Howdy folks, yesterday Patch went live and with it came the first No Man’s Sky NEXT Community Event. As well as this there’s a fairly awesome update to the Galactic Atlas website & a Community Spotlight, so let’s go over all of the details for what’s happened. Firstly the Galactic Atlas website. For those of you who are unaware, it is a sort of Galactic database showing a number of user-submitted information like planets of interests, some details of player civilisation with images and short descriptions etc.

A cool idea, but when it first launched it wasn’t all that great, there were bits of info sure, but even the information that was there was going to become outdated very quickly due to all of it being related to the Atlas Rises Era. Well, they’ve updated it. Here’s the official release from Hello Games on the update: Last month we launched a new website dedicated to the community, which we called the Galactic Atlas. The site features points of interest in the No Man’s Sky Euclid Galaxy, all nominated by you through the survey we created earlier last month. This has grown in functionality and expanded based on your feedback. We have now added: • New regional hubs submitted by NEXT explorers, including official community links for those who would like to join, as well as Euclid portal addresses for explorers who would simply like to visit. • Discovery progress for all regional hubs, revealing how many bases have been claimed in each region, as well as how much space is yet to be discovered.

All explorers from community-led factions can contribute • to their region’s progress by uploading their system and planet discoveries. • The names of the current leading explorers for each regional hub. • An indication of where the first community research mission is taking place within the galaxy. • The final batch of Atlas Rises POIs, completing this archive of memories. This is actually rather cool, I especially love the added links to civilisations and the top explorer per region. Hello Games have the unique access to their game stats that us third-party tool creators don’t have, so they can really do some cool stuff with this. NEXT is the release of the first Community Event. Here’s what they had to say about that: Hello Games has planned its first season of free weekly content and community events.

Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada, blinking around the edge of reality in their anomalous spacecraft, are broadcasting a request for assistance. Polo’s advanced boundary monitoring equipment has located a previously undetected iteration of the universe and they urgently need explorers to examine and explore this glitch in reality. Beginning on Thursday 30th August, they will reach out to all explorers who have completed the first Space Anomaly mission. They need all the volunteers they can gather to help explore and document the reborn galaxies. The first chapter of Polo’s research project examines a specific corner of the galaxy, where strange objects have begun spawning underground. Dedicated explorers who excavate and return them to the Space Anomaly will be rewarded with Quicksilver. Polo has constructed a new robotic companion to process this valuable substance into exclusive exotic collectables. The initial range of items offered by Polo’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot are 6 new base building parts, 3 decals, a new emote, and a new character customisation. Over the coming weeks this will expand to 50+ items, including further base parts, emotes, customisations, exocraft, and more.

The ways to earn Quicksilver will also expand, and community events will grow in functionality. If you wish to know more about the event itself, I released a G-Log yesterday of my experience participating in the Event on the Experimental, briefly before it was released on Live. If you wish to know more about the items available from the new Quicksilver Vendor found on Anomalies who sells some fairly cool collectibles for the Quicksilver gained from the Events, I release a Video 2 days ago showing everything available in-game and what they look like once you have received them as well as a few things not yet available in-game.

Links to both of those videos can be found as usual, in the description. The biggest thing there I think is that they confirmed a new type of Exocraft, which is crazy, and friggin awesome! NEXT is a Community spotlight, where Hello Games showed some Screenshots, Artwork, Base Builds and Physical Models made by No Man’s Sky players. This awesome screenshot showing the sheer scale of a player in a foggy Mega-Flora world by amoebae. This beautiful shot of the silhouette of a player and their starship against the massive backdrop of a planets rings glowing golden by Reddit user gamesofsteele Another beautiful screenshot showing a player and their explorer on the outer edge of some dense alien flora on a remote hazardous world by Twitter user @ValTrust And a fantastic shot of a player sitting on a mound of a world void of atmosphere silhouetted by the system blue/white star by Twitter user @AziliaTheGreat Then some excellent artwork, I especially love this Monstrosity looking extra terrifying and reminiscent of why we call them Xenomorphs by Reddit user u/sincity1886 and this artwork of a Gek looking a little more realistic than what you would find in-game, showing a far more reptilian race with it’s detailed scaled leathery skin by Twitter user @CandyKillerNews On top of the artwork, there was a different style to the normal, with some pages from players notebooks, detailing some of the worlds they have explored with sketches of the fauna they found as well as runes and alien technology.

