Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. The building mechanic is one of the coolest aspects of Fortnite, allowing players in both game modes to gather resources and construct buildings. This is generally used in competitive play as a quick way to block gunfire, but some people take it to a whole new level and build epic forts. So today I’ll go over some of my favourites. Doesn’t matter if they’re cool, or funny, or just really really big… if I like it, it’s going on the list! If you enjoy this video, let us know by throwing us a thumbs up down below. And if you want more, check out our video on the Most Requested Smash Characters! But before you do that, get ready, it’s time for the Top 10 Fortnite Bases! Number 10: Helms Deep.

Man alive, this is a thing of beauty. This is a base in the Save the World mode, which means they have a whole lot of time to put together an epic base around their storm shield. And these folks did not disappoint, making an incredible fort with parapets and traps and walls and holy crap I’m still not over how cool it is. Makes me want to go play Ark. Oh yeah, I’m addicted to Ark again. Number 9: This monstrosity. I gotta be honest, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m not super knowledgeable with Fortnite so I can’t figure out what benefit this would have.

They just kinda made a pyramid, then an inverted one. Like an hourglass. It looks cool, but like… why? That’s not rhetorical, if you know why, please tell me in the comments. Is it harder to shoot down this way? I’m so confused. And impressed. Number 8: Some people just want to watch the world burn. Warning: This one is painful. Here we see a giant base in Battle Royale that clearly took the enemy squad aaaages to make.

But when you’re the only one left of your squad, you gotta do what you gotta do. And he did. And it was at once awesome, and incredibly painful. Kinda like the show Extras. Number 7: This Pyramid. Boom. Look at that thing. It’s huge. I can’t believe it fit. Insert more double entendres here. Squads are great for making big buildings since you can work together to build quickly, but this is super impressive to have completed in just one game. Sadly it did not end well; the team died, and the lone survivor’s game crashed just as he was about to snipe someone. Probably not the pyramid’s fault, but hey, ya never know! Number 6: IT’S A TRAP! This is one of the best trap bases I’ve seen in a while, I love it. Here we see a player that clearly isn’t the guy who built this thing, flying over to it, thinking it’s a great place to hide. But he quickly learns that he could not have been more wrong. I laughed at the first one, but the second trap was just genius.

Hat off to you, sir… I’m not wearing a hat. Number 5: Battle Base. This one isn’t insanely large or too crazy or anything, but it’s super useful in the late game in Battle Royale. It’s fairly simple; before the game, set up a roof to be slanted by lifting up 3 of the squares in edit mode. Then in game, you throw up a 2 by 2 wall square, and throw down some cone ramps in each corner. Then you just add some stairs and corner pieces to add to the ramp, and you have yourself a lovely little bowl that you can climb up to snipe people easily, and duck into to avoid fire.

And it can all be built in like 20 seconds. Nice. Number 4: Wall art. Here we have someone who has clearly spent a good deal of time painstakingly arranging a bunch of walls in order to spell out a phrase. What phrase? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s a common request made by juvenile weirdos, and a meme on the internet. You ready for the answer? Of course you are. Send, send what? Send food? Send help? Ohhhh. Right. This is Fortnite. Number 3: Realistic sky base. Here we have a guy high up in the sky, working on a fairly large base. But apparently, he’s going for realism, because when we zoom out and get to see what it was, it turns out it was a giant wooden airplane. Because it just wouldn’t make sense for anything else to be in the sky. Crazy that this was done in the middle of a game.

Number 2: Da Crib. Here we have Da Crib, created by A1Getdismoney on Plankerton. And it’s huge. And deadly. And has an awesome maze. I can’t believe how much work this would have taken. I always try to do things like this in games, but then I end up just making a 3 level house with some beds and I get bored. Wish I had this kind of patience. Number 1: Maturity is overrated. This base will be a surprise. It begins as a bowl. Then, with the storm circle fast approaching, it begins to take more form. Slowly, two distinct boxes form on the base of the structure. Then we see them build and build and build, until we see the final product: Yep. It’s a penis. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack that thumbs up button and subscribe to Top 10 Gaming for more videos! Let me know in the comments which of these is your favourite, or share stories of the most epic base you’ve ever built in any game.

Could be Fortnite, Fallout 4, Ark, hell, it could even be No Man’s Sky. Also, check out our Top 10 Sonic playlist for more videos like this one! Until next time, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!.

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