Hey what’s up everybody, this video will be showing you how to complete the Dance in different Forbidden Locations challenge for Fortnite Battle Royale. I will only be showing five locations to complete the challenge but there a few more signs on top of what is in this video. The forbidden locations are the no dancing allowed signs, and all we need to do is dance by them for the challenge. For this we will be heading to B1 just north of Junk Junction, H3 North of the Wailing Woods, A5 in Snobby Shores, B7 in Greasy Grove, and D9 in Flush Factory. I will be providing time stamps for these locations in the description so you wont have to worry about remembering all of it.

Now once you land and dance at a sign, remember your character must die for any progress to be counted. If you exit out you will not receive any credit for what you have done. Alright everybody that’s going to be it for my commentary, good luck and I will catch you all later..

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