So you guys know the popular Minecraft series that we have lucky blocks we are now bringing this to fortnight We’re still gonna be doing it in Minecraft. So don’t get too mad. But what we’re doing we’re doing the best of eleven myself versus Craner where we open up a care package a “lucky block” But we can only use what’s in that care package and then we fight to the death 11 rounds Whoever gets to 6 first wins. So again if you guys enjoy this Concept hit the like button down below if you guys have any other ideas for the lucky block series in fortnight Let us know we want to keep doing this. This was a crap ton of fun. So hope you guys have enjoyed Let’s do this.

Alright Craner. Are you ready? You are going down You know what? You’re gonna get you’re gonna get Come on, boy. You’re gonna get clapped boy. Did you just say clapped boy? I’m such a lit fam squad Okay, so you guys thought I said the rules in the start what we’re doing lucky blocks in Fortnite. Okay. Okay, there’s yours Let me go find mine. I think it’s back here as well Dude, first lucky block be something bad. Okay We can only use like I said in the intro what we get We can’t use any additional traps any additional guns anything we can use any building materials We want and anything over go. You ready dude, first lucky block Please don’t give me just a grenade launcher something. That was suck good. First lucky block. Best of eleven in three two one wait what did you get what did you get? I’m not telling.

Dude are you kidding me bro So remember you can use any of the traps you can use anything you want. first round We’re gonna do it in lazy links once let’s do this crainer. Alright crainer make sure if you have any shields you have anything Drink it now. Are you ready? Ok I’m ready dude Okay in three round one in three two one go I’m so scared dude. I think I got the most unlucky ever I’m just gonna hope you got even more unlucky Then me to be honest, dude Don’t yeet me don’t you yeet me! Oh you have clingers? Oh you got clingers. That’s not cool, bro. Okay going up going up Oh, you got a shotgun, that’s all I got homie.

Oh Oh I took damage I took damage. Okay, everybody everybody calm down everybody calm down I don’t like this I don’t like this anymore I don’t like this anymore Where Are You? Where are you dude? Oh Oh *SSundee’s ahhh* so you got a shotgun and clingers? the only I got for my far range dude is my clingers dude Okay, don’t make fun of me, please Okay, I feel a film you got did you got bounce pads as well? Yeah dude, that’s all I got on me Get over here get over here those your peace out Girl Scout me you get over here. Don’t use mine you use mine Oh You better push you didn’t have any shields I got absolutely nothing dude There this is actually so much fun because we can only use certain stuff.

Oh, that is awesome All right round one lazy links goes to me. Best of eleven if I win six Craner. It’s all over guys. Thank you, dude Alright, let’s go to the next round. We have to find two more care packages then I guess let’s go to a tomato town Let’s do tomato town. Alright Craner. You’re going to get yours. Yeah. Okay. I see yours, dude. Yeah, mine is way over here Okay, dude. Second lucky block. Remember you can only use what you get out of here whole new grass Mart daylor materials Oh gosh. I really want to get lucky. Oh, dude, I got no seals The only thing I got was playing a grenades at a shotgun Dude, I okay red. I had a chug chug and a slurp. Okay. Okay ready three Oh, this is just typical me dude, you can tell if you are but that’s your general You can tell me why I have to okay, I got clear grenades and a heavy shotgun again No heels one bombs padbol Alright, dude.

Well, it’s uh Round two in tomato town. Alright, dude. Are you ready round two? Okay, three two one Roger presbury I gotta win this so I can win two more through four more than winning everything weird All he waits. So what did you get Ian? Where are you? Oh Stop it, you need to come down from there, sir. Oh my gosh, this is intense. I don’t like this anymore What are you building away from me? To Intimated Tao goes to me with the gold sniper kill, please just get something else that a heavy shotgun less this time, dude I do let’s go find more care factors. Let’s do this next one. Uh retail. We just wanna do a circle Let’s go retail row, dude. All right, dude. We’re in retail row. I got my lucky block. You got yours. You got yours I’m right here, dude It’s a heavy shotgun about installing honestly. Okay, three two one go What did you get this is bad dude what is going on with my locker? You can’t do this is bad.

I Mean, it’s it’s kind of good if I can place you and I tell you That’s the end and it’s your funeral if you tell me and I outplay you it’s your fault not mine Okay, I’m gonna go is bad too I’m gonna go to the opposite side of the retail row dude, okay Are you ready for round three? I’m unlucky again and three two one go Where are you? Where are you? Where are you? Tell me tell me why you do, huh? I don’t know anything. I don’t know where you are. You’re lying. You’re lying sir. Did you get a sniper again? Nothing? Oh, you got a rocky water grenade launcher Oh, yeah, you stand that out stand it love this love it Love the grenade shots.

Do you have I’m saying nothing come back here I Don’t Kill myself I Can’t just sell The camera my camera is currently looking at my Alright, well you win this you’re in the third round and retail well, let’s go to the next round, okay All right, there next up is Paradise Palms. Are you going to this? Okay, you take that one. I’ll take this one back here Okay, I’ll take this one dude. I better get something good Lucky blocks, dude. Okay, three. Oh Goodness dude you are going Okay Let me drink my stuff. Let’s get all ready gets up to get to the far north side get to the far north side I’ll be on this side. Okay, I credit you ready. You got your stuff. I got my stuff and I’m lucky doing oh No, okay in three two one Yeah Are you it I gotta find you quick with this strategy oh Oh, okay seems like you found me Dude you know, we’re gonna have oh I see, you know, you know Okay, you have some sort of automatic rifle Look, oh this has got to be a race battle, huh? Okay.

