Today we’re going to be answering some questions that everyone’s been asking for we’re gonna tell you cross-play for FORTNITE, IS IT POSSIBLE, LETS FIND OUT If this video helped you, make sure to SHARE it on your FB, Twitter etc and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON Hey, what’s up guys? How you doing and welcome back to CHRISandSHAN, and today We got a little bit of a tutorial for you. We got something different We’re gonna be taking a look at cross playe between fortnite PC ps4 and PC to Xbox one so what we’re gonna do guys we’re going to go into epic games, and you’re gonna click over here And you’re going to download the launcher you need to make an epic games Account or log in with one if you’ve created one From playing on console so once that is done and downloaded all installed you’re gonna want to open epic games you’re gonna want to click up here and You’re gonna want to click this add friend find your friend and enter Their name here once you do that you can add them and There you go, it’s as simple as that You’re gonna need a PC for this obviously for your console players anything will do just the basic PC You can go to a public library into it.

I don’t care, but once you’ve done that you add them as a friend Simple as that, BOOM, then what happens if you’re playing on PC, and you want to turn the console You’re gonna want to install fortnite, obviously if you’re playing on PC You’re gonna want to launch your game, and then once your game has loaded you’re gonna want to go into your game mode So now we’re logging in you’re gonna confirm what you need to do open up any game mode click up here on the friends list and You should see a friend if you’re on PC and all you have to do is click on there And it should say join you should be able to click join game, and you will be in the game.

You’ll be cross play but bear in mind Xbox one and ps4 as far as I’m aware cannot play any games with each other so once that’s done you should be in it’s as simple as that and I hope this video has helped you guys if you do have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments Drop a like if this helped guys, and we will see you in the next tutorial. See you guys soon If the video has helped, make sure to leave a like, comment if you have ANY further questions, and SHARE on any social media, lets get the news out there guys!!! DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE TUTORIALS !!!.

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