Gearing up is without a doubt one on the top of your to do list when you first start a match in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. And while some consider scoring great gear right off the bat being solely down to luck, others have found that there’s certain areas on the map that are better than others when it comes to scavenging up the good stuff. So we’ve collected a few of these spots in our list of the top 10 best loot spots in Fortnite. 10 Where Shifty Shafts meets Flush Factory Starting off this list is a location that is fairly ideal to land in – the area between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory. While it may not be oozing with loot, the area is pretty well stocked, and if used strategically, can give you an advantage when heading over to either Shifty Shafts or Flush Factory; both areas that definitely tend to be more populated and considerably stocked at the start of a match.

9 Clock tower in Tilt City Rumour has it that inside the Clock Tower, there is tendency for the legendary Rocket Launcher to spawn. Which is one of the more rare items in the game. While some players have found this to be true, many haven’t had much luck with finding the legendary rocket launcher there, but instead, get their hands on a sniper rifle instead. Have any of you had any luck with finding a legendary rocket launcher there? 8 Lonely Lodge Lonely Lodge is a primarily forested place, with various huts interspersed within it. It’s considered to be a highly underrated area, with not a lot of people landing there, and around 15 chests available for the taking. Those huts are what you want to hit up – they typically have chests under their roofs, and there’s a nearby tower that usually contains up to 3 chests.

In addition to that, a nearby trailer camp is a great resource for harvesting yourself some metal. 7 Barn East of Retail Rowe In a small fenced in plot of buildings East of Retail Rowe and Southwest of Lonely Lodge, you’ll find a red barn that has a bunch of loot in it. All of the good loot is located in the upper level of the barn, and since it has no doors, you’ll either need to build a ramp up to reach it, or bust inside of it with your pickaxe and use the building as cover as you head on up.

6 Tower North east of Wailing Woods Wailing Woods in general is a pretty solid place to land. Some players have noted that the area used to contain more loot, but since its growth in popularity, it seems as if it contains a little less. Either that, or it just means more people are looting it at a much faster rate. Northeast of Wailing Woods, there’s a tower near the edge of the map that’s overlooking water. If you land on the tower and break through the roof, there’s usually a solid amount of loot in there, typically a chest containing an epic or legendary weapon. 5 East of Junk Junction and Haunted Hills Heading East of these two locations, you’ll find yourself in a small neighbourhood of sorts that contains several derelict houses that contain several loot chests. It’s another good strategic area to land in if you want a bit of peace and quiet while you’re gearing up without thrusting yourself into the crossfire at the start of your game.

4 Motel Near Anarchy Acres If you head a little West of Anarchy Acres, you’ll find a little motel that has some pretty solid loot inside of it. But be warned – this tends to be a pretty hot spot, although if you’re swift enough, the location does lend itself to some good coverage with the gaps in walls of the surrounding houses. Also worth noting that sometimes the trucks outside of the motel contain chests as well.

3 Salty Springs The resort-esque Salty Springs is known for being chalk full of loot, especially if you hit up the attics of various buildings in the area. While it’s popularity tends to waver from match to match, it’s typically really reliable in terms of the resources it offers you right off the bat. 2 Flush Factory While the area outside of Flush Factory next to Shifty Shafts may be one of the smartest places to land in terms of strategy, Flush Factory itself is pretty awesome. And just to the right of the area, there’s a bunch of loot chests that are waiting for you to crack them open. Some have even said that the area feels like it’s got the loot shimmering sound cue playing non-stop as you navigate your way through it. In addition to that, it’s also got a lot of wooden pallets kicking around that are definitely worth harvesting. 1 Greasy Grove Gun Shop For starters, Greasy Grove is a bit of a loot haven. Many consider it to have the most chests to area ratio. The Gun Shop located in the area is one of those reasons – it usually contains multiple chests.

It’s a large building with a dark rooftop at the city’s center, meaning it’s also one of the more trickier areas on this list to get to if you’re traversing there after initially landing. Once you manage to get inside, there’s an armoury counter labelled guns that has at least one loot chest, and on the west side of the building, if you mine through the floor of the smaller room located there, there are usually more chests hidden down there.

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