Hey what’s up everybody, this video will be showing you how to complete the Steel Icarus quest for the Into the Storm event in Fortnite Save the World. Now beginning this quest can become a tad confusing especially since in the past we have been given specifics on exactly what to do. Whereas this just states Launch lars deep into the storm. And if you only look at the quest tab it can seem even more ambiguous. Now to finish this quest we will need to complete a special Ride the Lightning mission. All we need to do is to simply push the Play Now! or Play button depending on your screen and it will take us to our exact mission. If you move around you will notice we are in the Survive the Storm area. Now once in the mission, you will need to find construction bots. And after that it becomes a standard Ride the Lightning mission with defending the van against waves of enemies.

Alright everybody, that’s going to wrap the video. Good luck and I will catch you all later..

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