Hey everyone, my name is Berthen. As you can see from the title, this video will have no filler, no fluff, just tips that everyone needs to know in a short amount of time. So let’s get right into it. 1. Start Gliding Near Your Destination The fastest way to get to the ground is to sky dive to a point that’s almost 1 square away from where you want to land on the map. Then look straight down while holding forward until your glider opens by itself, then glide to your destination. Avoid mountains and trees when looking down, your glider opens by itself sooner if you’re directly above high places. This way you stay in the air as little as possible and loot as soon as possible. 2. Pay attention to sound Sound is very important in fortnite, even more than the standard shooter where you can listen to footsteps and gunshots. In addition to those, you can also hear things being destroyed, things being built and chest as well.

Use headphones or earphones to enhance the sounds, and be able to locate where they’re coming from more precisely. 3. Actively Look For Chest Chest gives you a guaranteed weapon as well as a good chance of getting shields, medkit or bandages. So on top on getting a weapon to fight other players, there’s a good chance you can start off with 50 extra armor giving you the edge in the next fight. Chests can spawn in almost every building, you can also hear them through walls if you’re around 1 floor of them.

4. Hit the blue circles when breaking things When you’re breaking things, a blue circle pops up around where you’re hitting. Hit that circle and you’ll do double damage on that swing, and get double the material as well. This is very good to go with tip number 3. You can land on top of a building that has a chest spawn in the ceiling, listen to the chest sound, if you hear it, start breaking through the wall by hitting the circles and you’ll get to the chest in no time. 5. After a fight, don’t always loot right away After you win a fight is when you’re the most vulnerable, other players nearby heard the fight, and can get you from a lot of possible places. If you got low during the fight, go hide and heal up as soon as possible, even if you looted a good gun, you’ll probably still die if you you’re low enough to be 1 shotted.

If you hear footsteps around you, then someone’s coming for sure, so you have to fight them over looting. If there’s a lot of buildings around that people can pop out of, then you can build a couple walls to safely loot. Unless you have no bullets left and you need to loot, then make sure you don’t get killed when you loot otherwise the loot would be pointless. 6. Have Your Pickaxe Out When Looting When your inventory is full and you have a weapon out while looting, you’ll replace the weapon you’re holding, to not do that, have your pickaxe out since you can’t replace it in game. Then check to see what items you want to replace in your inventory so you don’t end up switching weapons you wanted to keep, 7. Be Mobile in Close Range Fights In the early game, you’ll have to fight a lot of enemies up close especially, if you land in the bigger areas with more loot.

When it happens, make sure you move a lot when shooting because it’s very easy to land shots close range in fortnite even if you’re running. So if you stood still while your opponent moves around, they have easy shots on you, while you’re a sitting duck, with not much more accuracy advantage. Most close range gunfights are won by the one with better movement. 8. Crouch at mid to far range fights. Fortnite’s first bullet is a bit unique in that it’s not 100% accurate while standing still unlike a lot of other shooting games. Every bullet has some bloom, which means every bullet can hit around the center of where you’re aiming. So even if you’re confident in your aim, just press crouch before you aim and you’ll win more longer ranged fights. 9. Build Walls and Stairs During Fights Unless you catch the enemy offguard and can kill them fast, you’re going to want to be able to build structures to help you win the fight. Most of the time, you should build a wall between you and the enemy and then a stair behind it.

This let’s you have cover, as well as get some height, making headshots easier for you and harder for the enemy. If the enemy is hiding, you can build multiple stairs to get right above them. And if you don’t think you can win, then run away while building walls to block the bullets. 10. Have a Variety of Guns. Unlike a lot of other battle royal games, you can’t just hide in a bush in the end game, and finish off the last person with a pistol that easily. Players can build fortresses, make walls when they’re shot and usually the last few people have shields on them making it very hard to kill quickly. So having a variety of guns for different situations is important, at the very least, have a shotgun and assault rifle.

Snipers and explosives are a huge plus for that long range fight and building destroying power, so be active in looting or killing other players for their loot until you get a good variety of guns. I hope this guide helps you win more battle royales, like and subscribe if you found it helpful. Tell me what other tips you guys think everyone should know in the comments section. Thanks for watching and good luck in fortnite..

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