Customization in games has quickly become a necessity across all platforms. Players want the ability to mix things up and personalize their avatars, especially when it comes to playing online. Fortnite is a prime example of that – the skins available to gamers not only encapsulate the game’s charm, but allow for a large array of compelling choices. So today, we’re counting down our list of the top 10 Fortnite Skins. But I won’t be counting down this list alone today! I’m joined by MAKE SOME STUFF UP HERE 10 Love Ranger A Valentine’s Day skin that really stuck with some players, Love Ranger is essentially a living Cupid statue in pink cargo pants with one hell of an epic love themed cross bow. Perfect for those who really want chiseled marble abs. Aside from that, it’s got a cool aesthetic that really pops colour wise, and that crossbow, outfitted with a scope, is incredibly fun to use.

Because of its popularity, it actually made a comeback into the store, so it’s likely we haven’t seen the last of Love Ranger. 9 Dark Voyager Who doesn’t love them a little space? If you’re one of those people obsessed with the universe and all its mysteries, the Dark Voyager may be the perfect skin for you. Donning a black space suit, the Dark Voyager has some serious Tron vibes, and has quickly become one of the most popular season 3 skins. It’s also been considered to be a hint that the game may expand its maps to one that includes an outer space terrain, or one on a different planet. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. 8 Merry Marauder While some are more into the female version of this gingerbread skin – the Ginger Gunner – the Merry Marauder wins points for its sour disposition and adorable bow tie. So essentially, this skin is a fitted ginger bread costume with icing and candy cane inspired details. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about playing as a grumpy ginger bread man, shooting a bunch of other players in the game.

7 Rex If dinosaurs are more of your thing, fear not friends! Fortnite has got you covered, too. The Rex skin is a bit of a makeshift dinosaur costume. Going for more of a humorous look over prehistoric realism, the Rex skin gives you a scaly dinosaur outfit topped with a dinosaur hat that’s connected to a small lizard’s body that hangs down your back. Even though it may be more on the juvenile side, it’s still a hoot to play in, and always makes way for some silly role playing, if that’s your thing. 6 Skull & Ghoul Troops Bit of a double whammy at this number, the ghoul and skull troopers were skins available from this past Halloween event. And, as their names suggest, one is a zombie, and the other, a skeleton outfit, and both edging on the side of simplistic, which was refreshing. Unless you got your hands on these 5 Wukong To some, this skin may seem like a bad ass Chinese mythological inspired avatar.

To others, they might pick up that it’s Epic Games’ version of Sun Wukong, the monkey king, who appeared in a ton of Chinese legends, including the 16th century novel Journey to the West. He is said to possess immense strength and speed, and can transform into 72 different forms. While the Fortnite version may not have all of those abilities, he’s still pretty darn awesome, and has been praised for being one of the most detailed skins available in the game. 4 Battle Hound The Battle Hound is one of the fiercest skins out there. For starters, it’s got an awesome gold head with glowing green eyes that’s sure to strike fear into your opponents’ hearts. It’s got some serious roman/nordic vibes, with some slick looking gold and brown armour, fur boots and even some arm tats that add a nice touch to the already intimidating figure.

Plus Battle Hound also comes with its own customized intricate canine inspired axe that’s sure to have all of your friends super jealous. 3 The Reaper Love Keanu Reeves? Or how about John Wick? Well, one of the perks of having a Battle Pass and a reasonable amount of skill in Fortnite was this hilarious skin. While this skin goes by the name of the Reaper – likely for legal reasons – the resemblance is uncanny to Reeves’ kick ass character from the John Wick films. Similar suit, similar hair style, and even matching surname – Epic calls this dude Jason Wick – the Reaper was the final reward for those with the Season 3 battle pass, which makes this skin fairly rare. Unless you were one of those lucky individuals who managed to score it for free. 2 Cuddle Team Leader There is no shortage of silly humour in Fortnite – it’s perhaps one of the game’s most endearing qualities that keeps players coming back for more.

So it makes perfect sense that one of the most popular skins is the Cuddle Team Leader – a slightly deranged pink bear skin that’s got a scar running across it’s oversized mildly disturbing face. Which is HILARIOUS. Fortnite has a thing for teddy bears – something you can definitely glean from its curious and silly Teddy Bear Easter eggs hidden throughout the map – and this Valentine’s Day skin really crawled its way into a lot of player’s hearts. 1 Raven One of the most highly anticipated skins in Fortnite was the Raven skin. The most recently dropped one as of this recording, along with the feather flyer glider and Iron Cage, it’s a legendary skin, costing a sweet 2000 V bucks.

With its glowing purple eyes, its nefarious aesthetic and creepy allure, it’s the kind of skin that will definitely freak your opponents out. Fear can be an advantage, can’t it? Regardless, it’s super cool, and won’t disappoint. There we have it friends!.

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