This first one details the finding of a traveller grave and goes super roleplay, it’s actually rather cool, it also goes over a few things about the planet, written like a travellers journal by Reddit user u/devcor The second appears to be a page from an exozoologists notebook showing the details of a Strider type fauna by Reddit user u/Turist-n And the Third is another Journal entry of when this traveller found an alien Knowledge Pillar, explaining his experience and describing what it looked like with illustrations by Reddit user u/Grat1234 As for the Player Built Bases, the first shows a very awesome build themed on 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the player actually built a space station super high in the atmosphere of a planet to look as close as possible to the film, and he didn’t just do that, the level of detail in this build is rather epic and was made by Reddit user u/rrrbin Another base is this secret underground base, literally what it’s been called, by Reddit user u/JacksonWallop It shows rather well some good creativity in concealing your super secret hideouts.

The NEXT base is a fairly swish Aircraft carrier, it’s a fantastic idea built by Reddit user u/PiffTheSkull And the last of the bases shown is another pretty damn awesome orbital base by Reddit user u/Choopsha This base is extremely high up and really does look the part of a sort of space dock. After the bases, they show a pretty awesome recreation of a No Man’s Sky ship made from Legos by Reddit user u/D4PP3RD0LPH1N Sean goes on to talk about the generosity of players mentioning the Reddit user u/Long_Nose_Jim who played the part of Santa and handing out a full ship of Stasis Devices to new players. Sadly, word never got to Sean about our very own Darklord Xelrick who made an insane 290 Stasis Devices before NEXT was released and invited people to his save to hand them out a few weeks ago, but he didn’t do it for glory, too many good deads and people may start to distrust his Darklord title. It’s pretty clear that for the most part, the NMS community is pretty damn swish. Lastly, in the spotlight Sean linked a Eurogamer article showing a number of people who had made pixel art of Sean’s face on the surfaces of planets that could be seen from very high up, they’re quite amusing.

The only thing left in the post is the absolutely huge patch notes for 1.58, which I fully covered in this video on screen now, it is as with everything, linked in the description if you want to see the full patch notes. But for the Major changes this patch brings: A Revised network settings menu, where you can now choose more specifically permissions for those who join your game. This is absolutely huge, as this almost entirely prevents griefing, it was very easy for someone to come into your game and either ambush you, or even delete your bases, it was so quick to do these things that they could almost completely delete your base before you could kick them, and that’s only if you saw them doing it. Now you can decide if they can damage you or affect bases and more, which is fantastic, you should have to choose between complete vulnerability and complete solitude.

It fixed the cargo and technology inventory for legacy saves, this being that legacy save were locked at the Atlas Rises maximums of 12 Technology and 25 Cargo Slots, well NEXT increased that to 14 Technology and 48 Cargo slots, and now with this patch, us veterans can get our saves up to date for inventory. There were a tonne of fixes for crashes, corrupted saves and stability issues. A seemingly small change to the item transfer system which from what I hear has stopped the duping glitch. and just a bunch more, if I remember correctly there were 36 changes in not including the quicksilver and event stuff, so check the Patch video out if you aren’t up to date. I should also mention a small retraction. I was under the impression that the event release and quicksilver vendor was a separate patch to due to a misunderstanding from my initial source. All information except for just the version number that I stated as was correct, it was just the version number I got mixed up, so my apologies for that.

And that’s your lot folks. Pretty huge stuff in general, super happy they are being so active still and hopefully, this will continue for a while yet with new Community events every week. If you haven’t yet, you may wish to subscribe to ensure you are kept up to date with everything No Man’s Sky as well as general daily videos of guides, g-logs and streams. We have a discord that is constantly growing, now over 400 fantastic members, discussing all sorts of games, getting their say on what content they wish me to stream and deliver on the channel as well as helping each other with No Man’s Sky and more. If you wish to help support Xaine’s World there is a Patreon, just 1 tier currently for $1 or more, there’s also a streamlabs link and of course a really fantastic way to support Xaine’s World is to Share the videos, what helps the videos helps the channel and in turn me make better and better content.

I hope you have a fantastic day and I will see you tomorrow with another video. .

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