Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you our personal top 10 VR games released in 2018 so far. Yes, this list contains of games that we have played and we love so much that we wanted to share it with you guys. In case you some need more VR games! I mean… who doesn’t need more VR games? So this list is not in order of rank by the way so be aware of that. And well… If you want to check our 2017 top list then make sure to check out the link down below, because I linked an older video down there. And now… let’s get started! Number 1. Budget Cuts A VR stealth game set in the future where you are one of the few humans left in a corporate company run by robots! Now money is running low and the company needs to cut budget. Of course, as one of the useless humans, you are the first to go. But wait, are they planning on killing you too? Let’s not wait and confirm that, you need to run! So now equipped with high tech spy gadgets you are on the run, but make sure they don’t spot you or it’ll be hard to defend yourself against high tech robots! Budget Cuts can get intense, but the humor incorporated in the story and the design makes it a lot of fun.

Number 2. Sprint Vector VR meets extreme sports in this game! Run, jump, climb, drift and fly at extreme speeds in Sprint Vector. You are basically freerunning in VR, but not on our boring earth, but in a championship in between galaxies far, far away! So yes, landscapes look surreal and beautiful while you sweat your butt off in this intense racing VR game where you have to use your arms to swing for speed. If you get this game, your adrenaline will go up guaranteed. And, you will definitely feel like you worked out too! That’s the dream right? Working out while playing a game and having fun, hah! Number 3. Pixel Ripped 1989 Are you a nostalgic person for classic retro games? Did you use to play Super Mario Bros? Or are you just a fan of the genre? Then Pixel Ripped 1989 is a game for you.

This is an unique indie VR game where you will be playing a flat 2D game in Virtual Reality, and not only that, soon you’ll discover that you will also be transported inside that 2D game, but not in 2D… in 3D and with a 360 degree view. Yes, it’s like VR inception. Maybe this sounds confusing, but it is awesome! This is a bit of a short game with about 2 hours playtime if you are an efficient gamer, but if you remember the classic games… you’ll know this one is not an easy one to beat… Number 4. Beat Saber This VR rhythm game is not to be missed.

Videos of it went viral and even people we know that never played VR before told us they wanted to try this game! You might think now: “Why? It looks so simple!” Well, the game just does it right. You are holding two light sabers and on the beat of the music you have to cut boxes in the right direction. Beat Saber is implemented so well that you will feel epic playing this game. And not only that, if you like the music in this game. You’ll be playing it for hours! Number 5. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition A title that was already available as a flat game, or should I say in VR terms pancake game hehe. You might have heard of the game, it’s amazing in it’s style and visuals. You follow along a Celtic warrior on her journey to get her lover’s soul back by going to the Viking hell. The story makes an impact and you will definitely be playing it and thinking about it even after you close it. The 3D sound effects in this game is perfected making it a game that can be pretty scary, not with jumpscares, but mentally.

So be wary that this might not be for everyone. This game is also more unique for VR, because it is in 3rd person and you will have to play seated. Recently they released the full game in VR and if you got the pancake game, you will get the VR version for free. Even if you buy the flat game now – So be sure to do that! Number 6.

Red Matter VR A story driven VR puzzle adventure game set in a dystopian Sci-Fi Cold War on a different planet. You are an astronaut agent dispatched to an abandoned base with a mission. Equipped with hi-tech tools you will have to solve puzzles, that make you feel like an engineer. This game is a high caliber experience, done well with the puzzles, has beautiful visuals and an intriguing story. Definitely a title to pick up if you like puzzles and adventure. Number 7. COMPOUND A randomized rogue-lite, free-roaming shooter for VR experts! This is a retro looking First Person Shooter that is a difficult game to beat, because it is meant to be a classic retro game brought to life in VR. And wow, we love it! It’s different from what we usually play, but being in a 3D, 360 degrees environment while looking at retro graphics is just pretty cool.

You might think, wow, this looks so bad on this video, then make sure to download the demo that’s available and check it out yourself. I think you might be surprised. Also, this game is made by only one developer. We feel that that’s incredible, since this game feels polished. We can’t wait to see what else he brings. Be aware that this game is in early access, so a lot of features will be added later. Number 8. Skyrim VR We can’t imagine that you don’t know Skyrim yet, unless you don’t like the genre. This is the full open world RPG adventure game brought to VR. The full game including all official add-ons. And wow, how awesome it feels to be in the magical Skyrim world feeling like you are really there. This is THE VR game to play. Be ready to make a lot of free time for this, because you will be exploring, questing, crafting, having fun with NPC ladies or gents, listening to their story lines, battling dragons and …ughh…

This is a mouthful… Just many things to do in Skyrim ;). Even if you have already played it before on a flat screen, Skyrim in VR is a recommendation. Number 9. Moss An action-adventure puzzle game where you will follow along Quill, a young mouse that you need to help on her epic journey to save her uncle and to conquer the darkest of villains. This is a platformer game combining classic components of a platformer with the opportunities of Virtual Reality and it is done well.

You will solve challenging puzzles and battle foes, while feeling like you are really there to help out. Definitely a genre to try out in VR even if you don’t usually play this genre. Number 10. The Forest VR A first person survival horror simulator. It was only released as a flat game before, but now the developers have added support for VR! It’s still in beta, but because this game is already fun to play in VR, we wanted to mention it. In this game you are the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash… When you wake up for a second you see your son taken away from you by something that looks like a mutant. Now you really wake up and you find yourself in the middle of a forest with cannibalistic mutants. Lucky you… ahem. Now you gotta scavenge, loot and craft survival items to stay alive and find your son! Be aware that this is not a game for the faint hearted, especially when playing alone, but thankfully you can play this game in online multiplayer too and that makes it so much fun.

The recent beta VR updates also keep refining the multiplayer experience, so if you have friends to play with, definitely check this out. Wait, wait, wait! It’s not over yet, we still have two more games that we wanted to mention because we enjoyed them a lot this year too. So here are two honorable mentions: Apex Construct VR Brass Tactics And now, let’s move on to the outro. All right. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please let us know down below what kind of games you are still excited for in 2018, because you know I’m super curious about that and we are also still looking for games to play. And of course, thank you so much for watching this video. One special thanks goes to our Patrons. Thank you guys so much for being there for us. And if you want to explore more VR with us, make sure to subscribe down below. We are Cas and Chary VR and I am Cas. And we say.. VR ON!!! .

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