Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. If you want to look for other things to do in CS:GO, a great place to start is in the Workshop. It really feels like there’s no limits to what you can do in the source SDK, and a lot of map creators are very creative to say the least. Some of them, go so far that they don’t even focus on CS:GO or it’s core gameplay, and that’s what I wanted to focus on.

This video actually took a while for me to finish, because I was testing a lot of different maps and I wanted to show 10 of them. Also, Naudrinks if you remember from previous videos is a powder-based drink for gamers for when you have long gaming sessions, and for a limited time you can now get a BananaGaming supply package. The supply pack includes a shaker, a 12 pack and two large bags and it all comes down to about 50% discount. Basically you’ll get everything for a bananalicious price. You can find the link to the BananaGaming supply pack in the video description. Along with Naudrinks. All right, let’s get back to the list of 10 CS:GO maps that you want to play for a non-csgo experience. None of these maps are in any particular order, they are simply my 10 favorite ones right now.

1. Minesweeper. Yes, someone actually built minesweeper the game into a CS:GO map. The creator is called Ansimist, and yes I’m fully aware that other YouTubers have already done videos showing this map and it’s not new, but it really deserves to be in this list. 2. Subway Smurfers, created by yolokas, is based on the Subway Surfer mobile game, where you can only use your keyboard to control your player. It’s a fun and simple map that I enjoyed even though it was pretty short. 3. Block Party, created by Imania. Be the last one on the right platform when the music stops. They are color based and they change shape every round. The gameplay is simple but gets harder the further you progress. We had really fun playing it and it’s definitely worth being on this list. 4. Guess Who? which is also created by Imania. If you’ve never played this in your life, you are missing out. You play against a friend, choose a character, and then you ask questions to your friend who can only say Yes or No and take turns.

And the first person to get it right wins. This is how the original game looks like. The idea is very simple but the nostalgia in me couldn’t resist having this map on the list. 5. Speaking of Nostalgia, Tetris. Again, another classic game made into a map, and this one is by Jarro. It’s really impressive, works like a charm, the controls are easy, and most importantly, you can play Tetris on CS:GO. 6. Where is Waldo? by yolokas, who also made Subway Smurfers. Waldo or Wally is also a childhood classic, and the point of this map is to find him on the images. You get a green outline for each level you complete, and there’s a couple levels to play. 7. Golf it – Cache, made by Imania, who also made two other maps in this list. Talk about being creative. In this map you can play alone or with friends and the levels are different each time.

The controls are as good as they can be I would imagine, but using Cache for this idea was smart because of it’s flat structure. Overall, I wouldn’t mind seeing other maps become golf courses as well. 8. KFC Job Simulator, made by z3man and xanx. In this map you basically have to take care of customers, and give them what they want. You can play alone or against another team. To my surprise, it was more advanced than I was expecting it to be, and there’s a lot of things you can do on this map (at least enough to feel like I’m ready to work at KFC).

Jokes aside, I really enjoyed this map, even though I only played it myself and not against anyone. 9. CHIKKEN, made by my bro Crashz, is a TEKKEN spin-off for Chicken enthusiasts. Choose a chicken, fight your friend, and make sure you use your ultimate ability when you red bar is filled. At this point no map can surprise me anymore, but this last one is sick. 10. Crash Bash Tournament, made by Raphi. Crash Bash was the latest game from the Crash Bandicoot series for Playstation 1, and just like the game, you can choose a character you want to be, and you also get to play the different mini-games. The game is meant for 4 players, but you can also play it with 2 or 3 and each player will have their own score.

I mean some of these creations don’t even feel like CS:GO to me, and feels more like their own mod. It’s insane to me that people have invested so much time and work into these projects and made them work. Respect to them. Let me know what you think about the maps, and if there’s any other maps similar to the ones from this list that I haven’t mentioned go ahead and post them down below. Hope you enjoyed the video, I’ll see you guys in a new one soon, and go bananas!.

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