So it’s finally happened! We’ve received some solid news about the next huge No Man’s Sky update. No Man’s Sky will be skipping and going straight to which in itself insinuates a larger than normal update. but it’s not JUST an update either, as will bring with it a full port to Xbox One. Sean Murray has said that this will be the biggest update so far, and will be called No Man’s Sky NEXT, The naming is to signify a real change in the perception of No Man’s Sky with moving to the Next Step, which makes me think it’s all but definitely going to contain some features we don’t yet have but were at least hinted at or directly mentioned in prelaunch, though that is a little logical guesswork.

Sean has said that this update will be free as with all other updates and that they intend to keep all future updates free as before, and while this was already known, it’s nice to hear plans haven’t changed. That being said though, the wording on the video that Sean Murray tweeted does specifically say that it is a free update for existing No Man’s Sky players, which could just be a poor choice of words, but may also mean that those to purchase No Man’s Sky after the update has gone live may find themselves paying for it. This does conflict with what has been said somewhat so I’m hoping we’ll receive a little elaboration on that at some point before it goes live. I mean this could all just mean that it’s a substantial update, but you still need the original game to play it, let’s face it, Sean has misscommunicated in the past. This all happened just a few hours ago, yesterday, Waking Titan the NMS related ARG made some moves again and the denizens of the internet solved some crazy logic leaps and math puzzles in super fast time to reveal a message that said oneonebst, meaning 11 am British Standard Time.

That leads us to now, where at British Standard Time due to a well-known news outlet jumping the gun on the announcement, we got informed a little on 1.5. The port to Xbox One will consist of everything, a fully updated version of the game that can be played to its potential on the Xbox One X in 4k with HDR. So when’s this all happening? Summer 2018 No specific date has yet been given which considering this is up to a few months away is probably a good idea, if you don’t give an exact deadline, you don’t have to push anything back if and when something comes up. As far as I’m concerned this is amazing news, it’s not the update itself but it is solid confirmation of the update, you may already know, but I’m not one to make a video purely on speculation and guesswork, so having some solid facts on this is absolutely fantastic.

Having said that, I’m happy to hear your theories in the comments, what do you think is coming in and why specifically that? Thanks for watching folks, if you liked this, hit that like button, subscribe if you haven’t already for all the latest news, and maybe think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great way to support the channel and the work I do, but above all, have an awesome day folks..

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