Hey up Troops welcome back to the Litanah Army Channel. I’m Litanah and this is Fortnite Battle Royal. What i want to do today is share with you some tips and tricks and things that i wish i had known earlier when i first started playing the game. There’s a lot to take in as a new player Fortnite has got a lot of unique features on it and what i want to do is explore them features and hopefully give you an edge when you’re playing the game get you more eliminations make you survive longer and show you what you should be doing in each and every game to get that edge. Now before we get started what i want to do first of all is just tell you about about a quick competition that we’ve got it’s for a 25 pound Amazon voucher because this game is played by console players and pc users so Steam Cards are no good to you console guys so i thought a 25 pound amazon voucher will include everybody and what only used to do is leave a comment below telling me the most eliminations you’ve ever had in a single game be a subscriber to the channel and that’s it you’re in the competition to win that.

So without further ado let’s jump in and show you guys how to be stronger players in fortnight battle royale all right then guys so let’s start with tip number one tip number one obviously as you know get to the higher ground is always a tip that’s in lots and lots of these fortnight videos but that’s not our tip our tip is to actually use the build tool to get down now if you watch here at you know – running behind me what she does she had she runs off the edge and takes a lot of fall damage there she goes well but what we’re gonna do we’re gonna build the use queue and build little platforms all the way down into the mountain and if you look at our damage there we take no damage whatsoever and that works all the time you can be as high up as you want in fortnight it doesn’t matter if you’re at the highest point that will always work and as long as you’ve got the materials to get down you shouldn’t be taking fall damage there’s no reason to take any fall damage in fortnight if you’ve got materials if you look here again do it again just building the platform’s down quickly and if you’ve got it on a hotkey which we’ll talk about later get easy to do alright guys so tip number two is take the long shot you saw there we just got a hit as the person was running away just take burst-fire journey you don’t have to like empty you’ve gone out into them but just tick burst-fire even if you take a bit of health off them you know what it’ll do it’ll weaken them so when you come to a one-on-one fight with them later on if they’re not carrying bandages or a med kit or they’ve not had time to put them on you’re gonna win the fight you can see here this is quite a distance shot it’s a very odd shot to make and I’m not the best player ever so I just learned a long shot there and it lands you never know doesn’t work every single time but it’s always worth taking the long shot because she might just survive longer than what you think we’ve got a guy out there look take the long shot damage in there we go it lands and if we’ve not got there if he’s not got any bandages or health then when it comes to a one-on-one fight I get the win later on and as you can see here also it’s with projectiles and grenades clear with the house out just taking the long shots with the grenades and then we get the loop alright guys anyone knows watch my channel before we’ll know what tip number three is aim training I always said to do this if you’re in the lobby find a gun or you should pick ax if you can’t meet all of a gun and just switch between targets make sure you’re moving around make sure that you practising your aim and you should be doing this every single game if you want to get better if you’re playing for fun you know have fun in the lobby but anyone who’s going to be a serious player wants to get really good at fortnight this is what you should be doing we get a shotgun in this one and what we do I was looking around for someone else who was got a gun as well so I could kind of practice close-up fighting so I get close to this guy now a lot of people think this guy’s a bit of an idiot a bit of a griefer but he’s not he’s actually helping me because I can do is I can practice one-on-one fire and we can practice the jump aiming and just see what we like with that it works really really well as I said if you do this every single time that you’re in the lobby you will find significant improvements in your shooting okay guys I know I said we’d do three tips on the thumbnail but what I’ll actually do is I’m going to give you a bonus tip here prepare the shapes of your building blocks before you actually get into any sort of meaningful combat so what I mean by that is you know get the ship so if you can see there I’ve put a corner thing down so that if I need to build I’ve not got to sit there you know I’ll press my edit button and start building shapes up I can actually get the shapes ready in advance so while it’s quiet might be your friends are looting and you’ve got guns ready or anything like that start getting the ships if you want to build a window and you use windows a lot make sure you have it ready so that when you come to use it you would you can hit your cage and I hit whatever you build keys and it’s ready for you straight away massively massively important and look at it what you can do is what I call build drop in so when you’ve running just practice drop in these builds you know you’d have to actually press the button to put them down but just kind of run with them and practice switching in between I have a build hotkey so that I have a key that I just hit and then my build comes up so what I can do I just run a little bit and I just practice and I just get a little bit better at build dropping so definitely make sure that you don’t over all that one guys so that was all the tips and tricks that we’ve got for for Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you’ve got something that you want to add or something you think we can do better make sure you let me know below and as well if you’ve got friends that are struggling in Fortnite or if you’re struggling yourself you know make sure you share this and make sure that you put it on Twitter or whatever else you want to put that thanks for joining me I really appreciate every time you guys come and if you’ve got this far in the video massive thank you and I’ll catch you next time on the Litanah army channel thanks for watching guys you.

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