Okay, you better not shoot me homie I’m gonna get real mad if you do Okay. Okay. Okay. Stay away. Stay away. Stay away. Whatever you do. Stay whatever stay. Well. I’m not staying awaited. I said stay away I said stay away Did you just do a stick? Yeah babe I was so close to you it was actually really close to hitting you Do you did I love it’s part of the rules or not? No, no I’m good. I’m good. I’m good. I’m okay. I’m completely fine This is not the easiest thing in the world, I don’t know like this Is so good. All right, dude, so I have three wins to your one next round I guess. Let’s go to uh, Wait, are you gonna go? I don’t want to go to the racetrack. Let’s go to the racetrack, dude. Okay ray strikes All right, dude. Are you ready? You got your you got your lucky block? I found mine on the racetrack dude in three two one I’m sorry to tell you homie, but you might be going down homie.

I Don’t think so. Let’s do this. All right crater. Are you ready round five? This is gonna get kind of scary for me, dude, but I’m ready. Okay, three two one Yeah, I know you’ll have one by once right you love one by one’s right You I’m not building in one by one dude this is this the only way I can win what do you mean You have a sniper No, no Tom Cruise please no you calling me all crews. There’s no Brad Pitt. Oh Yeah, how do you keep getting cleaners every Tuesday oh yes shoot man your battle to the heddle Know you better you bet you better stay away Oh Shut up ever done dude. Oh My gosh dude. Alright that round goes to you Okay, next round.

Where do you want to go? Mmm? Fatal and get a fade-out. Let’s go ahead go to pedal. Alright cranny. You got your lucky block next round in fatal fields. Fuck Okay in three two one I think so. Dude. Let’s do this. Alright crater. Are you ready? We have a minute 26 left for this. Ok. Ready 3 2 1 Fatal field Stop it, not over. There you over there. Ok. No No, I’m not gonna I’m gonna try to do a little bit of a sprint here A billion. Oh No, you have a scar how did you get this guy? Over there. Oh No, no get away do it. Wait, where’d it go gosh. Damn, you’re fast, dude Alright dude, I think that how many run is that for me how many runs that for me for? 40 here.

That’s far, dude Forty or two if I went to more it’s over. Let’s do this. Alright, dude. Are you ready for your next lucky block? I think so bro in three two one Go me oh Gosh Alright, let’s do our fighting and Viking Bay this time. All right crater. Are you ready? I think so, dude three two one Go Ian Whatever you got. I don’t think it beats my oh, oh no. Oh, no you guys just again bro. I Have no choice but to spam it What do you have what do you have what do you have what do you have? What do you have? Let me just say I can look through walls, homie. Oh, you have the thermal scope? No, wait wait for it wait, I have an idea Hey You knocked me off the edge dude. I was just building it Did you have the legendary thermal scope yeah, bro, how did I lose that one? That is embarrassing it? So look I wanted to I had an impulse I wanted to impulse you off your cliffs I wanted to build around , but just as I build around, you knock down my structure Beautiful.

All right, dude, so I have five wins – your – I think okay if I win again It’s all over. All right, crying our next lucky block. Are you ready? I think so dude, if I win this one, it’s all over in three two one Whoo laughing like that gonna be good. You know, what wait what please why are you laughing? This next round would do it in lucky landing Let’s do this crater if I win this we’ll remember it’s all over. Hi. Cranny. Are you ready? You’re on your side of lucky landing. I’m on my side of lucky landing, and I’m about to get lucky on your face That means I don’t know what that means in 3 2 1 go Okay You have a scar dude where the crap Maya dude Nothing that’s not a question you can say nothing – You know, oh you got a lot You got stand still you gotta you gotta stand still I don’t wanna I don’t wanna you can’t make Everybody calm down everybody calm down.

I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor Wait, are you making roof do it stay away stay away? Target about so you had a scar Yeah, good. Hey well scars better than the philosopher and let’s go to greasy Greasy. All right going to greasy greasy Grove. I crater next round next lucky block. You ready? I’m ready If I win this it’s all over in three two one Craner What you’re going down? No your place is it? No, no, this is it for you. Dude. This is it for you, dude If I win this it is all over let’s do it. All right, dude. Are you ready? Yes, this could be the final round right here. Every do any more billing with your hold on. Hold on real quick Okay, I got bill meters ready.

Three two one go What knowing you have? What gun do you have? I’m not gonna tell you you can’t have to find out when I shoot you in the face do tell me I’ll give you dollar give you two dollars three dollars. Nope. Okay, four No way, dude Dude you own me like point zero seconds. Oh my gosh. That was so good How low did I get you? Uh 95 health so you took a 105 there’s a shock jock but anyways Dudes we’re gonna end this video here if you guys have enjoyed of Course hit the like button down below.

If you guys want us to do this again. Also hit the subscribe button. Hey, Dad little bail dude This was actually a ton of fun. I you know lost dude, even though I won but whatever what the crap .

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