just gave me like I’m thinking we get there. We got we got it. It’s like What’s that game where you have to touch up? With like a pole in the middle and a ball, and you throw it or something Tether ball oh you have to like run back and forth and touch the pole or you’re like get out I don’t forget the name. I played it as a kid We just got to touch the island and then we can continue on to win the round that would be the ultimate bowl.

Yeah pornhub That’d be so hard, but we could try any bandages or anything. Yeah, I got five All fucking right, I am at 530 are we good Below the oh you said yeah, like right right over kind of close to where I feel like that’s just getting farther away Yeah, but you get it, okay, we can just start building over there, that’s fun all right Build one down and then out and then out There we go Yeah, baby, you really gotta look at your amount of wood you have love yeah Dude we’re gonna We’re gonna push through it we’re gonna push through it alright strength and courage is all we need tract encourage I’m pretty close behind you alright I’m just hope I’m just really focusing on building the ships because I don’t want to but it’s not like Oh no Oh gosh just watch your material as I’m I’m pretty close behind you We got to make it we gotta make it We’re so close all right pushing a break all right, tell me when you’re done, I’m I’m right up behind you I’m out all right Nice there we go peg team effort oh Man During the storm run don’t worry.

We’re gonna make it we have to make it oh Gosh, I don’t we’ll make it back this took forever Tag it and run hey I don’t want to touch the tip and run Wait it just blocked us by a wall, yeah, Gaga. Go oh my goodness 76 help look at this run on our hands Yeah, oh My good It’s going so far away, there’s no way if we got a launch pad maybe We know that you can’t make it do it yeah, oh You’re so dead first I’m like we’re not even close yet Okay Purple shoddy oh Yeah, what’s it once it hits the other one? We’re dead cuz it’s gonna start taking Perdue. Yeah Hey, you’re so far ahead of me now you win this jump off into the water No It’s good no are you? Alright watch this No look at it coming towards you try and build something you can’t oh, you don’t have materials d oh Man how long did that take Okay now it’s time to get serious you trying to go anarchy or Salty well, he’s not bad alright.

Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I Know you want to do that that back route where we hit Yeah, you go like long then the chest under the bridge and the shed then the woods And you look at the house, and you pick them off, if possible, otherwise you rotate back It’s just sort of tough from this angle cuz long is like the first place everyone would think to go Turn around You know that was an Epic shot of you you were right in front of the Sun and it like had a lens flare around you Solo dolo right now Recive know there’s somebody down below you man. They’re gonna hit long first. What do we do? I’ll just go to the shedder then come back boy. See there’s that thing underneath the oh Yeah Yeah, there is I’m gonna get that chest I got a regular AR Just hit him for a whole bunch, I’m gonna come and take him knocked one All right, not gonna kill him yet just looking for his teammate Yeah, that’s right me and here’s someone saw these Yeah, okay the guy still laying there oh yeah, I see him he’s over by the silos, I’m just gonna kill this guy real quick You can grab his pistol if you need a gun Chest right in here I didn’t check this shit here.

I see something and I’m right behind There’s a br. So if you wanna a are, I got an AR here I got a green BR for you Why he was over by uh he’s over by silos when I first saw him Maybe I’ll go out to the woods, or do you want to take him earlier all right? I’m out to your left in the woods Anything He didn’t take the silos down He did loot all this ugly Yeah, he didn’t hit this so he might he might be in the house looking for cover Check indeed Jeff I Wouldn’t be surprised if he was hiding by a chest just to yeah keep it sound down Lovely Nice backdoor alright so he taught him Got nice still in there oh he set up a trap At it shoddy for you green AR Let me go and just throw this thing up.

Oh, there’s two traps oh We can leave let’s just leave no need to be here Circles not too far, but we can push left. Let’s get some of the quarry to the beach I feel like every time that we’re at that quarry we get shopping the left yeah All right there any shuddhi rounds yeah Up here Up shots over to the left sit to the west not at us Foot fighting let’s even get another week we gotta head that way anyways was it very faint. Yeah, it sound like a VR We’re like a pistol they were probably over this Ridge It’s pretty a good time to push anyways So the chassis has a chair on the left I forgot about that one.

Okay, I get Up at about a bit of an hour might have it over there Like people will probably be over here by the bridge Yeah, yo I’m looking for whoever was shooting Yeah, I was I think I was harvesting resources so I didn’t even hear it or something I couldn’t it could have even been something that I Would in the distance somebody heard me say I wanted a REM over to the right A blue shadi there’s always something good in that little cubby there Chest down below us I Think we could just take out the bridge or like slurp juice you come grab this I don’t have room for it And I on a deuce I wanted to do smoke grenades not gonna be Gotta take that over the grenades if you already had grenades, so there’s more in that little shed thing I’m a box, I’m Pushing Northwest Nobody else landed it fatal with us, so ya only have to worry about that that was a weird like Really separated teammates, I wonder why they didn’t group up They probably just didn’t even think that we were all gonna be there or they weren’t communicating Something blew up here.

