Hey, my name is iPugsieHD and in this specific video We’re going to be going over the week five challenges and I’m gonna be providing a cheat sheet overall on what you’re going to need to do where you’re going to need to go and all stuff you that you’re going to need to know basically for week five challenges including the blockbuster challenge location, once you’ve completed all the challenges of week 5. Getting straight into it, we have the first one which is ‘Deal damage with SMGs to opponents’.

Now there’s obviously many types of SMGs, the most common being the silenced SMG in addition to the ones that are like handheld and pretty small you’d be able to use them and you overall need to get 500 damage with these, moving on to the next one, we have ‘Search chests at Dusty Divot’ – or whatever it’s called. Now, you’re going to need to head here and open obviously seven of these, now this can be a little bit tricky so I recommend leaving this one until last or even a couple days after the release of these challenges simply because it’s not as crowded unless it’s obviously Tilted Towers, so I recommend waiting that one out. The third one or the next one is ‘Use a vending machine’.

Now you will need to use three vending machines and this is quite tricky so I recommend going to vending machine locations which will be on screen right now and you need to basically head to three of these now I do recommend going to ones that are commons unless you have a lot of resources simply because it’ll be a lot quicker than going to ones that cost a Legendary amount or something like that. Moving on to the fourth, we have ‘Dance with others to raise the disco ball near Loot Lake’ – now again this will be on screen right now and you’re basically going to need four people, now this can be with randoms and unfortunately you will need four people to do this regardless so for a great example for this would be getting into a squad match and using voice chat on any platform you are on to talk to those people and ask them to help you with it.

If you are Afraid to do so, like go into a game and talk or go elsewhere – don’t be afraid to leave your Epic Games ID in the comments or even your Xbox Live or PlayStation, for example and I or other people in the comments will help you out, hopefully otherwise, you can just go into voice chat and that’s something I recommend as it’s going to be a lot faster. But with it basically you’re going to need head to this location and get four people to dance on all pads which will light up once you are dancing on them. Now all four of them need to be done at the exact same time and you will raise the disco ball up and you’ll have a party. (YAY!) Next one is a ‘Follow the treasure map found at Greasy Grove’ now this one is very easy, and it’s located at the base or the army base or military base whatever you’d like to call it, that is near obviously Snobby Shores now again This will be on screen right now and heading to this location you will obviously find the tier here or the tier or free tiers here to get some, obviously free tiers.

Now this is a hard one which means any challenge from including this, from this point are ten stars and the ones before it rewarded you five. Getting onto the second last but not least. We have ‘Minigun or light machine gun eliminations’ now I recommend for this personally going into duos or squads for example unless you’re great with those weapons to down people with other weapons and then end them or BM them with mini guns or LMGs for example, it’s going to be a very easy way of getting this done.. Moving on to the last, ‘Eliminate opponents at Lucky Landing’ – basically good luck for this one. It’s very hard, and especially with how the server’s have been today. It’s going to be quite hard. But again, just you can either do this later on in the day or obviously do this another day where not as many people are going to be going there and it’s just lag galore.

Regardless, they are all the challenges and again, you can go back to any point to obviously have the areas of basically all and each challenge now again, everything is on screen you can just pause there and get your challenges done in the background or even screenshot the video and look at your photos for example. But wait, there’s more. No, seriously there’s more – if you are aware if you complete all week challenges, you will get a loading screen in this week specifically we have a fight breaking out between Carbide and Omega. If you look on screen right now, you will see this but if we pan over to the right we will see a crab followed by a token or the tiers above its head, so if we actually head to this area of the map which is on the bottom right side of the map or even better, I have left a map on screen right now if you head to this specific location and you go to presumably the crabs head you will find it somewhere around there if not somewhere around the crab full stop.

Collecting these will obviously give you ten free stars or equivalent to one whole tier which is fantastic just on completing all the challenges and visiting this location. Regardless I hope you found this helpful, leaving a like and subscribing if you are new would be greatly appreciated and will help me grow but as I always say, I hope you are having a fantastic day and this is iPugsieHD signing out..

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