I just need a sniper or grenade launcher and my kit will be At the scope they are but I don’t want to double up on AR mo Nice blue shoddy for me oh Yeah, let’s push over to greedy and well we’ll see well the circle goes, but I fight that’ll be a good direction to push Yeah, you know I think that be fair to say Yep looks like it’s gonna be Wow, this isn’t gonna be an awesome anding look at it Of the water, you know we need a du dude We need to go out and build down the cliff and then over Oh make like a wall base No, so we’re we’re below the cliffs and nobody sees us. We’re below the horizon. Let’s push over this way around greezy So you build down just like we did when we ran across to the other thing yeah And then you just build over and nobody can see you moving since half of that’s inside anyway Chests in there I didn’t Is that first floor, let’s downstairs Nice RPG night and a she’d give a shield.

I can’t stack it yeah, I’ll come up there And I have a scope they are but if I use the RPG I don’t have I have a med kit slurp RPG are shoddy no room for Ya, I Feel like I should just keep the scope and drop the slurp if we have to she feels in a med kit yes, I Need that I need the range go in there get the range you have a lot of health between us I have one med Multiple ramp What’s that one in the floor over there Hug the wall here And we’re gonna try and get in it and then once we get in and see where the next circle is then we can build down in a cross Which will be hilarious oh We’re gonna we’re on the side where it’s gonna move slower though, so we’re okay I’m bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah.

It’s that time of year again bah bah bah bah bah bah, bah bah, bah, bah Christmas comes every year ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba It’s the magical time But if we’d started this and then saw another ramp doing what we were doing I’ve been shot at anyone in quite a while I Think I only barely shot it how are there 23 people left the circle is going to be super small? I’d be super good. We’d be more than fine Ron Let’s wait to see where it locks or there, or do you want to just no, I’m just gonna Okay, we can’t really bank on the fact. It’ll be on the roof and don’t hit those big trees I don’t want those to give up so people came in here, but Obviously no idea they’re still there or not obvious Yeah, we’ll just keep hugging the edge like Huggies yeah, you was a brand of adult diaper do you wear? It’s called it’s all goo goo Goo go poopoo right here Bobby Hey, they just gave up hi shieldon grab this other one they move forward I Love having zero kills And that Oh someone’s building on top to the east on top of the mountain so let’s lay low yeah, oh, we’re like glitching Alright so none of this is in the water, so looks like our plan is I’m still in the circle right here.

You could make it just off the back barely right here I feel like they had been there since the very beginning of the game huh oh? Right here is inside the circle Airily that’s so weird first we pull out to the island now. We’re just showing over here Well here’s what I want to do like this look a little ramp right here, we’re trying to make a tower Alright so I can see them up there. I’ll make my own Can I rotate on the Edit no right No I See some people going over do you’ve a scope they all right? Yeah, I come over here come up towards me behind the street They’re building over to this thing. Oh, yeah, they’re building. They’re building up the mountain right now Yeah, they’re gonna go down towards that We build up wrong it some base right now. Oh, no get ready to rocket that thing okay? The other girls up at the top of that ramp by that thing someone’s sitting still when I just pop them, huh Gotta hit him again, yeah, I got them ties the other guy yeah, the other guy dude the other guy got the thing oh I thought you were talking about the one up top dang it I’ll talk about the one getting the oh yeah, but the the other guy got the frickin thing I’m just going up real fake It’s the original guy dead.

Oh, there’s sniping from above Are you kidding me, are you kidding me? I couldn’t get down any further into my thing come over here and edit this wall and come in here alright Just get to hit the bottom of it Build a ramp up and edit the door You can even probably get me through the door. What are you doing? Is that you were them hey why didn’t you add it a door in the back I Didn’t I was one layer too short.

I got you Is the wall behind me alive or broken that’s good I Couldn’t get down far enough I’ve a medkit we’re gonna to move weight are people building stairs up, or do you just repair your house repairing? I gotta make it. I’m good. Thank you Are we gonna ball out the back, and I’m gonna build stairs here if your wrist yeah That’s what I was telling you to do was to build up a layer How they said okay, so I see some people drop I see some people dropping down Where it where’s the people drop over there alright? I’m here by these stairs. Yeah, I Mean we’re gonna need to get in this somehow, so I’m just Trying to build up, and it’s so glitchy sometimes ridiculous Alright lol. I’m gonna get sniped from above Took this guy’s medkit, I gotta build around myself real quick and heal up oh My god speak to me. They’re now treating my thing oh, that’s me. Okay. I’m healing up This guy’s teammates gonna still be alive For that over here, I’m coming up there I’m gonna start shooting nades all up at these guys Whoa I see you left you left Adam careful up above That guy had a shoot, I’m gonna go grab a real quick Okay where I’m not gonna grab the shield I? Got to throw this on real quick just housing them Yeah careful pushing too far.

I’ll be there in a sec. I just had to put the shield on I’m also gonna grab his legendary rocket launcher Hi, its I have a rock of this ball All right, you good. I’m going this way Yep see they’re on it, they’re freaking out Don’t shoot the top they’re not up there there’s the bottom Yep It’s not gonna drop me. I dropped him got it whoo There we go that was some fine play That’s literally the match after we said let’s go get a win after we built to the loot island. Yeah, baby guys We built out to the island we were just messing around they were like all right now Let’s go get a win, and we did it. Hope you enjoyed the episode see you guys in the next one peace.

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